Chortitza Colony Vital Records: 1801-1813

Odessa Archives, Fund 6, Inventory 1, Files 65, 98, 780

Compiled by Tim Janzen

This site makes available a collection of vital records of births, marriages, and deaths that occurred in the Chortitza Colony during the period 1801 to 1813. These records cover almost all of the births, marriages, and deaths which occurred in 1801 and 1802, but only portions of the years 1803, 1806, 1807, and 1813. The vital records found in these files vary in the amount of detail they convey. In general, there is an exact date recorded for the events that occurred in 1802, 1806, 1807, and 1813. However, for events that occurred in 1801 only the month is recorded and for events that occurred during the period January to April, 1803 not even the precise month is specified. In some cases the dates of the events in May, October, and November, 1802 were either difficult or impossible to read because the dates were not included on the microfilm of the data. The archivists at the Odessa State Archives reviewed the pages in the original documents for the dates in question and conveyed to me the dates found in those pages.

The original documents were written in German and in the case of the records from 1806 a duplicate copy was written in Russian. The original documents may be found in Files #65, #98 and #870 of the microfilm of selected files from Odessa Archives, Fund 6, Inventory 1. The locations of this data within these files is as follows:

  • January to April, 1801: File #65, frames 10-12
  • May, 1801: File #65, frames 13-15
  • June, 1801: File #65, frame 20
  • July, 1801: File #65, frame 26
  • August, 1801: File #65, frames 31, 36
  • September, 1801: File #65, frames 34, 38
  • October, 1801: File #65, frame 47
  • November, 1801: File #65, frame 52
  • January, 1802: File #65, frame 70
  • February, 1802: File #65, frame 81
  • March, 1802: File #65, frame 84
  • April, 1802: File #65, frame 87
  • May, 1802: File #65, frame 90
  • July, 1802: File #65, frame 95
  • August, 1802: File #65, frame 98
  • September, 1802: File #65, frame 101
  • October, 1802: File #65, frame 104
  • November, 1802: File #65, frame 107
  • January-April, 1803: File #65, frames 123-126
  • January-May, 28, 1806: File #65, frames 159-167
  • May-October, 1807: File #98, frames 309-314
  • October, 1813: File #780, frames 15-19
  • November, 1813: File #780, frames 43-44
  • December, 1813: File #780, frames 81-83

    The ages at the time of death are generally given in the death records for those who died in 1802, 1803, 1806, 1807, and 1813 but not for those who died in 1801. This makes the precise identification of the people who died in 1801 more difficult. Fortunately, however, there is summary data in the file that includes the ages of all males who died in each village for both 1801 and 1802. This information is helpful in establishing the true identities of the males who died who died in 1801 as well as for a few men who died in 1802, but for whom no age of at the time of death was recorded. The summary data for 1801 is found in File #65 on frame 77 and the summary data for 1802 is found in File #65 on frames 110 and 111.

    Summary data for 1801
    Summary data for 1802

    I compared the summary data with the death records from 1801 and 1802 and then attempted to match the ages of the men given in the summaries with the names given in the vital records. The following is my reconstruction of the ages given in the summaries matched to the men who died. For reference I have also added the numbers for these men in Grandma 3 as well as the issue and page number from Henry Schapansky's articles about the Chortitza Colony in Mennonite Family History so that researchers can know exactly who I believe these men were. If any of you come up with different identities to these people than I have, I would appreciate you letting me know.


  • Gerhard Braun, age 46; Grandma #196206; MFH, Jan., 1995, p. 29
  • Jacob Dyck, age 58; Grandma #196354; MFH, Apr., 1994, p. 78
  • Gerhard Braun's son, age 1; son of Gerhard Braun, Grandma #196197; MFH, Apr., 1994, p. 77
  • Heinrich Dyck, age unknown; He might be Heinrich Dyck (b. ca 1740), Grandma #196314; MFH, Apr., 1994, p. 78.
  • Johan Krahn, age 39; Grandma #197081; MFH, July, 1994, p. 121
  • Michael Kehler, age 68; Grandma #196997; MFH, July, 1994, p. 120
  • Diedrich Gerbrandt, age 49; Grandma #266367; MFH, Jan., 1995, p. 30
  • Jacob Harder, age 39; Grandma #196418; MFH, Apr., 1994, p. 79
  • Johann Wiebe, age 10; Grandma #196804; MFH, July, 1994, p. 124
  • Gerhard Wall, age 3; son of Jacob Wall, Grandma #20124; MFH, Jan., 1995, p. 33


  • Abraham Neudorf's son, age 2; son Abraham Neudorf, Grandma #174358; MFH, July, 1993, p. 117
  • Gerhard Braun, age 1; son of Gerhard Braun, Grandma #196205; MFH, July, 1993, p. 113
  • Johan Zacharias, age 1/4; son of Wilhelm Zacharias, Grandma #265327; MFH, July, 1993, p. 112
  • Johann Teichgroeb, age 57; Grandma #144717; MFH, Oct., 1993, p. 180
  • unknown man, age 55; He might be Solomon Neufeld, Grandma #265865; MFH, Oct., 1993, p. 178


  • Johann Driedger, age 1/4; son of Johann Driedger, Grandma #196547; MFH, Oct., 1991, p. 150
  • Cornelius Lehn, age 1/2 (actually 1/4?), son of Cornelius Lehn, Grandma #67657; MFH, Jan., 1992, p. 29
  • Bernhard Loewen's son, age 3/4; son of Bernhard Loewen, Grandma #198207; MFH, Oct., 1991, p. 153
  • Herman Peters' son, age 1 3/4, son of Herman Peters, Grandma #149662; MFH, Oct., 1991, p. 154
  • Anton Klippenstein, age 14, Grandma #198505; MFH, Oct., 1991, p. 153
  • unknown man, age 21
  • Gerhard Doerksen, age 26; Grandma #196298; MFH, Oct., 1991, p. 151
  • Herman Dyck, age 29; Grandma #266328; MFH, Oct., 1991, p. 152
  • Cornelius Lehn, age 30; Grandma #67657; MFH, Jan., 1992, p. 29
  • Isaac Redekopp, age 31; Grandma #196773; MFH, Oct., 1991, p. 154
  • Cornelius Janzen, age 43; Grandma #198404; MFH, July, 1992, p. 119
  • Johann Driedger, age 48; Grandma #196547; MFH, Oct., 1991, p. 150
  • Cornelius Penner, age 60; Grandma #198922; MFH, Oct., 1993, p. 178


  • Abraham Doerksen, age 1/4; son of Jacob Doerksen, Grandma #186863; MFH, July, 1990, p. 96
  • Isaac Doell, age 2 or 2 1/2, son of Peter Doell, Grandma #17771; MFH, July, 1990, p. 95
  • unknown child, age 2 or 2 1/2
  • unknown child, age 6 1/2
  • Jacob Lehn, age 34; Grandma #265722; MFH, July, 1990, p. 96
  • unknown man, age 49. This is probably the Jacob Peters whose widow is listed at Neuenburg #22 in the 1801 Chortitza census. His Grandma # is 196154 and he is person #17 in MFH, July, 1990, p. 95.


  • Franz Pauls, age 55; Grandma #110649; MFH, July, 1995, p. 117


  • child, age 1; This is probably the son of Peter Neustaedter, Grandma #197132, who died at an age less than 15 in July, 1801; MFH, Apr., 1991, p. 77.
  • Isaac Penner, age 35; Grandma #197013; MFH, Jan., 1991, p. 30
  • unknown man age 52; This may be Peter Wiebe (b. ca 1750), Grandma #175137; MFH, Apr., 1991, p. 76
  • unknown man, age 53; This is probably Nicholas Heide (b. ca 1748), Grandma #198001; MFH, Jan., 1991, p. 28

    Note that the statistics are apparently incomplete for Einlage as Johann Braun's' two infant sons who died in 1801 aren't listed here.


