Molotschna Colony Immigration Lists: 1836-1849

By Glenn H. Penner

The 1835 census for the Molotschna Mennonite colony includes information on families who left or joined each village between 1835 and the next (1850) census. This is found at the end of the census list for each village. Families who immigrated to the village from abroad are also included. Usually the immigration year, the name of the family head and the number of male and females are given.

These combined lists include 160 families and account for a total of 589 people. Some of these families are found in the following lists, but many are not:

In some cases the 1836-1849 list contains additional information on each family.

In addition, much of this information has not yet been incorporated into the GRANDMA database.

An index of the 1835 census can be found at:

The original is in the Odessa Regional State Archives Fond 89 file 357 and microfilm copies are available at most Mennonite archives in North America.

The immigration list by village.

The immigration list by surname.

The immigration list by immigration year.

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