Annotated List of Chortitza Colony Householders for 1847

State Archives of the Odessa Region
Fond 6 Inventory 2 File 11519

Transcribed by

Below is a list of male heads of households in the villages of the Chortitza colony for December 1847. This list was transcribed from the original signatures of these men. The villages covered (number of households in parentheses) are Blumengart (31), Burwalde (47), Chortitz (52), Einlage (69), Insel Chortitz (25), Kronsthal (33), Kronsweide (51), Neuenburg (36), Neuendorf (36), Neuhorst (37), Nieder Chortitz (74), Osterwick (66), Rosengart (41), Rosenthal (45), Schoeneberg (33), Schoenhorst (69) and Schoenwiese (24). The source of this material is File #11519 of the Fond 6 Inventory 2 of the Odessa State Archives. Material related to Mennonites from Fond 6 Inventory 2 is available on microfilm from several different Mennonite archives in North America.

While Fond 6 Inventory 1 of the Odessa State Archives contains a tremendous amount of genealogical material from the early years of the Chortitza Colony (1801 - 1814) such as village censuses and vital records of births, marriages and deaths, much less is presently available for the mid 1800's. To my knowledge all we presently have from the period from the 1820's to the 1870's is the 1858 village census of Schoenwiese and the church records of the village of Schoenhorst (started in the 1870's). This makes file #11519 an important document, despite the fact that it contains no genealogical information beyond the names of the male heads of households. Nevertheless this is better that having a voters list, which would provide only the names of those heads of households who were landowners.

This list contains the signatures of 796 men. I was unable to completely transcribe 16 of these. According to the Gemeindeberichte of 1848,, there were 460 farms (hence landowners) and 673 landless families with a total of 7,217 people in the Chortitza Colony. If one excludes the village of Kronsgarten (15 farms), which is not included in the 1848 list, there were 445 landowners, about 650 landless families and about 7,000 people. The total number of families is therefore about 1105. As one can see from the list below only 796 of these were classified as householders, leaving approximately 310 unlisted, landless family heads. Therefore if you are unable to find the name of a man you know to have been the head of a Chortitza Colony family in 1847 in this list, he was likely landless and classified as belonging to another household. This was not uncommon among the Mennonites in Russia as can be seen in the Molotschna Colony census of 1835 and the Schoenwiese census of 1858.

The names provided below are direct transcriptions of the original signatures and, as one can see, there are many variations in the signing of some family names. For example the name commonly spelled as Dyck or Dueck in North America has the following variations: Dick, Diek (I have also seen this variation in Prussian records), Dik, Dueck, Duk, Dück, Dük, Dyck, Dÿck, Dyk, and Dÿk, the most common being Dÿck and Dück. I found it interesting that the variations de Veer, d. Veer, deFehr, and Veer are found but not one person signed their name Fehr, the most common variation of the name in North America!

This posting will be updated in the future. If you find errors in my transcription, have information that you would like to add to my annotations or if you have the names of heads of households that are not found in this list, please contact me. At present I have compiled a list of 75 names that I cannot identify in the householders list (still a long way from the 310 missing families).

Update of Jan. 26, 2002: This major update includes much of the recently available data from the Chortitza Colony Church Registers. These church registers were started around 1900 and cover several of the Chortitza Colony villages. These registers will soon be available on a CD and have already been incorporated into the upcoming GRANDMA4 database.

This update also includes 1858 Chortitza Colony census information on those who later moved to the Yazykovo Colony. This information can be found at: For example "1858#4" indicates that the family was household #4 living in that village in 1858. Unfortunately the actual 1858 census for these villages is still missing.

Update of January 18, 2007: This update contains a significant amount of new information added to the column of annotations, which has been collected over the last 5 years. Also, this version has columns of standardized surnames and standardized first names. The list is now arranged according to the standardized names in order to more easily find someone on the list.

The section of annotations may be confusing to some since I have attempted to pack as much information (and my own speculations) as possible into as small a space as possible. The annotation section includes (when available) the Grandma version 3 number for the household head, his birth-death years and name(s) of wife (wives). Please refer to the GMV3 database for more detailed information on the family. I was occasionally able to make speculative connections between these families and those families found in the book 1880 Village Census of the Mennonite West Reserve. Due to space and time limitations I have referred to the abbreviated village name/family number used in this book. For example, Nb04 refers to Bernhard Penner (1829-96) and his family who lived in Neuenburg, Manitoba in 1880 and can be found on pages 10,98,99 and 283 of the 1880 census book (according to new information he was the son of Heinrich Penner, who is listed below in Kronsthal). A complete list of village abbreviations can be found on page 6 of the 1880 census book. Some of the abbreviations I use below are: s = son, d = dau = daughter, child. = children, m = married and Mb. = Manitoba. I have also made some obvious abbreviations of wives' first names.

Updated 5 May 2012.

I would like to thank Margaret Kroeker of Winnipeg (Mennonite Genealogy Inc.) for very helpful suggestions on some of the hard to read signatures. I would also like to thank Tim Janzen (Portland, OR) for many additions to the annotations section.

HTML Editor's Note: As has been stated above, this page will be updated periodically. Thus, the html coding for this page is minimal and the appearance is not polished. A superior html file, along with a pdf version of the data, will be made available once the author is reasonably satisfied with the data.