  • unknown child age 1; This may be the son of Peter Neufeld (b. ca 1768), Grandma #198030, who died in Aug., 1801; MFH, Apr., 1997, p. 68
  • unknown child, age 1 1/2; This may be the son of Peter Neufeld (b. ca 1768), Grandma #198030, who died in Sept., 1801; MFH, Apr., 1997, p. 68
  • unknown man, age 60

    Insel Chortitza

  • Anton Hoeppner's son, age 3 weeks; son of Anton Hoeppner, Grandma #156779; MFH, Apr., 1996, p. 72


  • Johann Bolt's son, age 3 1/2; son of Johann Bolt, Grandma #198804; MFH, Oct., 1992, p. 166
  • Johann Bolt's son, age 3 1/2; son of Johann Bolt, Grandma #198804; MFH, Oct., 1992, p. 166
  • Peter Friesen, age 6; son of Johann Friesen, Grandma #265638; MFH, July, 1992, p. 114
  • unknown child, age 13
  • Heinrich Klassen, age 21; Grandma #196388; MFH, July, 1992, p. 115
  • Gerhard Enns, age 22; Grandma #527664; MFH, July, 1992, p. 117
  • Heinrich Klassen, age 47; Grandma #196382; MFH, July, 1992, p. 115

    Note that the age at the time of death for Peter Epp, son of Peter Epp (b. ca 1754) (Grandma #15792) (MFH, July, 1992, p. 114), is apparently is not given in the statistics. His age is given as 1/2 of a year in the 1801 census. It seems likely that this young child named Peter Epp who was listed in the census is the Peter Epp who died in Sept., 1801 as listed in the Chortitza Colony vital records. While it is possible that he is the unknown child, age 13 shown above, I can't seem to find a Peter Epp who would have died at age 13.

    I have also gone through the 1802 vital records statistics looking for ages that match people who died in 1802 but for whom no age is given in the vital records. It appears that the statistical data is incomplete for some villages as there are a number of people whose age is given in the vital records but for whom no matching age is found in the statistics. I came up with the following matches for 1802:

  • Aron Peters, age 57, in Schoenhorst; Grandma #198928; MFH, Oct., 1993, p. 178
  • Peter Banman, age 31, in Schoenwiese; Grandma #132864; MFH, Jan., 1997, p. 31
  • unknown man, age 45, in Kronsweide; This is probably Heinrich Janzen (b. ca 1756), Grandma #199120; MFH, Apr., 1995, p. 83

    I have thus far not been able to find matches for the following men who died in 1802:

  • unknown man, age 54, in Chortitza
  • unknown man, age 37 1/2, in Schoenhorst
  • unknown man, age 20, in Einlage

    The data from these vital records is available for review as a table of the original data and as a database in the form of gedcom files in which the ages of the people mentioned in the census have been converted into approximate years of birth. In the table of the vital records data I have attempted to spell names exactly as they appear in the original document. The database of the records is available as two different gedcom files. One gedcom file contains the original census data in which the names are spelled exactly as they appear in the census, except that the umlauts have been converted. The other gedcom file is a modified version in which some surnames such as Pauels and Vriesen and some given names have been converted to more generally accepted forms. Each of these gedcom files may be downloaded. To search the gedcom files most effectively I suggest researchers import the gedcom files into the Brothers Keeper program and conduct searches using the name codes as found in Grandma database.

    Researchers interested in reviewing this data already integrated into the data from the 1801 and 1802 Chortitza censuses and from the 1809 and 1814 vaccination lists should download and search the gedcom file of the merged 1801-1814 Chortitza Colony documents database first.

    If you have any questions about any of this data feel free to contact me.

