Prussian Mennonite requests for
Russian passports in 1833

Peter J. Braun Russian Mennonite Archive File 362

State Archives of the Odessa Region (SAOR) Fond 89 Opis 1

Translated by Sergei Chaiderman, Winnipeg, 1997-98.

July 1833

List of Mennonite Prussian citizens requesting passports from the Russian Government Embassy due to their desire to immigrate to Russia.

1. Aron Wall; from Schoenau, Marienburg Kreis; with wife Catherina 36, son Heinrich 7, daughters Elisabeth 7, Helena 4, and Margaretha 1.

2. Heinrich Braun; from Klein Mausdorf, Elbing Kreis; with wife Catherina 29, and two sons Peter 3, and Heinrich .

3. Heinrich Braun; from Zeierskamp, Elbing Kreis; with two sisters, Agnetha 30, and Maria 28.

4. Heinrich Dick; from Halbstadt, Marienburg Kreis.

5. Helena Jantzen; from Marienburg Kreis. (the other information was not clear - poor clarity of the film)

6. Jakob Wiebe; from Tiege, Marienburg Kreis.

7. Abraham Klassen; from Kurau, Braunsberg Kreis; with wife Barbara and four children, sons Abraham 24, Peter 15, Gerhard 11, and daughter Barbara.

8. Andrei Richert; from Gross Konopat, Schwetz Kreis; with wife and two children Helena 17, and son Heinrich 16.

9. Benjamin Voth; from Gross Konopat, Schwetz Kreis; with wife Sara and four children, daughter Maria 10, sons Johann 7, David 4, and daughter Helena 2.

10. David Richert; from Gross Konopat, Schwetz Kreis; with a wife and son, 1.

11. Johann Wiebe; Platenhof, Marienburg Kreis; with a wife Margaretha, son Johann 6, Peter 4, and daughter Maria 2.

12. Heinrich Toews; from Hochzeit, Danzig Kreis; with sister Helena 28, and cousin Philip Mantnir 24.

13. Johann Loewen; from Pastwa, Marienwerder Kreis.

14. Isbrandt von Riesen; from Klein Mausdorf, Elbing Kreis.

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