Village Standardized Surname Standardized Given Name Surname in original Given Name in original Annotation
Einlage Andres Cornelius Andres Cornelius #120322 m.Anna Hiebert, dau. Marg.(Bh04) to Mb.
Neuendorf Andres Gerhard Andreas Gerhard Anwohner, possibly #382014 (1814-1889)
Einlage Andres Heinrich Andres Heinrich possibly a son of Joh.A. #266170 (1768-1841)
Einlage Andres Jacob Andres Jacob #198253 (1806- )
Rosenthal Andres Jacob Andres Jacob #266135 (1801-77) 1858#21, son Corn. to Yazykovo
Einlage Andres Johann Andres Johan #392609 (1808- )
Neuendorf Bargman Isaac Bargman Isaac #198394 (1807- ), 1858#23, son Isaac to Yazykovo
Insel Chortitza Bartel Zacharias Bartel Zacharias #226140 (1804- ) son of Zach. B. of Kronsgarten, 1858#2, or #265817 (1804- ) son of Joh. B. of Kronsgarten
Rosengart Berg Franz Barg Franz #187932, m.Kath. Thiessen, son to Mb (Nb11)
Nieder Chortitz Berg Isaac Baerg Isaac #228945 & #188203, m.Kath. Dueck, son to Mb (Sw28)
Neuendorf Berg Jacob Barg Jacob #192294, m.Hel. Sawatsky, daughter (Hc08) to Mb.
Nieder Chortitz Berg Peter Barg Peter  
Rosengart Berg Peter Berg Peter  
Chortitz Bergen Cornelius Bergen Cornelius  
Kronsthal Bergen David Bergen David  
Schönhorst Bergen Elias Bärgen Elias #265586 (1805-70)
Burwalde Bergen Heinrich Bergen Heinrich  
Neuendorf Bergen Heinrich Bergen Heinrich #228722 m. Kath. Dyck, 1858#2, son Hein. to Yazykovo
Neuosterwick Bergen Isaac Bergen Isaac  
Neuendorf Bergen Isaac Bergen Isaak prob. A son of #56211 who owned Neuendorf#1 in 1808, 1858#1
Neuosterwick Bergen Isaac Bergen Isaak  
Schönhorst Bergen Isaac Bergen Isaak  
Neuendorf Bergen Jacob Bergen Jacob  
Neuosterwick Bergen Jacob Bergen Jacob  
Neuendorf Bergen Johann Bargen Johan #175983 (b. 8 Aug 1780, d. 23 May 1851) m. Anna Sawatzky
Rosengart Bergen Johann Bergen Johan  
Schönwiese Bock Heinrich Bok Heinrich #133028 (d. 1851), Schönwiese-1858
Schönhorst Brand Johann Brand Johann #2643 (1781-1848)
Chortitz Braun Abraham Braun Abraham #191517? M. Maria Lemke, son Bf06 to Mb
Schönhorst Braun Abraham Braun Abram  
Einlage Braun David Braun David  
Einlage Braun Diedrich Braun Diedrich #197952? (1799- )
Neuosterwick Braun Diedrich Braun Diedrich  
Schönhorst Braun Diedrich Braun Diedrich #189156, m. Kath. Brandt, son to Mb (Bo12)
Chortitz Braun Gerhard Braun Gerhard #196208 (1784-1849) m. Aganetha Wiebe/Margaretha Suckau
Neuenburg Braun Gerhard Braun Gerhard #353791, sons (Os02 & Bu07) to Mb
Neuendorf Braun Gerhard Braun Gerhard  
Neuosterwick Braun Gerhard Braun Gerhard  
Neuenburg Braun Isaac Braun Isaac #163178 (b. Jul 1789, d. 1848), m. Katarina Friesen
Neuenburg Braun Isaac Braun Isaac #528203 (b. ca 1813), m. Maria Isaak
Rosenthal Braun Isbrand Braun Isbrand  
Einlage Braun Jacob Braun Jacob  
Neuendorf Braun Jacob Braun Jacob Anwohner, 1858#97, son Jacob to Yazykovo
Chortitz Braun Johann Brun Johann #196160 (b. 1791) m. Anna Penner
Chortitz Braun Peter Braun Peter #267133 (1794 - 1851) m. Kath. Leike
Neuendorf Braun Peter Braun Peter  
Neuendorf Braun Peter Brun Peter  
Kronsweide Bückert Herman Bückert Herman #187334, m. Maria Elias, sons (Bg07 & Sw07) to Mb
Blumengart Bückert Jacob Bÿckert Jacob Kleinhäusler
Neuosterwick Bückert Johann Bückert Johann  
Neuosterwick Bückert Peter Bückert Peter  
Neuendorf Buhler Bernhard Buler Bernhard Anwohner, #198543 (1818-1848), 1858#52, son Jacob to Yazykovo, then to US in 1893
Neuendorf Buhler Jacob Buhler Jacob #12391 (1774-1857), m. Maria Wiebe, son (Kt01) to Mb.
Neuendorf Buhler Peter Buler Peter Anwohner, #198544? (1819-1857)
Nieder Chortitz Buhr Jacob Buhr Jacob #187184 (1805-48) 1858#28, child. Jacob & Maria to Bergthal,son Peter to Yazykovo
Kronsweide Dahl Jacob Dahl Jacob #36214 (1796-1872)
Neuhorst Dercksen Abraham Dürcksen Abraham  
Kronsthal Dercksen David Dercksen David  
Chortitz Dercksen David Derksen David  
Neuosterwick Dercksen David Dörcksen David 1858#42, son Franz to Yazykovo
Schoeneberg Dercksen David Dörksen David  
Blumengart Dercksen Franz Doerksen Fransz #196301? (1782-1877) m. Hel. Klassen, originally from Neuendorf?
Neuosterwick Dercksen Jacob Dorcksen Jacob  
Blumengart Dercksen Jacob Doercksen Jakob Kleinhäusler
Schönhorst Dercksen Johann Dercksen Johann  
