Molotschna Colony Family Transfers and Vital Statistics
For May, June and July, 1814

State Archive of the Odessa Region, Odessa, Ukraine
Fond 6, Opis 1, Delo 900

Translated By and Nikolai Penner

The following two files are based on translations of two documents found in the Odessa Archival microfilm collection. These microfilms are available at the following Mennonite archives:

1. Mennonite Heritage Centre, Winnipeg, Manitoba
2. Center for M. B. Studies, Winnipeg, Manitoba
3. Mennonite Historical Society of B. C., Clearbrook, British Columbia
4. Mennonite Library and Archives, Bethel College, North Newton, Kansas
5. Center for M. B. Studies, Tabor College, Hillsboro, Kansas
6. American Historical Society of Germans from Russia, Lincoln, Nebraska
7. Germans from Russia Heritage Society, Bismarck, North Dakota
8. Mennonitische Forschungstelle, Weierhof, Germany
9. Center from M. B. Studies, Fresno, California

The first document, written in Russian, contains records from about mid-May to late June and was translated by Nikolai Penner. It is found in Fond 6, Inventory 1, file 900, frame 114 on.

The second document, written in German, contains records from late June to late July, and was translated by Glenn Penner. It is found in Fond 6, Inventory 1, file 900, frame 149 on.

I (Glenn Penner) have taken some liberties in the way I have recast these documents to fit into one Excel file. Therefore the two files below (one alphabetical by surname and one alphabetical by village) are not direct translations of the originals.

These documents appear to focus on the movements of families from one "Feuerstelle", or homestead to the next. Homestead numbers (simply "#" in the files) were maintained from the establishment of each village until the demise of the Mennonite Molotschna colony. Therefore these records can be directly compared to the Molotschna Colony census of 1808, found in B. H. Unruh's book, and the 1835 Molotschna colony census (available at the above mentioned archives). It should be noted that the vital statistics found in these documents are obviously not complete.

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