    Tim Janzen
    12367 SE Ridgecrest Rd.
    Portland, OR 97236

    YearDatePeople mentionedEvent typeLocation
    1801MarchGerhard BraundeathChortitz
    1801MarchGerhard Braun's wifedeathChortitz
    1801FebruaryHerman Neufelt's widowdeathChortitz
    1801FebruaryJacob DückdeathChortitz
    1801FebruaryHeinrich DückdeathChortitz
    1801MarchJohan KrahndeathChortitz
    1801AprilPeter Sawatzke's wifedeathChortitz
    1801AprilMichael KehlerdeathChortitz
    1801AprilJohan Pauels' wifedeathChortitz
    1801MarchJacob Breyel's sonbirthChortitz
    1801AprilJohan Krahn's widow's sonbirthChortitz
    1801Marchthe junior Gerhard Braun's sondeathChortitz
    1801FebruaryGerhard Wilhelms' daughterdeathChortitz
    1801FebruaryJohan Siemens' daughterdeathChortitz
    1801FebruaryMartin Claasen's daughterdeathChortitz
    1801AprilArohn Vriesen's daughterdeathChortitz
    1801MarchWilhelm Tissen's daughtermarriageSchönhorst
    1801JanuaryDavid Gisbrecht's widowmarriageSchönhorst
    1801MarchJacob Gisbrecht's daughterdeathSchönhorst
    1801MarchJohan Tissen's sonbirthSchönhorst
    1801MarchGerhardt Vriesen's daughterdeathSchönhorst
    1801JanuaryAbraham Neudorff's sondeathSchönhorst
    1801MarchDavid Redekop's sonbirth Schönhorst
    1801AprilAron Peters' wifedeathSchönhorst
    1801AprilJohan Dridger's sonbirthNeuendorff
    1801FebruaryCornels PennerdeathNeuendorff
    1801AprilCornels LehndeathNeuendorff
    1801AprilCornels Lehn's widow's sonbirthNeuendorff
    1801FebruaryAbraham Günther's daughterbirthNeuendorff
    1801AprilAbraham Vriesen's sonbirthNeuendorff
    1801JanuaryJacob Peters' wifedeathNeuendorff
    1801AprilCornels JantzendeathNeuendorff
    1801MarchPeter Albrecht's wifedeathNeuendorff
    1801AprilHerman Peters' sondeathNeuendorff
    1801MarchGerhard DörksendeathNeuendorff
    1801MarchGerhard Dörksen's daughterdeathNeuendorff
    1801AprilIsaac RedekopdeathNeuendorff
    1801MarchAbraham Dörksen's sondeathNeuendorff
    1801MarchJohan Dück's wifedeathNeuendorff
    1801MarchBerendt Löwen's sondeathNeuendorff
    1801JanuaryJohan Funck's sonmarriageKronsweÿde
    1801MarchFrantz Jantzen's sonbirthKronsweÿde
    1801FebruaryHeinrich Jantzen's daughterbirthKronsweÿde
    1801JanuaryJohan Telitzki's daughterdeathEinlage
    1801FebruaryJohan Braun's two sonsbirthEinlage
    1801MarchJohan Braun's sondeathEinlage
    1801MarchJacob Wieb's grandchilddeathEinlage
    1801MarchAbraham Werner's daughterbirthEinlage
    1801FebruaryJacob Lemke's daughterdeathEinlage
    1801JanuaryJacob Classen's daughterbirthRosenthal
    1801MarchJacob Classen's same daughterdeathRosenthal
    1801JanuaryPeter Harder's wifedeathRosenthal
    1801JanuaryJohan Bartsch's sondeathRosenthal
    1801AprilJohan Krahn's sonbirthRosenthal
    1801MarchMr. Warkentin's widowmarriageRosenthal
    1801JanuaryJohan Boldt's wifedeathRosenthal
    1801AprilJohan BoldtmarriageRosenthal
    1801AprilJohan Boldt's two sonsdeathRosenthal
    1801AprilGerhard EnssdeathRosenthal
    1801MarchDiedrich Neufeldt's sonmarriageInsel Chortitz
    1801MarchPeter Banman's sonbirthSchönwiese
    1801AprilJohan Ewert's wifedeathSchönwiese
    1801AprilNathaniel Goertzen's daughterbirthSchönwiese
    1801MarchGerhardt Rempel's wifedeathSchönwiese
    1801JanuaryAron MartensdeathSchönwiese
    1801MarchMr. Arendt's widow's sonbirthSchönwiese
    1801JanuaryFrantz Jantzen's daughterbirthSchönwiese
    1801MayPeter Hilbrand's son HeinrichbirthChortitz
    1801MayJohan Pauels with Maria JantzenmarriageChortitz
    1801MayPeter Sawatzke with Magaretha Rempel, whose wedding took place in SchönhorstmarriageChortitz
    1801MaySalomon Dörksen's daughter JudithbirthNeuendorff
    1801MayPeter Albrecht with Maria KonradmarriageNeuendorff
    1801MayPeter Martens' wifedeath, age >15 yearsNeuendorff
    1801 MayAbraham Dörksen's wifedeath, age >15 years Neuendorff
    1801 MayJacob Dörksen's son Abrahambirth Neuenburg
    1801 MayPeter Teichgrew's daughter Helenabirth Neuenburg
    1801 MayPeter Vreese's son Jacob with Ana Dörksen, forming a young family marriage Neuenburg
    1801 MayHeinrich Epp with Susana Bartschmarriage Neuenburg
    1801 MayJacob Banman's daughterdeath, age <15 years Kronsweÿde
    1801 MayCornels Hübert's daughter Catharinabirth Kronsweÿde
    1801 MayCornels Nickel's son Cornelsbirth Einlage
    1801 MayWilhelm Tissen's son Jacobbirth Einlage
    1801 MayAnthon Höppner's son birthInsel Chortitz
    1801 MayAnthon Höppner's same sondeath, age <15 years Insel Chortitz
    1801 MayPeter Penner's daughter Mariabirth Rosenthal
    1801 MayPeter Epp's son Peter birthRosenthal
    1801 MayJohan Boldt with Catharina Dückmarriage Rosenthal
    1801 JuneJohan Kran's widow with a young man Peter Eppmarriage Chortitz
    1801 Junelandowner Jacob Harderdeath, age >15 years Chortitz
    1801 JuneHeinrich Teichgrew's daughter Magarethabirth Schönhorst
    1801 JuneWilhelm Zacharias's son Johandeath, age <15 years Schönhorst
    1801 Junelandowner Herman Dückdeath, age >15 years Neuendorff
    1801 JuneCornels Lehn's widow's son Cornelsdeath, age <15 years Neuendorff
    1801 JuneDavid Dörcksen's widowdeath, age >15 years Neuendorff
    1801 Junelandowner Johan Dridgerdeath, age >15 years Neuendorff
    1801 Junelandowner Johan Dridger's son Johandeath, age <15 years Neuendorff
    1801 JuneSalomon Dörcksen's daughter Judithbirth Neuendorff
    1801 Junelandowner Peter Marten with Maria Dück, who is a minor from the home of Peter Dück marriage Neuendorff
    1801 JuneJohan Andreas' daughter Helenabirth Einlage
    1801 JuneJohan Lemcke's daughter Mariabirth Einlage
    1801 Junelandowner Gerhardt Rempel with Eva Jantzenmarriage Schönwiese
    1801 JunePeter Penner's daughter Cornelabirth Schönwiese
    1801 JunePeter Unger's son Abrahambirth Insel Chortitz
    1801 JuneGerhardt Enss' widow with a young man Johan Pennermarriage Rosenthal
    1801 Julythe senior David Epp's daughter Judithbirth Chortitz
    1801 Julylandowner Wilhelm Löwen's daughter Anganetha and son Wilhelmbirth Schönhorst
    1801 Julylandowner Arohn Peters with Gerhardt Dörcksen's widow from Neuendorff marriage Schönhorst
    1801 Julylandowner Paul Schellenberg's wifedeath Schönhorst
    1801 Julylandowner Johan Peters' son Peterbirth Neuendorff
    1801 Julylandowner Peter Wiebe's wifedeath, age >15 years Neuendorff
    1801 JulyIsaac Redekops' widow with a young man Peter Petersmarriage Neuendorff
    1801 Julylandowner Abraham Dörcksen with young person Christina Wiebe marriage Neuendorff
    1801 Julyyoung man Philip Warkentin with a young woman, forming a young family marriage Neuendorff
    1801 Julylandowner Jacob Dörcksen's son Abrahambirth Neuenburg
    1801 Julylandowner Jacob Lehn, juniordeath Neuenburg
    1801 Julylandowner Frantz Pauelsdeath Kronsweÿde
    1801 Julylandowner Peter Neusteter's sondeath, age <15 years Einlage
    1801 Julylandowner Johan Braun's sondeath, age <15 years Einlage
