Immigration Lists for 1839

State Archives of the Odessa Region

Fond 6 Inventory 1 File 5706

Translated by Steve Fast; introduction and Annotation by Glenn H Penner

According to the list by Adalbert Goertz (see link below) and pages 379 and 380 of B. H. Unruh’s book at least 65 families emigrated from West Prussia to Russia in 1839. Two lists, containing information on 11 of those families is included here:

If anyone has information on the identities of the Jacob Abraham “Krener”, Gerhard Gerhard Neufeld, or Johann Abraham Hamm families please contact Glenn Penner.

Comments, including the number of the household head in the GRANDMA database, are added in [square brackets].

  • 5 new families - August 1840
  • Molotschna new subsidies for 1840

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