Chortitza Colony Marriages

Recorded in the Diaries of
Jakob Wall, Neuendorf (1835-1852) and David Epp, Chortitz (1837-1843)


For a general introduction please see the introduction to Chortitza Colony Deaths Recorded in the Diaries of Jacob Wall (1832-53) and David Epp (1837-43).

From the Diary of Jakob Wall

Sept. 24 Jacob Heide and his wife.
Oct. 1 David Neubaur and Maria Buler
Oct. 15 Abr. Buler
Oct. 24 Dirk Reimer and Helena Berg
Nov. 3 Jacob Klaasen and Jacob Loewen's stepdaughter
Dec. 1 Franz Klaasen's son David and his wife
Dec. 12 Wilhelm Loewen and widow Wieler
Sept. 15 Franz Thiesen and Catarina Neufeld
Apr. 16 Jacob Wiebe and Justina Wiebe
Sept. 11 Jacob Klaasen and widow Klaas Dyck
May 22 Klaas Peters and Agata Dyck
Dec. 3 Abr. Harder's son Jacob and Johan Harder's stepdaughter Anna
Dec. 8 Abr. Hamm and Helena Wiebe
Dec. 10 Mrs. Abr. Dyck's son Johann and Gerh. Ensz's step-daughter
Apr. 22 Johann Dyck's foster-son Joh. Dyck and Agatha Wiebe
Jun. 13 Heinrich Wiebe of Neuhorst and Anna Berg
Jun. 13 Peter Braun and Elis. Friesen
Jul. 11 Martin Klassen of Neuhorst and Susana Redekop
Aug. 12 Peter Wall of Neuhorst and Maria Berg
Aug. 12 Jacob Loewen and widow Abrah. Harder
Nov. 2 B.(Bernhard) Wieler and Anna Quapp
Dec. 9 Jacob Wiebe and Anganetha Kröcker
Dec. 9 Heinrich Dyck and widow Martin Klassen
Jan. 4 Bernhard Wiebe and Cornelia Wiebe
Sept. 12 Corn. Nickel and widow Buhler
Oct. 12 Jacob Neufeld and Helena Wiebe
Oct. 12 Johann Winter and Sara Neufeld
Nov. 23 Franz Klassen's son Gerhard and Elisabeth Kaetler and his daughter Katarina with Peter Ham
Dec. 7 Gerh. Löwen of Neuenberg and Joh. Bergen's Maria
Dec. 28 Dirk Hildebrand's son Peter and Joh. Wolf's daughter
 (Wall notes that in 1844 there were 261 births, 160 deaths, and 57 couples married.)
Oct. 2 Adreas Blatz and Catarina Enz
Oct. 4 Jacob Ginter and Eleonora Lemke
 (In 1845 there were 296 births, 122 deaths, and 56 couples married.)
Oct. 15 Gerh. Hildebrand and Anna Tilitzky
Jul. 3 Franz Dyck's son Johann and widow Anthon Löwen
Jul. 29 Johann Bartsch and Angenetha Berg
Nov. 18 Abraham Peters and Elisabeth Dercksen
Dec. 26 widow H. Peters of Neuhorst and Jacob Klassen of Heubuden (Molotschna Colony) engaged. (Harman Peters of Neuhorst died on Dec. 2.)
Feb. 10 Jacob Klassen and Anganetha Dyck
Feb. 11 Jacob Neufeld and widow Joh. Peters
Apr. 15 Heinrich Teigrieb and Sara Brand
Apr. 29 Gerhard Wiebe and Magaretha Dyck, Johan Harder's stepdaughter
Apr. 29 also Jacob Dyck, Johan Harder's stepson and Joh. Wulf's daughter
Jun. 8 Abraham Frös and Magaretha Ginter
Aug. 19 Joh. Lowen's son Isaac and widow Bernhard Buller
Nov. 9 Peter Wieb's son Johann and Heinrich Wieb's daughter Catharina
Dec. 28 widow Isaac Friesen and Jacob Lowen of Neuhorst
Apr. 24 Cornelius Wieb, Hein. Wieb's son
Oct. 23 Cornelius Wall's daughter Jedruda and miller Peter Klassen
 (In this year there were 325 births, 145 deaths and 72 marriages.)
Mar. 14 Abraham Suderman's son Aron and the late Johan Dyck's daughter Anna
Apr. 4 widower Johan Sawatsky and widow Franz Berg
May 18 widower Johann Dyck and Davit Hilbrand of Neuenburg
May 30 Johan Dyck of Neuenberg
Sept. 7 Wilhelm Klassen and Maria Suderman
Sept. 25 Johann Dyck
Nov. 29 Peter Wiebe's son Jacob and Maria Janzen
Apr. 1 Jacob Berg and widow Penner
Apr. 1 Jacob Berg and Anna Penner
Sept. 21 Jacob Wall (son of Jacob Wall) and Helena Martens