Chortitz Dercksen Peter Derksen Peter  
Kronsweide Dercksen Peter Dörksen Peter to Neuenburg in 1848
Neuenburg Doell Heinrich Doell Heinrich #306356 (1799-1875) m. Maria Wiens, children (Hf14, Hf04, Bs22, Nb07, Rt14) to Mb.
Neuenburg Doell Isaac Doell Isaak #266737 (1804-57) m. Anna Friesen, 1858#4, son Peter to Yazykovo, Peter and Johan to US
Schoeneberg Driedger Diedrich Dridger Derk #401733 (1794- ), son of David (1769- )
Neuendorf Driedger Isaac Drÿdger Isaak  
Insel Chortitza Driedger Jacob Driedger Jacob #196553 (b. ca 1786) m. Helena Klassen
Blumengart Driedger Johann Drieger Johan Kleinhäusler
Neuendorf Driedger Peter Driedger Peter probably a son of David #146148, 1858#10
Einlage Dyck Abraham Dik Abraham  
Neuhorst Dyck Abraham Dück Abraham  
Einlage Dyck Abraham Duek Abraham  
Nieder Chortitz Dyck Abraham Dÿck Abraham  
Nieder Chortitz Dyck Abraham Dÿk Abraham  
Neuendorf Dyck Aron Dÿck Aron #197939 (1805-1852) m. Anna Driedger; Anwohner
Insel Chortitza Dyck Bernhard Dück Berend  
Neuhorst Dyck Bernhard Dÿck Bernhard 1858#16, son Johann to Yazykovo
Blumengart Dyck David Dük David Kleinhäusler
Kronsthal Dyck Diedrich Dÿk Dietrich  
Chortitz Dyck Diedrich Dÿck Dirk 1858#80, son Wilhelm to Yazykovo
Neuendorf Dyck Franz Dÿck Franz  
Schönhorst Dyck Gerhard Dueck Gerhard  
Nieder Chortitz Dyck Gerhard Dyck Gerhard #400695 (1809 - 1887) m. Maria Dyck; later to Rosenthal
Neuosterwick Dyck Gerhard Dÿck Gerhard  
Einlage Dyck Gerhard Dÿk Gerhard  
Nieder Chortitz Dyck Heinrich Diek Heinrich  
Neuenburg Dyck Heinrich Dück Heinrich  
Blumengart Dyck Heinrich Dük Heinrich Kleinhäusler
Chortitz Dyck Heinrich Dyck Heinrich 1858#27? , son Heinrich to Yazykovo
Burwalde Dyck Heinrich Dÿck Heinrich  
Nieder Chortitz Dyck Isaac Dik Isaac  
Rosenthal Dyck Isaac Dÿck Isaac  
Neuosterwick Dyck Isaac Dück Isaak  
Schönhorst Dyck Isaac Dück Isaak  
Neuosterwick Dyck Jacob Dück Jacob  
Schönhorst Dyck Jacob Dueck Jacob  
Chortitz Dyck Jacob Dyck Jacob  
Chortitz Dyck Jacob Dyck Jacob  
Chortitz Dyck Jacob Dÿck Jacob  
Neuendorf Dyck Jacob Dÿck Jacob  
Rosenthal Dyck Jacob Dÿck Jacob #158417?
Rosengart Dyck Jacob Dÿck Jakob  
Neuosterwick Dyck Jacob Dÿk Jakob  
Neuosterwick Dyck Johann Dÿck Joh.  
Neuendorf Dyck Johann Diek Johan  
Neuendorf Dyck Johann Dik Johan  
Neuenburg Dyck Johann Dück Johan  
Neuhorst Dyck Johann Dück Johan  
Nieder Chortitz Dyck Johann Duk Johan #9265 m. Maria Nikkel, 1858#8, son David to US in 1876, Joh. and Gerh. to Yazykovo
Einlage Dyck Johann Dück Johann  
Chortitz Dyck Johann Dÿck Johann  
Neuendorf Dyck Johann Dÿck Johann #198494 (d. ca 1850)
Neuosterwick Dyck Klas Dick Klas  
Schoeneberg Dyck Peter Dück Peter #228562? (1792-ca.1847) m. Elis. Buckert, 1858#3(son Peter?), child.(Os01,Re13,Re07,Bu15) to Mb.
Schönhorst Dyck Peter Dück Peter  
Schönhorst Dyck Peter Dück Peter  
Neuhorst Dyck Peter Dueck Peter #186088 m. Aganetha Toews, 1858#10 son Julius to Yazykovo
Chortitz Dyck Peter Dyck Peter  
Kronsthal Dyck Peter Dÿck Peter #150099 (b. 1799, d. 1849) m. Anna Martens
Schoeneberg Dyck Peter Dÿck Peter  
Kronsweide Dyck Peter Dÿk Peter from Neuendorf
Nieder Chortitz Dyck Philip Dÿck Philip  
Blumengart Dyck Philip Dyk Philip Kleinhäusler
Chortitz Dyck Wilhelm Dÿck Wilhelm  
Blumengart Dyck Willhelm Dük Willhelm Kleinhäusler
Rosengart Elias Jacob Elias Jacob #341208 (1808 - 1902) m. Maria Dyck
Neuosterwick Elias Peter Elias Peter #266311 (1797-1866), or #266262 (1819-1903) a son of the above
Schönhorst Ens Abraham Ens Abraham  
Burwalde Ens Abraham Entz Abraham  
Schönhorst Ens Aron Ens Aron #189067 m. Anna Braun, child. Anna(Ch15) and Aron , to Mb. Could also be father of Helena (Hf19)
Neuendorf Ens Aron Enss Aron #216196 daughter Elisabeth born in Neuendorf in 1841
Schönhorst Ens Cornelius Ens Cornelius #228624 (1797-1860) m. Helena Peters OR #181614 m.Marg.Rempel, child.(Hf20 & Ro03) to Mb.
Neuosterwick Ens Cornelius Entz Cornelius  
Schönhorst Ens Franz Ens Frans  
Schönhorst Ens Gerhard Ens Gerd  
Neuendorf Ens Gerhard Ensz Gerd #206901 (1804-93), m. Kath. Peters to Mb. (Rg13), 1858#51, son Abram to Yazykovo
Schönwiese Ens Gerhard Enns Gerhard  
Neuosterwick Ens Johann Ensz Johann  
