Name Index to Die niederländisch-niederdeutschen Hintergründe der mennonitischen Ostwanderungen
im 16., 18. und 19. Jahrhundert

by Tim Janzen

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This name index to B. H. Unruh's book, Die niederländisch-niederdeutschen Hintergründe der mennonitischen Ostwanderungen im 16., 18. und 19. Jahrhundert, was originally created about 1970 by Alan Peters of Fresno, California. Alan created this index because the index found at the end of the book is unfortunately incomplete. A version of this index was included in the GRANDMA 2 CD which was first made available in 1997. In 2005 Tim Janzen created this version of the index by making the following changes to the GRANDMA 2 version.

  1. Columns were added for given names and surnames that are standardized to their most common forms. In selected instances, the spellings of all of the surnames that have the same surcode were not standardized.

    For instance, variant spellings of Berg and Bergen were standardized, but "Berg" was not converted to "Bergen". Similarly Vogt and Voth were kept as separate surnames, as were Kehler and Kesler.

  2. A column that for the GRANDMA numbers of the individuals was added (although only a few GRANDMA have been added to this column so far).

  3. The GRANDMA surcodes were modified as necessary. There have been quite a few changes to the surcodes over the past eight years since GRANDMA released, so the surcodes were changed to reflect the current standard inthe GRANDMA database. For instance, he changed the surcode of the surname Allert from 901 to 4 and Schwarz from 919 to S42.

  4. The problem entries found in the index pertaining to data from pages 250-253 of the book were fixed. As some researchers probably realize, the households numbered 177 to 224 (pp. 250-251) pertain to Einlage, not Neuenburg. Similarly, the households numbered 281 to 314 (pp. 252-253) pertain to Kronsweide and those numbered 315 to 331 (p. 253) pertain to Schoenwiese and not to Rosenthal. Thus, the name of the village in the index is now accurate.

  5. A "Sort #" column was added to contain the numbers of all the entries as they were organized in Alan Peters' original index.

  6. The sequence of the index is according to modified surname, then by the modified given name, and then by the year of birth.

Tim Janzen has made this contribution available, believing that in general researchers will find this revised version of the index easier to use than the version that appeared on the GRANDMA 2 CD. Some researchers may want to make additional changes to the index depending on their individual needs.

See also the Excel file on which this set of pages are based: unruh_bh_index.xlsx). Warning: printing the entire file will take roughly 300 pages. Instead, we recommend filtering for the persons you're looking for. Once the file is open, you can use the filter arrows to reveal the particular village, surname, etc. of your interest. Multiple filters can be applied. When in use, the filter arrow turns blue and you can print just that selection of information. Filtering does NOT discard data, it just temporarily hides it from view.

If you have questions or comments regarding this name index, feel free to be in touch with Tim Janzen

Created 25 February 2019.
HTML by Richard D. Thiessen

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