    1801 Julylandowner Michael Kropp's stepdaughter Dorothea Löppke with a young man Abraham Penner, forming a young family marriageInsel Chortitz
    1801 Julylandowner Heinrich Enss' son Didrichbirth Insel Chortitz
    1801 Julylandowner Heinrich Classen's widowdeath, age >15 years Rosenthal
    1801 Julylandowner Johan Schröder's daughter Catharinadeath, age <15 years Rosenthal
    1801 JulyGerhardt Epp's daughter Mariadeath, age <15 years Rosenthal
    1801 Julylandowner Jacob Neufeldt's son Cornelsbirth Rosenthal
    1801 JulyCornels Andreas' son Jacobbirth Rosenthal
    1801 AugustDavid Epp's daughter Elisabethdeath, age <15 years Chortitz
    1801 AugustJacob Pätkau's son Davidbirth Chortitz
    1801 AugustDavid Dörcksen's son Davidbirth Chortitz
    1801 AugustJacob Wienss' son Hanssbirth Chortitz
    1801 AugustJacob Harder's widow with a young man Simeon Löwen marriageChortitz
    1801 AugustCornels Rempel's daughter Anganethabirth Schönhorst
    1801 AugustAbraham Claasen with Agatha Bolleenmarriage Schönhorst
    1801Augusta lad Anthon Klippensteindeath, age <15 yearsNeuendorff
    1801 AugustFranss Barg's son Franssbirth Neuendorff
    1801 AugustPeter Dörksen with Susana Albrechtmarriage Neuendorff
    1801 AugustCornels Janssen's widow with a young man Peter Braunmarriage Neuendorff
    1801 AugustCornels Lehn's widow with a young man Peter Siemensmarriage Neuendorff
    1801 AugustPeter Wiebe with Claass Heÿde's widowmarriage Neuendorff
    1801 AugustJohan Dridger's widow with a young man Jacob Devehrmarriage Neuendorff
    1801 AugustJacob Lehn's widow's son and daughterdeath, two age <15 years, one age >15 yearsNeuenburg
    1801 AugustPeter Döll's son Isaac death, age <15 years Neuenburg
    1801 AugustMartin Siemens's son Martin with Eva Martins from Schönwiese, forming a young family marriage Kronsweyde
    1801 AugustGeorge Siemens' daughterbirth Kronsweyde
    1801 AugustArohn Reimer's daughter Katharinabirth Einlage
    1801 AugustArendt Marten's widow with a young man Peter Krahnmarriage Schöenwiese
    1801 AugustClaass Arent's widow with a young man Abraham Enssmarriage Schöenwiese
    1801 AugustPeter Neufelt's son death, age <15 years Schöenwiese
    1801 AugustJohan Schröder's daughter Helenadeath, age <15 years Rosenthal
    1801 SeptemberSuperintendent Peter Siemens' son Julliusbirth Chortitz
    1801 Septemberlandowner Martin Claassen's daughter Mariabirth Chortitz
    1801 Septemberthe same landowner Martin Claassen's daughter Mariadeath, age >15 years Chortitz
    1801 Septemberlandowner Diedrich Gerbrandtdeath, age >15 years Chortitz
    1801 Septemberlandowner Jacob Wiebe's daughter Catharinadeath, age <15 years Chortitz
    1801 Septemberlandowner Peter Siemens' stepdaughter Catharina Lehndeath, age <15 yearsNeuendorf
    1801 Septemberlandowner Frantz Claassen's son Frantz with Judith Dörcksen marriage Neuendorf
    1801 Septemberyoung landowner Heinrich Bärgen's daughter Catharinadeath Neuendorf
    1801 Septemberlandowner Cornlius Pauels' daughterbirth Kronsweÿde
    1801 Septemberlandowner Isaac Penner's daughter dianabirth Einlage
    1801 Septemberlandowner Peter Neufelt's sondeath, age <15 years Schönwiese
    1801 Septemberlandowner Peter Epp's son Peterdeath, age <15 years Rosenthal
    1801 OctoberJoseph Nowitzki's daughter Christinabirth Chortitz
    1801 OctoberIsbrand Wiebe's son Johandeath, age <15 years Chortitz
    1801 OctoberGerhardt Braun's sondeath, age <15 years Schönhorst
    1801 OctoberPeter Mantler's son Anthonbirth Neuendorff
    1801 OctoberPeter Funck's daughter dianabirth Kronsweÿde
    1801 OctoberJacob Vriesen's daughter Anganethabirth Kronsweÿde
    1801 Octoberyoung man Peter Hübert with Johan Hübert's daughter Magaretha marriage Einlage
    1801 Octoberyoung man Peter Warner with the late Claass Heÿde's daughter Anganetha marriageEinlage
    1801 Octoberyoung man Heinrich Claassendeath, age >15 years Rosenthal
    1801 OctoberJohan Vriesen's son Peterdeath, age <15 years Rosenthal
    1801 NovemberJacob Wall's son Gerhardtdeath, age <15 years Chortitz
    1801 NovemberMichael Kehler's widow's son Peterbirth Chortitz
    1801 NovemberDidrich Gerbrandt's widow with landowner Jacob Penner's son Johan marriageChortitz
    1801 Novemberthe junior Jacob Dück with a young woman Judith Penner marriage Chortitz
    1801 NovemberMartin Claassen with a young woman Maria Dückmarriage Chortitz
    1801 NovemberHeinrich Wienss' daughter Susanabirth Schönhorst
    1801 NovemberJohan Löpke's daughter Catharinabirth Schönhorst
    1801 NovemberAbraham Vriessen's son Peterbirth Schönhorst
    1801 NovemberJohan Teichgröw death, age >15 years Schönhorst
    1801 NovemberJohan Schellenberg with widow diana Dückmarriage Schönhorst
    1801 Novemberthe junior Peter Dück's son Heinrichbirth Neuendorff
    1801 NovemberJohan Martens' daughter Mariabirth Neuenburg
    1801 NovemberAbraham Jantzen's daughter Magarethabirth Neuenburg
    1801 NovemberAbraham Wienss' daughter Elisabethbirth Neuenburg
    1801 NovemberDidrich Braun's daughter Magarethabirth Einlage
    1801 Novemberthe junior Heinrich Wiebe's two daughters Maria and dianabirth Einlage
    1801 NovemberIsaac Penner death, age >15 years Einlage
    1801 NovemberJohan Ewert with Jacob Höppner's daughter Mariamarriage Schönwiese
    1802 JanuaryDavid Löwen's son Davidbirth Chortitz
    1802 Januarythe same David Löwen's son Didrichdeath, age <15 years Chortitz
    1802 JanuaryGerhardt Wilhelms' son Johanbirth Chortitz
    1802 JanuaryJacob Reimer's daughter Catharinabirth Chortitz
    1802 JanuaryAron Peters as well as his daughter dianadeath, both age >15 years Schönhorst
    1802 JanuarySalomon Neufelt's widow's daughter Agathadeath, age <15 years Schönhorst
    1802 JanuaryMr. Neufelt's widow's daughter Helena with a young man Wilhelm Redekop marriage Neuendorff
    1802 JanuaryPeter Peters' daughterbirth Kronsweÿde
    1802 JanuaryJohan Telitzke with a young woman Agatha Rempelsmarriage Einlage
    1802JanuaryDavid Falck's daughterdeath, age <15 years Schönwiese
    1802FebruaryPeter Epp's son Hahnesdeath, age Chortitz
    1802FebruaryMichael Keller's widow with Martin Schmidtmarriage Chortitz
    1802February 27Johan Siemens' daughter MariabirthChortitz
    1802FebruaryJohan Epp's daughter MagarethabirthSchönhorst
    1802FebruaryCornels Penner's widowdeath, age 44Neuendorff
    1802Februaryyoung landowner Mr. Pauel's son JacobbirthNeuendorff
    1802FebruaryKlaass Dück's son AbrahambirthNeuendorff
    1802Februaryyoung landowner Jacob Vröse's daughter Mariabirth Neuendorff
    1802FebruaryJacob Peters' widow with Philip Dückmarriage Neuenburg
    1802 FebruaryJohan Hübert's daughter Catharinabirth Neuenburg
    1802 FebruaryJacob Siemens' stepdaughter Ana Arendts with a young man Jacob Dük marriage Einlage
    1802 FebruaryPeter Wiebe's son Peterbirth Einlage
    1802 FebruaryJohan Niesen's son Cornelsbirth Einlage
    1802 February young Abraham Penner's son Abrahambirth Insel Chortitz