Neuosterwick Ens Johann Ensz Johann  
Burwalde Ens Julius Entz Julius could be #196184 or #145158
Burwalde Ens Klas Ens Klas  
Einlage Ens Peter Ens Peter  
Nieder Chortitz Ens Peter Enss Peter  
Schönhorst Ens Peter Entz Peter could be #176707
Chortitz Epp Cornelius Epp Cornelius  
Einlage Epp Cornelius Epp Cornelius  
Rosenthal Epp Cornelius Epp Cornelius #12616 (1796-1872) m. maria Pries, 1858#33, son Peter to Yazykovo
Rosengart Epp Cornelius Epp Kornelius #265883 (1805-75) m. Anna Klassen, 1858#12, sons Heinrich and Peter to Yazykovo
Nieder Chortitz Epp David Epp David  
Rosenthal Epp Gerhard Epp Gerhard #110545? (1822- )
Schoeneberg Epp Jacob Epp Jacob  
Chortitz Epp Johann Epp Johann  
Chortitz Epp Johann Epp Johann  
Rosenthal Epp Peter Epp Peter  
Schönhorst Esau Heinrich Esau Heinrich #196702 (1822- )
Einlage Esau Isaac Esau Isaac #134123 (b. 1826)
Schönhorst Esau Peter Esau Peter #134122 (1794-1874)
Schönhorst Esau Peter Esau Peter #196701 (1820-1880) to Mb (Bh13)
Schönwiese Ewert Jacob Ewert Jakob  
Rosenthal Ewert Johann Ewert Johan #189069? m. Sus. Sawatsky, dau. Susanna to Mb
Schönwiese Falk Abraham Falk Abraham #132814 (1817- ) son of David (below)
Schönwiese Falk David Falk David #132812 (ca.1783 - 1852)
Kronsweide Falk Jacob Falk Jacob #213384 (1818 - 1885)
Kronsweide Fast Heinrich Fast Heinrich #45036 (b. 1800)
Schoeneberg Fehr Abraham Defehr Abraham  
Schoeneberg Fehr Benjamin Defehr Benjamin #196520? (1816 - 95) m. Elis. Martens
Nieder Chortitz Fehr Benjamin Veer Benjamin #196540 born in Nieder Chortitz, OR #192855 (1813 - ) m. Judith Wieler
Schoeneberg Fehr Cornelius Defehr Cornelius  
Schoeneberg Fehr Cornelius Defehr Cornelius  
Neuosterwick Fehr David d. Veer David  
Schoeneberg Fehr Diedrich Defehr Derk #196520 & 190320 m Anna Janzen, and #192059 m. Aganetha Janzen
Blumengart Fehr Isaac Defehr Isaac #196519 (1796-1851) m. Helena Loewen, sons (Rs01 & Ch13) to Mb.
Neuosterwick Fehr Isaac Deveer Isaac  
Neuosterwick Fehr Jacob d. Veer Jacob  
Neuosterwick Fehr Jacob de Veer Jacob  
Nieder Chortitz Fehr Jacob De veer Jacob  
Kronsthal Fehr Jacob de Veer Jakob  
Schoeneberg Fehr Johann Defehr Johan  
Neuosterwick Friesen Abraham Friesen Abr.  
Nieder Chortitz Friesen Abraham Fresen Abraham  
Chortitz Friesen Abraham Friesen Abraham  
Einlage Friesen Abraham Friesen Abraham  
Neuosterwick Friesen Abraham Friesen Abraham  
Nieder Chortitz Friesen Cornelius Friesen Cornelius #157870? (1796-1885)
Nieder Chortitz Friesen Cornelius Friesen Cornelius #183039? (1824- )
Rosengart Friesen Gerhard Frisen Gerhard  
Kronsweide Friesen Heinrich Friesen Heinrich #225277 (1783-1856) m. Christiana Huebner
Neuenburg Friesen Isaac Friesen Isaak  
Blumengart Friesen Isbrand Friesen Isanbrand Kleinhäusler, #196659?? (1797-1875) m. Maria Loewen, several children to Mb.(Bg03,Bg04,Sw31)
Blumengart Friesen Isbrand Friesen Isbrand #184424 (1822- ) son of the above (or vise versa), to Blumengart Mb. (Bg02) with siblings
Blumengart Friesen Jacob Friesen Jacob #163177 (1794-1867) m. Marg. Epp, widow (Bg11) & children (Bg02,Rs05,Bg06,Bg08) to Mb.
Kronsthal Friesen Jacob Friesen Jacob  
Kronsweide Friesen Jacob Friesen Jacob  
Neuosterwick Friesen Jacob Friesen Jacob  
Kronsweide Friesen Johann Friesen Johan  
Kronsweide Friesen Johann Friesen Johan  
Neuosterwick Friesen Johann Friesen Johan  
Rosenthal Friesen Johann Friesen Johan  
Schönhorst Friesen Johann Friesen Johan  
Burwalde Friesen Johann Friesen Johann  
Rosengart Friesen Johann Friesen Johann #158057 (1810 - 55) m. Susanna Dyck, 1858#30, sons (Nb12,Nb14,Nb16) to Mb. Nb14 via Yazykovo
Schönhorst Friesen Johann Friesen Johann  
Einlage Friesen Johann Friessen Johann  
Nieder Chortitz Friesen Martin Friesen Martin  
Rosengart Friesen Martin Friesen Martin #181644 m. Helena Unger, children (Ro12, Rt03) to Mb.
Rosengart Friesen Peter Friesen Peter from Schoenhorst in 1848
Schoeneberg Friesen Peter Friesen Peter to Einlage in 1848
Neuosterwick Friesen Wilhelm Friesen Wilhelm 1858#40, son Abr. to Yazykovo
Schönhorst Friesen Wilhelm Friesen Wilhelm #228195 (1799-1872) m. Marg. Neudorf, son Wilh. To Mb. (Sz22)
Schönhorst Friesen Wilhelm Frisen Wilhelm could also be #228195 or father b.1775 or son b.1824
