Family Lists for those moving from the Chortitza Colony to the Villages of Schoenthal and Heubuden in the Bergthal Colony in 1839

State Archives of the Odessa Region

Fond 6 Inventory 1 File 5706

Translated by Steve Fast; introduction and Annotation by

The Bergthal colony was founded in 1836 and settled by families from the Chortitza colony. Some of these families had moved from the Molotschna colony to Chortitza just prior to settling in Bergthal. In 1839 a group of families moved from Chortitza to the existing village of Schoenthal and also founded the village of Heubuden (Heuboden). Judging from the references to the 1816 and 1835 censuses found in these lists these families were originally from the Chortitza colony.

Note that the column “At last census, situation and Arrivals after it” refers to the 1816 census. The column “Current age by Person” refers to the 1835 census. Comments, including the number of the household head in the GRANDMA database, are added in [square brackets].

  • Heubuden list
  • Schoenthal list
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