    1802 FebruaryAbraham Leÿke's daughter Catharbirth Rosenthal
    1802 Februarythe minister Peter Eppdeath, age 47 Rosenthal
    1802 FebruaryPeter Martens' wifedeath, age 34 Rosenthal
    1802March 6Johan Teichgröw's widow with a young man Peter HübertmarriageSchönhorst
    1802March 16Salomon Neufelt's widow with a young man Heinrich Tiessen marriageSchönhorst
    1802March 23Heinrich Rempeldeath, age 35Schönhorst
    1802March 3Claass Dück's son Abrahamdeath, age 5 days Neuendorff
    1802March 10Peter Regehr's wifedeath, age 40Neuendorff
    1802March 16Johan Breÿl's son Johandeath, age 2Neuendorff
    1802March 17Jacob Bergendeath, age 71Neuendorff
    1802March 18Johan Dück's son JohanbirthNeuendorff
    1802March 21young Heinrich Bergen's sondeath, 1 Neuendorff
    1802March 29Johan Wall's daughter MagarethabirthNeuendorff
    1802March 29Frantz Pauels's daughter HellenabirthKronsweÿde
    1802March 29young Pauel Jantzen's daughter Catharinabirth Kronsweÿde
    1802March 6Jacob Wiebe's son JacobbirthEinlage
    1802March 6Cornel Jantz's son CornelbirthEinlage
    1802March 10Jacob Wiebedeath, age 33Einlage
    1802March 15Gerhardt Preuss' daughter ElisabethbirthRosenthal
    1802March 24Jacob Harder's son JohanbirthRosenthal
    1802April 14David Epp's wife Juditdeath, age 31 Chortitz
    1802April 8Wilhelm Zacharias's wife Mariadeath, age 37Schönhorst
    1802April 5Johan Schmit's son WilhelmbirthSchönhorst
    1802April 6Filip Warkentihn's son FilipbirthSchönhorst
    1802April 2Johan Peters' daughter MariabirthNeuendorff
    1802April 8Peter Peters' son PeterbirthNeuendorff
    1802April 27Abraham EppmarriageNeuendorff
    1802April 11Fransz Barckman's son PeterbirthNeuenburg
    1802April 1Johan Neufeld's son Corneliusdeath, age Einlage
    1802April 25landowner Johan Hiebertdeath, age 24Einlage
    1802April 25Johan Bartsch's son JohanbirthInsel Chortitz
    1802April 24landowner Peter MartensmarriageInsel Chortitz
    1802May 13Peter Sowatzky's daughter MargtabirthChortitz
    1802May 30Gerhard Penner's daughter ChatarinabirthChortitz
    1802May 22Arend Peters' widow with Arend LoepmarriageSchoenhorst
    1802May 5Salomon Doerscken's daughter MariabirthNeuendorff
    1802May 17Jacob Doerscken's daughter AgatabirthNeuendorff
    1802May 9Abraham Epp's daughter Annadeath, age 20Neuendorff
    1802May 27Heinrich Epp's son Johandeath, age 8 weeksNeuenburg
    1802 May 16Peter Kaetler's daughter Elisabetbirth Kronsweid
    1802 May 25Jacob Wiebe's widow with Peter Niesenmarriage Einlag
    1802 May 19landowner Peter Banmandeath Schoenwise
    1802 May 27Peter Penner's daughter Nieckeldeath Schoenwise
    1802 May 19Gerhard Epp's son deathRosenthal
    1802 May 24Johan Barsch's son deathRosenthal
    1802 JulyJacob Wall's son Gerharddeath Chortitz
    1802 JulyDavid Epp with Catarina Pennermarriage Chortitz
    1802 JulyJacob Winsz's son Jacobbirth Schoenhorst
    1802 JulyJacob Winsz's son Jacobdeath, age 3 days Schoenhorst
    1802 JulyIsabrand Friesen's daughter Christinadeath, age Schoenhorst
    1802 JulyJacob Jantzen's son Jacobbirth Neuendorff
    1802 JulyPeter Friesen's son Peterbirth Neuendorff
    1802 JulyPeter Doerscken's son Peterbirth Neuendorff
    1802 JulyJacob Loewen's daughter Annabirth Neuendorff
    1802 JulySalomon Doerscken's daughter Mariadeath, age 11 weeks Neuendorff
    1802 JulyAbraham Winsz's daughter Helenadeath, age 2 Neuendorff
    1802 JulyAbraham Waerner's daughter Catarinabirth Neuenburg
    1802 August 5Mayor Frans Dieck with Jacob Baerg's daughter Mariamarriage Chortitz
    1802 August 26Gerhard Braun's son Gerhardbirth Schoenhorst
    1802 August 4Frans Tiesen's daughter Elisabetbirth Neuendorff
    1802 August 4Jacob Reimer's son Jacobbirth Neuendorff
    1802 August 8Peter Albrecht's daughter Mariabirth Neuendorff
    1802 August 26Jacob Banman's daughter Annabirth Kronsweid
    1802 August 26Johan Funck's son Heinrichdeath, age 12Schoenwise
    1802 August 25Gerhard Rempel's son Heinrichbirth Schoenwise
    1802 August 5Heinrich Ensz's son Heinrichbirth Insel Chortitz
    1802 August 24Johan Penner's daughter Annabirth Rosenthal
    1802 September 29honorable Ältester Davit Eppdeath, 52 Chortitz
    1802 September 20Jacob Dieck's daughter Cotorinabirth Chortitz
    1802 September 25Jacob Wieb's daughter Mariabirth Chortitz
    1802 September 22Johan Penner's son Jacobbirth Chortitz
    1802 September 20Peter Sowatzky's daughter Margreetadeath, age 17 weeks Chortitz
    1802 September 6Jacob Franzen with Helena Wiebemarriage Schoenhorst
    1802 September 9Peter Braun's son Peterbirth Neuendorff
    1802 September 21Wilhelm Redecob's daughter Annabirth Neuendorff
    1802 September 23Frans Klassen's daughter Susonabirth Neuendorff
    1802 September 21Peter Hilbrand's son Jacobbirth Neuendorff
    1802 September 10Jahn Bergen with Ana Sowatzkymarriage Neuendorff
    1802 September 17Jacob Biechert with Barbara Konneratmarriage Neuendorff
    1802 September 23Jacob Jantzen's son Jacobdeath, age 12 months Neuendorff
    1802 September 27Peter Klassen's daughter Christinadeath, age 11 Neuendorff
    1802 September 7Daniel Loewen's son Dovitbirth Neuenburg
    1802 September 12Jacob Doersken's daughter Catarinabirth Neuenburg
    1802 September 17Fransz Funck's daughter Annabirth Kronswied
    1802 September 25Cornelius Balman's son Corneliusbirth Kronswied
    1802 September 15Peter Hiebert's son Peterbirth Einlag
    1802 September 25Johan Vogt's daughter Catarinabirth Einlag
    1802 September 10Abraham Ensz's son Abrahambirth Schoenwise
    1802 September 2Abraham Jantzen's daughter Catarinabirth Rosenthal
    1802 September 6Johan Boldt's daughter Catarinabirth Rosenthal
    1802 September 19Cornelius Sowatzky's daughter Susanabirth Rosenthal
    1802 October 10Jacob Breÿel's son Jacobdeath, age 1 Chortitz
    1802 October 28Isaac Entz death, age 57 Chortitz
    1802 October 4Johan Bruhn marriage Chortitz
    1802 October 1Isaac Clasen's daughter Margretabirth Neuendorf
    1802 October 7Hinrch Wiebe's daughter Helenabirth Neuendorf
    1802 October 19Peter Wiebe's son Abrahambirth Neuendorf
    1802 October 9Peter Clasen death, age 59 Neuendorf
    1802 October 10Johan Breÿel death, age 28 Neuendorf
    1802 October 15Jacob Dieck's daughter Elisabethbirth Einlage
    1802 October 29Johan Hiebert's son Johanbirth Einlage
    1802 October 15Peter Epp's daughter Susannabirth Rosenthal
    1802 October 19the senior Peter Epp's son Corneliusbirth Rosenthal
    1802 October 22Johan Rempel's son Johanbirth Rosenthal
    1802 October 26Peter Penner's son Peterbirth Rosenthal
    1802 October 28Diederich Rempel's daughter Annabirth Rosenthal
    1802 October 5Jacob Entz's stepson Johan Clasendeath, age 20 Rosenthal
    1802 October 13Phliep Kaunhuben's wife death, age 55 Rosenthal
    1802 November 9Johan Wieler death, age 46 Chortitz
    1802 November 25David Epp's widow with young man Heinrich Dieckmarriage Chortitz