Einlage Froese Abraham Froes Abraham #197968 (1791 - 1855) m. Anna Wilms, Hel. Doerksen
Einlage Froese Abraham Frösse Abraham #173686 (1815 - 83) m. Marg. Andres, 1858#44, son Aron to Yazykovo
Einlage Froese Jacob Froese Jacob  
Neuhorst Froese Jacob Froes Jakob  
Neuhorst Froese Johann Frose Johan #183655 (1818-1913) m. Kath. Thiessen, to Mb. (Sf09)
Schoeneberg Froese Johann Fröse Johan #173748 (1800-87) m. Anna Dyck, Susanna Paetkau
Nieder Chortitz Froese Peter Froes Peter #188073 m. Agan. Olfert, children (Sw27 & Sw22) to Mb.
Einlage Froese Peter Froese Peter #173752 (1825 - 93) m. Anganetha Pauls
Kronsweide Funk Franz Funk Frantz #189105 m. Maria Friesen, son (Sz23) to Mb.
Neuosterwick Funk Heinrich Funk Heinrich #54737 (b. 1783 - 1786, d. 1872)
Rosengart Funk Heinrich Funk Heinrich #416326
Kronsweide Funk Johann Funck Johan  
Schönhorst Funk Johann Funk Johan #176784?? (1786-1858) to Bergthal ??
Neuhorst Gerbrandt Johann Gerbrandt Johann  
Chortitz Gerbrandt Tomas Gerbrand Tomas #191902 (1812 - ) m. Kath. Penner, son (Nb03) to Mb.
Einlage Giesbrecht Abraham Giesbrecht Abraham  
Neuendorf Giesbrecht Abraham Giesbrecht Abraham Anwohner
Rosenthal Giesbrecht Abraham Giesbrecht Abraham #38242 (1818 - 79) m. Kath. Ens, Agan. Friesen, or #110538 (b. 1784)
Schönhorst Giesbrecht Abraham Giesbr: Abram  
Chortitz Giesbrecht Bernhard Giesbrecht Bernd  
Neuosterwick Giesbrecht Cornelius Giesbrecht Cornelius #188071 m. Anna Fehr, child. (Sw22, Ro06 and Sz18) to Mb.
Rosenthal Giesbrecht Gerhard Giesbrecht Gerhard  
Blumengart Giesbrecht Jacob Giesbrecht Jacob Kleinhäusler, #265740?? (ca.1820-ca.1850) m. Elis. Driedger, sons (Bf18 & Bf20), GMV3 has him in Molotschna Col.
Neuosterwick Giesbrecht Jacob Giesbrecht Jacob  
Nieder Chortitz Giesbrecht Jacob Gesbrecht Jakob #381193 m. Anna Janzen
Neuendorf Giesbrecht Johann Giesbrecht Johan  
Neuendorf Ginter Abraham Ginter Abraham  
Neuhorst Ginter Aron Ginter Aron #188586? m. Agan. Wiebe, children (Rg03 & Nh05) to Mb.
Nieder Chortitz Ginter Franz Günter Frans #228752 (1822-1900) m. Kath. Klassen, to Mb. (Sw01)
Nieder Chortitz Ginter Isaac Ginter Isaac  
Neuendorf Ginter Johann Ginter Johan Anwohner
Rosengart Goertzen Bernhard Gerzen Bernd  
Schönwiese Goertzen Diedrich Görzen Diedrich #199014 (1790 - ), Schönwiese-1858
Schönwiese Goertzen Tobias Goertzen Tobias #199013 (1786 - 185?), Schönwiese-1858
Schönhorst Goosen Heinrich Goosen Heinrich #52990 (b. 16 Jun 1806) m. Elisabeth Born
Nieder Chortitz Grunau Carl Gronau Carl #34772 (1818 - )
Burwalde Grunau Cornelius Grunau Cornelius #34770 m. Kath. Riediger OR his son #34773 (1826-58)
Neuhorst Hamm Abraham Ham Abraham #199507? M. Kath. Wilms
Chortitz Hamm David Hamm David #51484 (1784-1851)
Neuosterwick Harder Abraham Harder Abraham  
Rosengart Harder Franz Harder Franz  
Neuendorf Harder Jacob Harder Jacob Anwohner
Neuosterwick Harder Jacob Harder Jacob  
Neuendorf Harder Johann Harder Johann #227545 m. Anna Klassen, 1858#3, son Johann to Yazykovo
Einlage Harder Martin Harder Martin #197204? (1812- ) from Schoenhorst?
Burwalde Harder Peter Harder Peter  
Burwalde Harder Peter Harder Peter  
Neuenburg Harder Peter Harder Peter  
Burwalde Harms Abraham Harms Abraham  
Neuendorf Harms Cornelius Harms Cornelius Anwohner
Schönhorst Harms Daniel Harms Daniel #283368 (ca.1806 - ) m. Agatha Olfert
Rosengart Harms Johann Harms Johan #283367 (b. 25 Jul 1804)
Neuosterwick Harms Peter Harms Peter #70961 (1813-97) m. Elis. Zacharias, children (Re08,Hf18) to Mb., from Chortitza in 1848
Blumengart Heide David Heid(?) David  
Einlage Heide Jacob Heid Jacob  
Chortitz Heide Klas Heide Clas  
Schoeneberg Heide Peter Heide Peter #181813 (1819- ) m. Helela Loewen, to Mb. (Nd03), (he could also be Peter Heyde of Schoeneberg)
Schoeneberg Heide Peter Heÿde Peter #187250 m. Anna Niessen (father of the other Peter), several children (Nd03, Nh21, Gt24, Sd06, Nd07) to Mb.
Neuenburg Heinrichs Jacob Heinrichs Jacob  
Burwalde Hiebert Abraham Huebert Abraham  
Einlage Hiebert Cornelius Hiebert Cornölius  
Blumengart Hiebert Cornelius Hübert Cornöllius Kleinhäusler
Einlage Hiebert Jacob Hiebert Jacob  
Chortitz Hiebert Johann Hieb: Joh:  
