List of German People from Kronstal Village, Chortitza Region, Zaporozhye District, Military Region Denepropetrovsk who served in the Red Army - Compiled July 1942

No. Name Age at the time Occupation Rank When Comments
1Neufeld, David24Collective worker 1940
2Neufeld, Peter21Collective worker1941
3Hoch, Johann26Collective worker1941
4Barkowsky, Franz25Collective worker1940in the German army
5Peters, Abram20Collective worker1941
6Friesen, Peter23Collective worker1940in the German army
7Banmann, Franz21Collective worker1940

Mayor P. Giesbrecht
Sealed with the Mayor's stamp

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Translation by Dora Epp and Anna G. Rempel
Transcription, editing and html by Judith Rempel
01 April 1997