    1802 November 18Peter Wiebe's son Heinrichbirth Schoenehorst
    1802 November 20Heinrich Tiesen's son Heinrichbirth Schoenehorst
    1802 November 4Bernhard Loewen's daughter Catrinabirth Neuendorff
    1802 November 4Peter Breÿel's son Jacobbirth Neuendorff
    1802 November 29Jacob Peters' daughter Annabirth Neuendorff
    1802 November 27Johan Breÿel's widow with a young man Clas Dieckmarriage Neuendorff
    1802 November 19Cornelius Huebert's daughter Mariabirth Kronsweide
    1802 November 21Wilhelm Unrau's daughter Annabirth Kronsweide
    1802 November 23Jacob v Riesen's son Corneliusbirth Kronsweide
    1802 November 26Heinirch Goertzen's son Heinrichbirth Kronsweide
    1802 November 2Peter Unrau marriage Kronsweide
    1802 November 2Jacob Jantzen's son Corneliusbirth Einlage
    1802 November 2Peter Banman's widow's daughter Suannabirth Schoenwise
    1803 January-AprilDavid Epp, junior, with Jacob Wienss' daughter Maria marriage Chortitza
    1803 January-AprilBernhardt V Bergen's daughter Cathorinabirth Chortitza
    1803 January-AprilJacob Bärg death, age 47 Chortitza
    1803 January-AprilIsaac Enss' widow's daughterbirth Chortitza
    1803 January-Aprilthe same Isaac Enss' widow's daughterdeath Chortitza
    1803 January-AprilJacob Wall death, age 42 Chortitza
    1803 January-AprilMartin Claassendeath, age 32Chortitza
    1803 January-Aprilyoung landlowner Abraham Penner's daughter Mariabirth Chortitza
    1803 January-AprilPeter Hilbandt's son Heinrichdeath, age 2 Chortitza
    1803 January-AprilJohan Wieller's widow with Peter Wernermarriage Chortitza
    1803 January-AprilCornels Rempel's wifedeath, age 31 Chortitza
    1803 January-AprilJohan Wolff with Johan Peter's daughtermarriage Schönhorst
    1803 January-AprilPauel Shellenberg's son Jacobbirth Schönhorst
    1803 January-AprilAbraham Classen's daughter Agathabirth Schönhorst
    1803 January-AprilHeinrich Wienss' son Heinrichbirth Schönhorst
    1803 January-AprilCornels Rempel with Philip Kehler's daughter Hellena from Einlage marriage Schönhorst
    1803 January-AprilDavid Driedger's son Peterbirth Schönhorst
    1803 January-AprilWilhelm Zacharias's son Didrichbirth Schönhorst
    1803 January-AprilPaul Schellenberg's son Jacobdeath, age 10 weeks Schönhorst
    1803 January-AprilFrantz Peters's son Hermanbirth Schönhorst
    1803 January-AprilWilhelm Giesbrecht's son Abrah.birth Schönhorst
    1803 January-AprilAbraham Vriesen's daugther Helenabirth Neuendorff
    1803 January-AprilAbraham Claasen's widow's daughter Magarethabirth Neuendorff
    1803 January-AprilPeter Bergen's son Johanbirth Neuendorff
    1803 January-AprilPeter Hamm's son Abrahambirth Neuendorff
    1803 January-AprilAbraham Dörck's son Jacob and daughter Agathabirth Neuendorff
    1803 January-AprilPeter Bergen's son Johandeath, age 6 weeks Neuendorff
    1803 January-Aprilyoung Heinrich Bergen's son Heinrichbirth Neuendorff
    1803 January-AprilAbraham Dörck's son Jacobdeath, age 9 weeks Neuendorff
    1803 January-AprilHerman Peters's daughter Magorethabirth Neuendorff
    1803 January-Aprilwidow Anna Neufeltsdeath, age 57Neuendorff
    1803 January-AprilGeorge Krahn's daughter Cathorina birth Neuendorff
    1803 January-AprilJacob Neufelt deathNeuenburg
    1803 January-Aprilyoung Johan Peters' son Peterbirth Neuenburg
    1803 January-AprilPeter Reimer's son Peterbirth Neuenburg
    1803 January-AprilJacob Neubauer's daughter Mariabirth Kronsweÿd
    1803 January-AprilWilhelm Jantzen's son Cornelsbirth Kronsweÿd
    1803 January-AprilJohan Harms death, age 64 Kronsweÿd
    1803 January-AprilAbraham Unrau's son with Maria Krausemarriage Kronsweÿd
    1803 January-AprilHeinrich Siemens's wifedeath, age 45 Kronsweÿd
    1803 January-AprilFrantz Pauels's son Frantzbirth Kronsweÿd
    1803 January-AprilJullias Jantzen's brother Jacob death Kronsweÿd
    1803 January-AprilHerman Neufeltdeath Kronsweÿd
    1803 January-AprilAndreas Küchendeath Kronsweÿd
    1803 January-AprilFrantz Jantzen's son Cornelsbirth Kronsweÿd
    1803 January-AprilCornelius Hübertdeath Kronsweÿd
    1803 January-AprilFrantz Siemens's daughter Hellenabirth Kronsweÿd
    1803 January-AprilIsbrand Rempeldeath, age 66 Einlage
    1803 January-AprilJacob Vogt death, age 53 Einlage
    1803 January-AprilAbraham Werner's daughter Cathardeath, age 7 months Einlage
    1803 January-AprilWilhelm Tissen's stepson Didrich Reimer with Maria Penners marriage Einlage
    1803 January-AprilMichael Kehler with Elisabeth Löwens marriageEinlage
    1803 January-AprilJohan Neufelt's daughter Helenabirth Einlage
    1803 January-AprilAbraham Hübert's son Abrahambirth Einlage
    1803 January-AprilJacob Lemcke's son Jacobbirth Einlage
    1803 January-AprilJohan Neufelt's daughter Susanadeath Einlage
    1803 January-AprilPeter Bannman's widow with Peter Jantzmarriage Schönwiese
    1803 January-AprilJohan Tissen's daughter Mariabirth Rosenthal
    1803 January-AprilPeter Wiebe's son Jacobbirth Rosenthal
    1803 January-AprilJohan Tissen's daughter Mariadeath, age 4 weeks Rosenthal
    1803 January-AprilIsaac Kasdorfs' fatherdeath, age 64 Rosenthal
    1803 January-AprilJohan Siemens' daughter Annabirth Rosenthal
    1803 January-AprilJohan Sawatzke's wife Susannadeath, age 62 Rosenthal
    1803 January-AprilJacob Neufelt's daughter Annabirth Rosenthal
    1803 January-AprilPeter Penner death, age 33 Rosenthal
    1803 January-AprilBernhardt Krahn's daughter Magarethabirth Burwalde
    1803 January-AprilJacob Jantzen's sondeath Neÿetenÿ Chortitz
    1803 January-AprilJohan Braun's daughter Annabirth Neÿetenÿ Chortitz
    1806 January 3Peter Sowatzky's son Corneliusbirth Chortitz
    1806 January 15David Dörcksen's son Jacobbirth Chortitz
    1806 January 26Peter Rempel's son Wilhelmdeath, age Chortitz
    1806 February 19Isaac Penner's daughter Annabirth Chortitz
    1806 March 6Jacob Dück's son Heinrichbirth Chortitz
    1806 March 16Jacob Dück's son Heinrichdeath, age Chortitz
    1806 March 21non-landowner Jacob Penner's son Jacobbirth Chortitz
    1806 April 15Johan Dück's daughter birthChortitz
    1806 April 15the same Johan Dück's daughterdeath Chortitz
    1806 April 19Gerhardt Penner's daughter Catharinabirth Chortitz
    1806 AprilGerhardt Wilhelm's daughter Magarethabirth Chortitz
    1806 April 23Isaac Töws' son birth Chortitz
    1806 April 23the same Isaac Töws' son deathChortitz
    1806 January 17Gerhardt Enss's daughter Christinabirth Schönhorst
    1806 January 28Wilhelm Zacharias' son Peterdeath, age 2 months Schönhorst
    1806 February 3Wilhelm Zacharias' son Didrichdeath, age 3 Schönhorst
    1806 February 20Johan Schmidt's stepson Isbrandt Peters with Sara Eppmarriage Schönhorst
    1806 February 21non-landowner Cornels Hübert's son Cornelsbirth Schönhorst
    1806 FebruaryJohan Wolff's daughter Annabirth Schönhorst
    1806March 8Cornelius Rempel's son Peterbirth Schönhorst
    1806April 19Bernhardt Klippenstein's son HeinrichbirthSchönhorst
