Russian Government Embassy in the
City of Danzig

Register of the Distribution of Passports
19/31 March to 15/27 July 1834

For settlement in the
Mennonite colonies of Tauridia District

Peter J. Braun Russian Mennonite Archive File 362
State Archives of the Odessa Region (SAOR) Fond 89 Opis 1

Translated by Sergei Chaiderman, Winnipeg, 1997-98.

Passport Number To whom the passports were given
12 Royal Prussian citizen, Mennonite, Benjamin Voth with wife Susanna, son Tobias, daughters Helena, Anna, Maria and Helena's unlawfully born son, Heinrich Buller.
13 Royal Prussian citizen, Mennonite, Ludwig Boettcher with wife Anna, daughters Maria, Anna, Wilhelmina, Henrietta, Amalie and Heinrich Buller.
14 Royal Prussian citizen, Mennonite, Kornelius Voth with wife Sara, son in law Buller with wife Susanna, son Heinrich and grandson Johann Voth.
15 Royal Prussian citizen, Mennonite, Heinrich Voth with wife Dorota, sons Wilhelm, Heinrich, Johann, daughter Maria.
16 Prussian citizen, a widow of the Mennonite, Helena Voth with son Heinrich and daughters Susanna, Helena, Elisabeth, Maria, Karolina and Johanna.
17 Prussian citizen Mennonite, Johann Penner with wife Maria, sons Bernhard, Wilhelm and daughters Susanna, Anna, Sara, Elisabeth with her husband Tobias Schmidt
18 Prussian citizen Mennonite, Heinrich Voth with wife Maria, sons Heinrich and Friedrich, daughter Elisabeth, sister Maria, father-in-law Tobias Retzlaf and mother-in-law Maria
19 Prussian citizen Mennonite, George Unrau with wife Helena, daughter Susanna and Karolina, brother David and sister Helena.
20 Mennonite widow Susanna Unrau with son Wilhelm and daughter Karolina, children of the Mennonite Peter Voth, Peter, Susanna and daughter of the dead Mennonite Benjamin Jantz Helena
21 Mennonite Tobias Schmidt with wife Ernestina Wilhelmine, mother - widow Born, son Tobias, Johann, Wilhelm, Karl and maiden Beata Hinze.
22 Prussian citizen Mennonite Gottlieb Lange with wife Anna, daughter of the Mennonite Pol, Johann Chritiana, children of the dead Mennonite Benjamin Jantz, Julius and Maria, widow Brues and son Karl.
23 Prussian citizen Mennonite, David Bartel with wife Anna, sons Wilhelm and Heinrich and daughters Helena and Maria.
24 Prussian citizen Mennonite, Peter Voth with wife Helena, sons Heinrich and Wilhelm and daughters Wilhelmine and Maria
25 Prussian citizen Mennonite, Wilhelm Lange with the servant Christian Doss, servant Julia Lange with the Mennonite Benjamin Jantz and with the sister of the last person, Susanna. Also widow Eva Penner.
26 Prussian citizen Mennonite, Benjamin Lange with wife Maria, son Wilhelm, daughters Maria, Catherina, sisters of the wife, Helena and Elizabeth Jantz and the worker Andrei Unrau.
27 Prussian citizen Mennonite, Herman Lentzman with wife Eva Rosina, sons Johann - Ferdinand and August, Herman, daughters Ernestina, Emilia, divorced wife Kaike/Keschka (not clear) and widow Dirks.
28 Prussian citizen Mennonite, Johan Preisu with wife Christina, son Adolf, daughters Karolina and Henrieta, father-in-law Johann Lange and his wife Dorothea and the servant Karolina Weber.
29 Prussian citizen Mennonite, widow of the Mennonite, Helena Franz with son Heinrich, daughter Anna; also with the children from the first marriage David, Jakob and Gerhard Voth, and with servant Eva Kriger.
30 Prussian Mennonite Pastor Wilhelm Lange and wife Maria, daughter Maria and children of the Mennonite Voth, Andrei and Helena.
31 Prussian Mennonite, Gottfried Rabe with wife Hanna Charlotte, sons August Ferdinand, Wilhelm Ferdinand, Johann Julius and daughters Ernestina Wilhelmina, and Alberta Henrietta.
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