Einlage Hiebert Johann Hiebert Johan from Kronsweide (family of 5) in 1848, 1858#87, son Jacob to Yazykovo
Rosenthal Hiebert Philip Hiebert Pilip #196191??? (ca. 1793- )
Neuosterwick Hiebert Wilhelm Hiebert Wilhelm #529212 (b. ca 1803) to Neuendorf in 1868
Neuenburg Hildebrand Bernhard Hildebrand Bernhard #344041 (1795- 1874) m. Susanna Krahn
Rosengart Hildebrand Daniel Hilbrand Daniel #506511 m. Maria Martens
Neuenburg Hildebrand Daniel Hildebrand Daniel #45329 (1827-1903) m. Justina Reimer, 1858#16, son Bernhard to Yazykovo
Neuendorf Hildebrand Diedrich Hilbrandt Diedrich #177215 (1796-1874) m. Anna Berg
Burwalde Hildebrand Diedrich Hildebrand Diedrich  
Neuendorf Hildebrand Gerhard Hilbrand Gerhard  
Einlage Hildebrand Heinrich Hilbrand Heinrich 1858#9, son Daniel (#351079) to Yazykovo
Burwalde Hildebrand Heinrich Hildebrand Heinrich  
Einlage Hildebrand Heinrich Hildebrand Heinrich  
Rosenthal Hildebrand Isaac Hildebrand Isaac  
Insel Chortitza Hildebrand Jacob Hildebrand Jacob #266187 (1795-1867) m. Kath. Friesen
Neuenburg Hildebrand Johann Hildebrand Johan #62664 (b. ca 1807)
Einlage Hildebrand Peter Hilbrand Peter  
Chortitz Hildebrand Peter Hilbrand Peter #159526 (1775-1854) m. Helena Dyck or possibly his son Peter (b. ca 1799) #528344
Chortitz Hildebrand Peter Hilbrandt Peter  
Kronsthal Hildebrand Peter Hildebrand Peter  
Neuendorf Hildebrand Peter Hildebrand Peter Anwohner, #228924 (1823-57) m. Elis. Wolf, Marg. Harder
Nieder Chortitz Hoeppner Jacob Hepner Jacob #186849 (1812- ) m. Helena Thiessen NOTE: there are 3 Jacob Hepner/Hoepners in Insel Chortitz
Insel Chortitza Hoeppner Jacob Höpner Jacob #69943 (1792-1857) m. Maria Isaac NOTE: there are 3 Jacob Hepner/Hoepners in Insel Chortitz
Insel Chortitza Hoeppner Jacob Höpner Jacob #174694 (1797-1883) m. Anna Brandt NOTE: there are 3 Jacob Hepner/Hoepners in Insel Chortitz
Chortitz Holzrichter Jacob Halzrichter Jacob not in GMV3, wife died Dec.17,1840 (David Epp Diary)
Rosenthal Isaac Abraham Isaac Abraham  
Schoeneberg Isaac Cornelius Isaac Cornelius #164399 (1820-65) m. Marg. Schmidt
Schoeneberg Isaac Franz Isaak Frans  
Einlage Isaac Jacob Isaac Jacob  
Kronsweide Isaac Johann Isaac Johan #351845 (b. ca 1817) m. Helena Banman
Rosenthal Isaac Johann Isaac Johan  
Kronsweide Isaac Peter Isaac Petter  
Insel Chortitza Janzen Abraham Janzen Abraham  
Schönwiese Janzen Abraham Janzen Abraham #7640 (1784 - 1856), Schönwiese-1858
Schönwiese Janzen Cornelius Janzen Cornelius #7641 (1786 - 1855) m. Anna
Neuhorst Janzen Cornelius Janzen Kornelius #190192 m. Maria Penner, children (Eb08, Eb09, Eb10) to Mb.
Kronsweide Janzen Franz Jantzen Frans #54138 (b. ca 1802) m. Eva Funk, to Wernersdorf, Molotschna in 1848
Neuhorst Janzen Franz Jantzen Franz  
Kronsthal Janzen Franz Janzen Franz  
Kronsthal Janzen Franz Janzen Franz  
Schoeneberg Janzen Gerhard Janzen Gerhard #228586 m. Anna Pauls
Kronsweide Janzen Heinrich Jansen Heinrich  
Schönwiese Janzen Heinrich Jantzen Heinrich  
Kronsweide Janzen Heinrich Janzen Heinrich  
Schönwiese Janzen Heinrich Janzen Heinrich #132801 (ca.1824 - )
Schönwiese Janzen Jacob Jansen Jacob  
Nieder Chortitz Janzen Jacob Jantzen Jacob  
Rosenthal Janzen Jacob Jantzen Jacob  
Neuenburg Janzen Jacob Janzen Jacob  
Schönhorst Janzen Jacob Janzen Jacob  
Schönwiese Janzen Jacob Janzen Jakob #132824 (d. 1857), Schönwiese-1858
Schönwiese Janzen Jacob Janzen Jakob #176758 (ca.1822 - 52), Schönwiese-1858
Einlage Janzen Julius Jantzen Julius  
Einlage Janzen Peter Jantzen Peter  
Nieder Chortitz Janzen Peter Jantzen Peter  
Kronsthal Janzen Peter Janzen Peter  
Schönwiese Janzen Peter Janzen Peter  
Blumengart Janzen Wilhelm Janzen Wilhelm Kleinhäusler
Kronsthal Janzen Wilhelm Janzen Wilhelm  
Neuenburg Janzen Wilhelm Janzen Wilhelm #187202 (1811-84) m. Helena Neufeld, daughters (Bu05,Bu07) to Mb.; from Kronswiede in 1848
Insel Chortitza Kasdorf Johann Kasdorff Johan #265531?? (1795-1881) m. Agatha Schellenberg
Kronsweide Kasper Heinrich Kasper Heinrich #99988 (ca.1820 - ) m. Aganetha Schoenwiese-1858, OR #59870 m. Maria Janzen, Maria Dahl
Kronsweide Kasper Johann Kasper Johann #165342 (ca. 1809 - ?) m. Anna Siemens
Schönwiese Kasper Peter Kasper Peter #199191 m. Kath. Siemens