    1806April 23non-landowner Peter Hübert's stepson Johan Teichgrewdeath, age 20Schönhorst
    1806Aprilwidow Hellena Vriesendeath, age 56Schönhorst
    1806January 1Johan Wall's daughter MariabirthNeuendorff
    1806January 8Isaac Claassen's son JacobbirthNeuendorff
    1806January 28young man Abraham Bergen with Elisabeth BormmarriageNeuendorff
    1806Januaryyoung man Arohn Peters with Susana Reimermarriage Neuendorff
    1806February 7Peter Regehr's daughter MariabirthNeuendorff
    1806February 25Wilhelm Redekop's son Wilhelmdeath, age Neuendorff
    1806April 7non-landowner Jacob Vröse's daughter Annabirth Neuendorff
    1806April 14Abraham Dörcksen's daughter Justinabirth Neuendorff
    1806April 17Herman Peters' daughter AnganethabirthNeuendorff
    1806April 22Claass Dück's son AbrahambirthNeuendorff
    1806April 29Abraham Dück's son PeterbirthNeuendorff
    1806May 3Jacob Reimer's son PeterbirthNeuendorff
    1806May 17Jacob Löwen's son AnthonbirthNeuendorff
    1806Maynon-landowner Gerhardt Kröker's daughter Justinabirth Neuendorff
    1806March 11Abraham Wienss's daughter ChristinabirthNeuenburg
    1806April 16Peter Frösedeath, age 51Neuenburg
    1806February 18Frantz Jantzen's daughter SarabirthKronsweÿde
    1806February 23Jacob Vriesen's daughter CatharinabirthKronsweÿde
    1806March 3non-landowner Jacob Neubauer's daughter Anganethabirth Kronsweÿde
    1806January 7Peter Hübert's son Andreas with Hellena Gisbrechtmarriage Einlage
    1806January non-landowner Cornels Martens' daugther Annabirth Einlage
    1806January 9Johan Vogt's son Cornelius with Magaretha Kroppmarriage Einlage
    1806January Johan Andreas' son JacobbirthEinlage
    1806January 18Jacob Hiebert's son Jacob with Magaretha Kröker marriageEinlage
    1806JanuaryAbraham Hübert's daughter HellenabirthEinlage
    1806February 1Peter Hübert's son PeterbirthEinlage
    1806February 20Johan Hübert's son AbrahambirthEinlage
    1806May 15non-landowner Jacob Martens' son JacobbirthEinlage
    1806May 17Mr. Kehler's widow's foster daughter Helenadeath, age 3 Einlage
    1806May 27Peter Jantzen's widow with Daniel Eÿtzenmarriage Schönwiese
    1806MayJonas Funck's widow with Daniel Heÿdemarriage Schönwiese
    1806MarchPeter Unger's son PeterbirthInsel Chortitz
    1806MarchAnthon Höppnerdeath, age 40Insel Chortitz
    1806January 23Erdman Bauer's son Heinrich with Sara TissenmarriageNÿsny Chortitz
    1806JanuaryGerhardt Claassen's son DavidbirthNÿsny Chortitz
    1806February 6Peter Harms' son PeterbirthNÿsny Chortitz
    1806February Jacob Dückdeath, age 27Nÿsny Chortitz
    1806February 27young man Nicklass Rempeldeath, age 33 Nÿsny Chortitz
    1806April 17Peter Harder's daughter AnganethabirthNÿsny Chortitz
    1806April 18Johan Dück's son HeinrichbirthNÿsny Chortitz
    1806April 23Isaac Lehn's daughter MariabirthNÿsny Chortitz
    1806April 29Gerhardt Vriesen's son Abrahamdeath, age Nÿsny Chortitz
    1806January 7Daniel Neufelt's son DanielbirthBurwalde
    1806April 10Bernhardt Krahn's son Bernhardt and daughter Catharinabirth Burwalde
    1806April 14Peter Berg's wife Judithdeath, age 42Burwalde
    1806April 29Nicklas Heÿdedeath, age 36Burwalde
    1806AprilPeter Epp's son JacobbirthBurwalde
    1806May 5Abraham Harderdeath, age 40Burwalde
    1806May 20Martin Vriesen's son AbrahambirthBurwalde
    1806January 2Jullias Töws' son PeterbirthRosenthal
    1806February 15Heinrich Epp's widow with Jacob Isaacmarriage Rosenthal
    1806March 2Cornels Sawatzke's sonbirthRosenthal
    1806March 5the same Cornels Sawatzke's sondeathRosenthal
    1806March 18Jacob Isaac's stepson Jacobdeath, age 12 weeks Rosenthal
    1806April 29Philip Kauenhowendeath, age 60Rosenthal
    1807August 18Martin Penner and Elisabeth DyckmarriageChortitz
    1807August 29non-landowner David von Bergen's son Davidbirth Chortitz
    1807July 23Jacob von Bergen, junior, with Maria Petersmarriage Chortitz
    1807July 23Heinrich Dyck's daughter HelenabirthChortitz
    1807July 23non-landowner Aron Peters' daughter Helenabirth Chortitz
    1807September 3non-landowner Heinrich Penner's daughter Margarethabirth Chortitz
    1807September 17non-landowner Heinrich Penner's daughter Margarethadeath, age 1/24 Chortitz
    1807September 24non-landowner David von Bergen's son Daviddeath, age Chortitz
    1807October 5Bernhard Buhler with Elisabeth Pennermarriage Chortitz
    1807October 31Jacob Harder and Anna KlassenmarriageChortitz
    1807October 31Jacob von Bergen and Catharina Hardermarriage Chortitz
    1807 May19Johan Bartsch's daughter Anthon and daughter CatharinabirthRosenthal
    1807May 24Gerhard Priesz's son JohanbirthRosenthal
    1807June 11Johann Pennerdeath, age 32Rosenthal
    1807June 15Johann Bartsch's son Anthondeath, age 1/12Rosenthal
    1807June 18Gerhard Preisz's daughter Elisabethdeath, age 5 Rosenthal
    1807June 20Johan Bartsch's daughter Catharinadeath, age 1/12 Rosenthal
    1807August 8Abraham Leycke's son JacobbirthRosenthal
    1807August 23Cornelius Andreas' daughter Annadeath, age 1 Rosenthal
    1807September 29Abraham Leycke's son Jacobdeath, age 1/12 Rosenthal
    1807May 14Mr. Olfert's widow with Peter DyckmarriageBurwalde
    1807May 29David Löwen's son JuliusbirthBurwalde
    1807July 15Peter Epp's son CorneliusbirthBurwalde
    1807July 26Julius Ensz's daughter HelenabirthBurwalde
    1807August 9Johann Rempel's son PeterbirthBurwalde
    1807September 6Abraham Friesen's son AbrahambirthBurwalde
    1807October 6Abraham Friesen's son Abrahamdeath, age 1/12 Burwalde
    1807October 16Jacob Breyel's daughter SusanabirthBurwalde
    1807May 10Jacob Bückert with Helena Frösemarriage Nischny Chortitz
    1807June 23Isaac de Veer's son DydrichbirthNischny Chortitz
    1807July 4non-landowner David Dridger's son Davidbirth Nischny Chortitz
    1807August 12non-landowner Jacob Reimer's daughter Helenabirth Nischny Chortitz
    1807September 22the junior Peter Jantzen's daughter Elisabethbirth Nischny Chortitz
    1807September 22Dydrich Isaac's daughter SusanabirthNischny Chortitz
    1807May 12Peter Penner's son JohannbirthSchönwiese
    1807June 2Franz Jantzen's son JohannbirthSchönwiese
    1807June 5Cornelius von Riesen's son CorneliusbirthSchönwiese
    1807June 15Peter Neufeld's son JohannbirthSchönwiese
    1807June 21Abraham Ensz's son IsaacbirthSchönwiese
    1807May 28non-landowner Peter Unger's daughter Catharinabirth Insel Chortitz
    1807May 29Peter Enszdeath, age 76Insel Chortitz
    1807July 24Peter Hildebrand's daughter CatharinabirthInsel Chortitz
    1807 August 6Mr. Ensz' widow with Abraham Krahnmarriage Insel Chortitz
    1807 October 3Peter Peters death, age 47Insel Chortitz
    1807 October 7non-landowner Peter Penner's daughter Catharinabirth Insel Chortitz
    1807 October 12non-landowner Dydrich Reimer's daughter Annabirth Insel Chortitz
    1807 June 2non-landowner Wilhelm Martens' daughter Aganethabirth Einlage