From the Diary of David Epp

Jan. 28 Claas Wiebe and Helena Schellenberg at Jac. Wiebe's in Insel Chortitz
Feb. 21 Peter Kraus and Agata Dyck at Abr. Dyck's in Einlage
Mar. 4 Jacob Reimer and Susanna Wiens at Hr. Döll's in Neuenburg
Mar. 18 Widower Dirk Thiessen and Anganetha Klassen in NeuKronsweide
Sept. 14 Diedrich Neufeld and widow Dav. Friesen in Schönhorst
Nov. 18 Johann Schmit and Elisabeth Esau at Martien Schmit's in Chortitz
Dec. 2 Hr. Töws and Margaretha Löwen at David Löwen's in Chortitz
Dec. 9 Joh. Wiens and Susanna Dyck at Jacob Dyck's in Neu-Osterwick
 (Epp notes that there were 277 births, 145 male and 132 female, 82 deaths, 39 male and 43 female, and 48 marriages in 1837.)
Feb. 3 Peter Epp and Sara Wieler at Johann Wiehler's in Chortitz
Feb. 17 Jacob Braun and Catarina Werner at Peter Wärner's in Chortitz (Jacob was the son of J. Braun of Schönhorst.)
Sept. 11 Carl Grunau and Maria Ensz at Johann Ensz in Rosenthal
Nov. 6 Joh. Ens and Cat. Egert in Rosenthal
Nov. 10 Corn. Pauls and Margaretha Siemens at Elder Jacob Dyck's in Rosenthal
Nov. 15 Isaac Ensz and Helena Ensz at Corn. Ensz in Schönhorst
Nov. 22 Abr. Krann and Cat. Thiessen
Dec. 6 Isaac Friesen and Susana Dörksen at David Dörksen's in Schönberg
Dec. 8 Abrah. Friesen and Catar. Schwartz at Abrah. Wiebe's in NiederChortitz
 (In 1838 there were 313 births, 143 male and 170 female, 152 deaths, 73 male and 79 female, and 49 marriages.)
Jan.10 Abr. Friesen and Helena Thiesen at Wilh. Friesen in Neu Osterwick
Feb. 9 Jacob Pätkau and Margaretha Dÿck at widow Joh. Dyck's in Chortitz
May 2 Widower Joh. Hiebert and Widow Elisabeth Friesen in Einlage
Aug. 24 Claas Peters and Cat. Braun at Corn. Peter's in Osterwick
Sept.10 Hr. Sawatsky and Catarina Braun at Peter Dyck's in Kronstal
Sept. 19 Jacob Wiebe and Ana Dÿck at Peter Dyck's in Chortitz
Oct. 17 Gerh. Penner and Anganetha Dÿck at Martin Dyck's in Einlage
Oct. 19 Johann Sawatsky and Angata Töws at Peter Töws in Chortitz
Oct. 21 Wilh. Reinke and Helena Martens at Peter Janz's in Einlage
Jan. 9 Peter Siemens and Margareta Breul at Peter Breul's in Rosenthal
Jan. 18 Dirk Neufeld and Ana Epp at Isaac Lehn's in NiederChortitz
May 7 Bernd. Rempel and Margareta Bergman at Dirk Rempel's in Schönhorst
Sept. 12 Jac. Töws and Maria Dÿck at Aron Dÿck's in Chortitz
Oct. 3 Daniel Warkentin and Anna Friesen at Jac. Warkentien's in Rosengart
Oct. 31 Julius Patkau and Margareta Hildebrand at Hr. Hildebrand's in Burwalde
Nov. 9 Widower Dan. Wiebe and Widow Catarina Letkemann in Kronsweide
Nov. 26 Jacob Tows and Anna Wiebe at Peter Wiebe's in Neuendorf
 (In 1840 there were 286 births, 157 male and 129 female, 117 deaths, 61 male and 56 female, and 58 marriages.)
Feb. 11 Widower Dirk Braun and widow Maria Warkentien in Einlage
Mar. 31 Franz Neufeld and widow Hr. Dÿck
Sept. 9 David Klassen and Anna Penner at Gerh. Penner's in Blumengart
Sept. 14 Joh. Sawatsky and Helena Ensz in Osterwick
Sept. 28 Abrah. v. Bergen and Helena Dÿck at Abrah. Dÿck's in Einlage
Nov. 16 Gerh. Löwen and Anganetha Funck at Hr. Funck's in Schönwiese
Nov. 18 Jacob Epp and Maria Klassen at Peter Klassen's in Chortitz
Dec. 4 Gerh. Rempel and widow Catar. Wiebe at Abr. Dÿck's in Einlage
 (In 1841 there were 313 births, 137 male and 176 female, 173 deaths, 90 male and 83 female, and 54 marriages.)
Feb. 8 David Rempel (D. Rempel's son) of Schönhorst and Elis. Lepp at Peter Lepp's
Feb. 15 Abraham Friesen and Catarina Rempel at Dirk Rempel's in Schönhorst (son of Peter Friesen of Osterwick.)
Oct. 12 Joh. Schellenberg and Ana Wiebe at Jac. Wiebe's in Insel Chortitz
 (In 1842 there were 272 births, 137 male and 115 female, 116 deaths, 59 male and 57 female, and 66 marriages.)
Mar.16 [No name given] and Anganetha Neusteter at Joh. Neusteter's in Einlage.
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