Molotschna School Registers

Compiled by Tim Janzen

The files found below on this page are modified versions of the original Molotschna School register data as it was transcribed by Arnold Schroeder, Jake Wiens, and me. The original versions of these files may be found on the Russian Mennonite Genealogical Resources Page. I have manipulated the data in various ways so that it can be readily searched alphabetically by village and/or surname. In selected versions I have converted the ages given in the original data to approximate years of birth.

If you have any questions about any of these files or note any errors in them feel free to contact me.

Editor's Note: Many of these files are quite large and will take considerable time to load for some users. Also, it is suggested that you set your screen display settings to 1024x768 for best viewing results.





1862-63 Neuanlage, Neuberslav, and Hutterdorf school registers






Created 17 September 2000
Expanded 7 June 2003

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