Rosenthal Kauenhowen Bernhard Kauenhowen Berend #197256 (1779-1852) m. Maria Gotzky
Neuosterwick Kehler Peter Kaeler Peter #192860 (1805 - ) m. Kath. Fehr
Neuenburg Kehler Peter Kehler Peter  
Kronsweide Kesler Cornelius Kesler Cornelius #163365 (1794- )
Kronsweide Kesler Jacob Kesler Jacob #199158 (ca 1796 - ?)
Kronsweide Kesler Peter Kesler Peter #163358 (1791 - ) m. Eva Franz
Neuhorst Klassen Abraham Klaasen Abraham  
Burwalde Klassen Abraham Klassen Abraham  
Burwalde Klassen Abraham Klassen Abraham  
Insel Chortitza Klassen Abraham Klassen Abraham  
Kronsweide Klassen Abraham Klassen Abraham  
Neuosterwick Klassen Diedrich Klaassen Dörck  
Neuendorf Klassen Franz Klassen Franz #198417?, father to David, who was married in 1835
Burwalde Klassen Gerhard Klasen Gerhart #518672 (1805 - )
Nieder Chortitz Klassen Gerhard Klassen Gerhd  
Nieder Chortitz Klassen Isaac Klasen Isaac  
Burwalde Klassen Isaac Klassen Isaac #265384 (1792 - ) m. Kath. Loewen, 1858#21, sons David, Isaac and Peter to Yazykovo
Neuhorst Klassen Isaac Klaasen Isaak  
Blumengart Klassen Isaac Klasen Isaak #44108 (b. ca 1806)
Neuhorst Klassen Isaac Klassen Isaak  
Schoeneberg Klassen Jacob Klaassen Jacob #215536 (b. 20 Mar 1804, d. 4 Aug 1884) m. Maria Bueckert
Schoeneberg Klassen Jacob Klaassen Jacob  
Neuendorf Klassen Jacob Klasen Jacob  
Neuendorf Klassen Jacob Klasen Jacob  
Kronsthal Klassen Jacob Klassen Jacob  
Schönhorst Klassen Jacob Klassen Jacob  
Rosenthal Klassen Johann Klasen Johan  
Kronsthal Klassen Johann Klassen Johan #51524 (b. ca 1800, d. 1855) m. Aganetha Dueck
Neuendorf Klassen Johann Klasen Johann  
Blumengart Klassen Johann Klassen Johann  
Burwalde Klassen Julius Klaasen Julius #266222 (1798 - 1851) m. Kath. Bergen
Burwalde Klassen Peter Klassen Peter #44107 (b. ca 1805) m. Maria _____
Rosengart Klassen Peter Klassen Peter  
Schönhorst Klassen Wilhelm Klasen Wilhelm #228436 (1812-75) m. Elis. Abrams
Neuosterwick Klippenstein Bernhard Klippen: Bernhart #208800 (1783-18??)
Schoeneberg Knelson Diedrich Knelsen Derk #192042(Diedrich Cornelson) m. Helena Reimer, dau. (Ef10) to Mb.
Rosengart Koop Cornelius Kopp Kornelius There are 3 possibilities, #343933, #343935 or #192260
Einlage Koslowsky Gerhard Koslowske Gerhard #96120 (1824 - )
Einlage Koslowsky Heinrich Koslowske Heinrich #96226 (1813 - ) m. Anna Wiebe
Neuenburg Krahn Bernhard Krahn Bernd #163129 (1813 - 91) m. Gert. Dyck
Neuenburg Krahn Bernhard Krahn Bernd #61933 (1783 - 1862 ) m. Sara Lehn, children (Sf07, Sz12, Os21) to Mb.
Schönhorst Krahn Bernhard Krahn Bernd #227877 (1801- ) m. Judith Wiebe, 1858#41, sons Gerhard and Jacob to Yazykovo
Rosenthal Krahn Cornelius Kahrn Cornelius #189693 (b. ca 1797)
Neuenburg Krahn George Krahn Gerge #156006 (1820-75) m. Marg. Dyck, Dorothy Loepky
Chortitz Krahn Gerhard Kran Gerhart #396292
Kronsweide Krahn Isaac Krahn Isaac #495037 (1809 - 1893) m. Susanna Goerz
Neuenburg Krahn Jacob Krahn Jakob #206954 (1813- ) m. Marg. Doerksen
Neuenburg Krahn Johann Krahn Johan  
Neuenburg Krahn Peter Krahn Peter #197095??
Schönhorst Krahn Peter Krahn Peter #226907 (1811-82) m. Kath. Penner
Schönwiese Krahn Peter Krahn Peter #133848 (1814- ) m. Anna, Schönwiese-1858
Kronsweide Kraus Cornelius Kraus Cornelius #132150
Kronsweide Kraus Peter Kraus Peter #9244 (1790- ) m. Aganetha Arend, 1858#24, ?son Jacob to Yazykovo?
Rosenthal Kroeger Abraham Kroeger Abraham #196785 (1792-1872) m. Marg. Bartsch
Kronsthal Kroeker Cornelius Kroeker Cornelius #45971 (1786 - 1865) m Sara Regier
Kronsthal Kroeker Cornelius Kroeker Cornelius #60443 and/or #181008 (1819 - 1904) m. Susanna Friesen, to Mb.
Neuendorf Kroeker Jacob Kröker Jacob #198561 & #604296
Nieder Chortitz Krolius Jacob Krolius Jacob (1812 - ), probably son of David (1789 - ),
Neuosterwick Krop Abraham Krop Abraham #188425 (1820- ) m. Kath. Braun, dau. (Rg15) to Mb.
Chortitz Lammert Aron Lammert Arend #61323 from Elisabethtal, Molotschna Colony in 1848
Rosenthal Lehn Aron Lehn Aron #67938 (1797-1853) m. Maria Andres, 1858#39, sons Aron, Corn. and Isaac to Yazykovo
Nieder Chortitz Lehn Isaac Lehn Isaac #265727 (1776 - 1854) m. Kath. Heide, Maria Peters, dau. (Nd01) to Mb.
Nieder Chortitz Lehn Isaac Lehn Isaac #159642 (1803 - 1883) m. Agatha Remple