    1807 August 15non-landowner Abrah. Olfert's daughter Helenabirth Einlage
    1807 September 4non-landowner Heinrich Jantzen's daughter Sarabirth Einlage
    1807 September 16non-landowner Paul Vogt's daughter Elisabethdeath, age Einlage
    1807 May 28Heinrich Siemens' son Franz birth Kronsweyde
    1807 June 4non-landowner Jacob Neubauer's son Abrahambirth Kronsweyde
    1807July 11Peter Unrau's daughter Helenadeath, age 1 Kronsweyde
    1807July 15Julius Jantzen's son Juliusdeath, age Kronsweyde
    1807August 21Jacob Ballman's son FranzbirthKronsweyde
    1807September 29non-landowner Abraham Keshler's daughter Helenabirth Kronsweyde
    1807May 1Jacob Dyrcksen's daughter Helenadeath, age 1/50Neuenburg
    1807May 5Peter Döell's son PeterbirthNeuenburg
    1807May 13Johann Hübert's wifedeath, age 36Neuenburg
    1807May 13Peter Döell's son Peterdeath, age 1/50Neuenburg
    1807September 24Peter Reimer's son JacobbirthNeuenburg
    1807September 29Peter Reimer's son Jacobdeath, age 5 days Neuenburg
    1807May 11Peter Regier's son JohanbirthNeuendorf
    1807May 16Peter Bergen's daughter HelenabirthNeuendorf
    1807June 13Isaac Borm's stepson Jacobdeath, age 17Neuendorf
    1807July 31Peter Willemsdeath, age 66Neuendorf
    1807August 2Franz Tiessen's daughter ElisabethbirthNeuendorf
    1807August 3non-landowner Johan Peters' son AronbirthNeuendorf
    1807August 17Isaac Dyck's son JacobbirthNeuendorf
    1807August 21widow Gertruda Enszdeath, age 66Neuendorf
    1807September 4Isaac Bergman's son IsaacbirthNeuendorf
    1807September 8Johan Peters' daughter SarabirthNeuendorf
    1807September 14non-landowner Jacob Buhler's son Jacobbirth Neuendorf
    1807October 2non-landowner Bernh. Wiens' son Bernhardbirth Neuendorf
    1807October 10non-landowner Isaac Klassen's daughter Susanabirth Neuendorf
    1807October 13Jacob Harderdeath, age 58Neuendorf
    1807June13non-landowner Herm. Olfert's son Abrahambirth Schönhorst
    1807July 29Peter Dyck's daughter Margarethabirth Schönhorst
    1807July 29Heinrich Teuchgreb's daughter Catharinabirth Schönhorst
    1807August 13Dydrich Dyck's son Peterbirth Schönhorst
    1807September 8Johan Peters' daughter Agathabirth Schönhorst
    1807October 6Cornelius Rempel's son Wilhelmbirth Schönhorst
    1813 October 7 Gerhard Willems' son Peter birth Chortitz
    1813 October 8 Jacob Regier's son Johan birth Chortitz
    1813 October 1 Johan Krahn's son Jacob birth Rosenthal
    1813 October 10 Heinrich Dick's daughter Anganetha birth Rosenthal
    1813 October 16 Kornelius Andres' daughter Helena birth Rosenthal
    1813 September 5 Mr. Kran's widow with Daniel Teugrew from the Molotschna Colony marriage Burwalde
    1813 September 30 Peter Dick with Helena Klasen from Kronsgarten marriage Burwalde
    1813 October 19 Peter Mantler's son Jacob death Nischnÿ Chortitz
    1813 October 8 Tobias Gertzen's son Heinrich birth Schönwiese
    1813 October 20 Kornelius Jantzen's son Kornelius birth Schönwiese
    1813 October 5 non-landowner Abraham Neufeld with Catarina Tilitzky marriage Einlage
    1813 October 10 Isaac Wilck's widow's son David birth Einlage
    1813 October 17 Peter Peters' son Jacob birth Kronsweÿde
    1813 October 28 Frantz Loewen' son Frantz birth Neuenburg
    1813 September 30 non-landowner Johan Ginter's son Johan, age year death Neuendorff
    1813 October 10 non-landowner Peter Ham's son Peter, age 1/6 year death Neuendorff
    1813 October 13 Frantz Berg's daughter Anganetha, age year death Neuendorff
    1813 October 14 Abraham Dick's son Jacob, age year death Neuendorff
    1813 October 18 Abraham Dick's son Peter, age 4 years death Neuendorff
    1813 October 18 non-landowner Peter Hübert's daughter Anganetha, age 2 death Neuendorff
    1813 October 22 non-landowner Peter Hübert's daughter Helena, age 1 death Neuendorff
    1813 October 12 Frantz Dircksen with Helena Klasen marriage Neuosterwick
    1813 November 26 Berend Kauenhaben's daughter Maria birth Rosenthal
    1813 November 4 Peter Mantler's son Peter, age 2 years death Nieder Chortitz
    1813 November 2 Jacob Dick with Mr. Schellenberg's widow marriage Nieder Chortitz
    1813 November 11 Heinrich Jantzen with Cornelius Friesen's widow marriage Nieder Chortitz
    1813 November 20 Abraham Frös with Andreas Hübert's widow marriage Einlage
    1813 November 7 Martin Hübert's daughter Maria birth Kronsweÿde
    1813 November 2 Abraham Dircksen's son Johan birth Neuendorff
    1813 November 4 Johan Wieb's son Johan birth Neuendorff
    1813 November 4 Johan Wieb's daughter Maria birth Neuendorff
    1813 November 8 Kornelius Ueberwein's son Kornelius birth Neuendorff
    1813 November 25 Peter Martens' son Kornelius birth Neuendorff
    1813 November 18 Isaac Friesen's son Abraham birth Schönhorst
    1813 November 15 Jacob Neufeld's son Dirck birth Schönhorst
    1813 November 16 Jacob Peters' daughter Gertruda birth Neuosterwick
    1813 December 5 Abraham Kopp's daughter Catarina, age year death Chortitz
    1813 December 11 Gerhard Penner with Anna Dircksen marriage Chortitz
    1813 December 20 David Redekop's son David birth Rosenthal
    1813 December 14 Johan Pauls' daughter Catarina birth Burwalde
    1813 December 2 Michael Peters' son Johan birth Nieder Chortitz
    1813 December 21 Peter Peters' daughter Elisabeth birth Nieder Chortitz
    1813 November 10 David Falk's son Johan, age 1 years death Schönwiese
    1813 November 22 Jacob Martens' daughter Anna, age 2 years death Schönwiese
    1813 November 23 Jacob Martens' son Aron, age 1/3 year death Schönwiese
    1813 November 30 David Falck's daughter Maria, age 2 years death Schönwiese
    1813 December 3 Jacob Hübert's daughter Christina birth Einlage
    1813 December 3 David Koslowsky's son Heinrich birth Einlage
    1813 December 3 Heinrich Unger's daughter Catarina birth Einlage
    1813 December 10 Heinrich Unger's wife Margaretha, age 23 death Einlage
    1813 November 29 Peter Schmit's son Wilhelm birth Kronsweÿde
    1813 December 5 Peter Peters' daughter Maria, age 4 years death Kronsweÿde
    1813 November 27 Kornelius Hübert's son Abraham birth Neuenburg
    1813 December 8 Kornelius Hubert's son Abraham, age 1/12 year death Neuenburg
    1813 December 9 Johan Peters' daughter Helena birth Neuenburg
    1813 December 5 Isaac Klasen's son Isaac, age 2 years death Neuendorff
    1813 December 7 Frantz Tiesen's daughter Anna, age 3 years death Neuendorff
    1813 December 22 Gerhard Kröcker's son Gerhard birth Neuendorff
    1813 December 29 Frantz Klasen's daughter Judit birth Neuendorff
    1813 December 8 Jacob Giesebrecht's wife Susana, age 48 years death Schönhorst
    1813 December13 Peter Wolff's son Peter, age year death Schönhorst
    1813 December 2 Jacob Dick's daughter Maria birth Neuosterwick
    1813 December 2 Abraham Dick's son Abraham birth Neuosterwick
    1813 December 15 Jacob Pauls' son Jacob, age 2 years death Neuosterwick
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