Neuenburg Lehn Jacob Lehn Jacob #265730 (1812-72) m. Anna Jantzen, dau. (Ro07) to Mb.
Neuosterwick Letkeman Julius Letkemann Julius #266481(1821-1908) from Molotschna Colony, son Julius to Mb. in 1923.
Kronsthal Letkeman Peter Letkeman Peter #102909 (27 Oct 1806 - ) m. Helena Krop, 1858#32, son (Re19) to Mb., Abr. and Hein. to Yazykovo
Schönwiese Loepky Abraham Lepki Abraham likely a son of Joh. Loepky (#187120, 1772- )
Chortitz Loepp Peter Lepp Peter #11333 (b. 1817) m. Margaretha Klassen, 1858#96, son Johann to Yazykovo
Burwalde Loewen Abraham Löwen Abraham  
Chortitz Loewen David Loewen David  
Neuenburg Loewen Franz Loewen Frans #201755 (1813-65) m. Agatha Krahn
Burwalde Loewen Franz Löwen Franz  
Kronsweide Loewen Jacob Lowen Jacob  
Rosenthal Loewen Jacob Löwen Jacob #46045 (b. ca 1776) m. Maria Kroeker and Katharina Andreas
Neuenburg Loewen Johann Loewen Johan  
Schönhorst Loewen Johann Lowen Johan  
Neuendorf Loewen Peter Loewen Peter Anwohner
Chortitz Loewen Peter Löwen Peter  
Rosenthal Loewen Peter Löwen Peter  
Nieder Chortitz Mantler Abraham Mantler Abraham  
Nieder Chortitz Mantler Jacob Mantler Jacob #344142 m. Kath. Peters
Nieder Chortitz Mantler Peter Mantler Peter  
Einlage Martens Cornelius Martens Cornelius #228667? (1820- ) m. Kath. Doerksen, to Mb. (Sf15)
Neuendorf Martens David Martens David Anwohner
Einlage Martens Gerhard Martens Gerhard likely #97223
Chortitz Martens Heinrich Martens Heinrich #400486 m. Maria Warner, 1858#56, to Neuendorf, son Heinrich to Yazykovo
Einlage Martens Heinrich Martens Heinrich #400486 m. Maria Warner, 1858#56, to Neuendorf, son Heinrich to Yazykovo
Einlage Martens Heinrich Martens Heinrich  
Einlage Martens Jacob Martens Jacob  
Neuenburg Martens Jacob Martens Jacob  
Neuendorf Martens Johann Martens Johan #266273 (1812 - 1901) m. Maria Harder, 1858#7, to Mb. in 1875 (Bf02), son Peter to Yazykovo
Neuenburg Martens Johann Martens Johann  
Neuendorf Martens Paul Martens Paul #191070 (ca. 1812 - ) m. Helena Fehr, children (Sf03, Ef20, Sf19) to Mb.
Schoeneberg Martens Paul Martens Paul  
Schoeneberg Martens Paul Martens Paul  
Einlage Martens Peter Martens Peter  
Einlage Martens Peter Martens Peter  
Rosengart Martens Peter Martens Peter  
Einlage Martens Wilhelm Martens Wilhelm #196931 (1775- )
Einlage Martens Wilhelm Martens Wilhelm #198227 (1815-83) son of above
Neuhorst Miller Isaac Miller Isaac #229170 (1824 - 1912) m. Gert. Wall, to Mb (Nh01).
Nieder Chortitz Miller Matias Miller Matias #402 (b. 18 Mar 1801) m. Maria Giesbrecht
Nieder Chortitz Miller Wilhelm Miller Wilhelm likely #183570 (1825- )
Schönhorst Neudorf Heinrich Neudorf Heinrich  
Schönhorst Neudorf Jacob Neudorf Jacob #198420 (1789 - ) m. Maria Penner, or #176502 m. Maria Unrau
Schönhorst Neudorf Jacob Neudorff Jacob #198420 (1789 - ) m. Maria Penner, or #176502 m. Maria Unrau
Neuosterwick Neudorf Jacob Neudorf Jakob #174369 (1823 - 71)
Burwalde Neudorf Johann Neudorf Johann  
Neuosterwick Neudorf Johann Neudorf Johann #174360 (1783-1860) m. Sus. Klassen, or #145945 (1812- ) to Mb. (Sz04) son of above
Burwalde Neudorf Peter Neudorf Peter  
Insel Chortitza Neufeld Abraham Neifeld Abraham #134088 (1820- ) m. Elis. Siemens, Elis. Kasper
Insel Chortitza Neufeld Diedrich Neufeld Diedrich #228361 (b. ca 1814)
Nieder Chortitz Neufeld Diedrich Neufeld Diedrich  
Schönhorst Neufeld Diedrich Neufeld Diedrich  
Einlage Neufeld Franz Neufeld Franz  
Einlage Neufeld Heinrich Neufeld Heinrich  
Kronsthal Neufeld Herman Neufeld Herman #158394 (1807- ) m. Aganetha Niebuhr, several children to Mb. (Kt02, Kt07, Kt09, Kt15) OR
Kronsthal Neufeld Herman Neufeld Herman #150205 (1783-1858) m. Kath. Wall, father of above OR #182665 (1811-87) m.Anna Fehr. To Mb (Hc11)
Neuhorst Neufeld Jacob Neufeld Jacob  
Neuosterwick Neufeld Jacob Neufeld Jacob  
Nieder Chortitz Neufeld Jacob Neufeld Jacob from Einlage in 1848
Blumengart Neufeld Jacob Neufeldt Jacob Kleinhäusler
Kronsweide Neufeld Jacob Neufeldt Jacob  
Rosenthal Neufeld Jacob Neufldt Jacob  
Kronsthal Neufeld Jacob Niefeldt Jacob  
Nieder Chortitz Neufeld Johann Neufeld Johan  
Kronsweide Neufeld Johann Neufeldt Johan  
Kronsweide Neufeld Johann Niefeldt Johan  
Burwalde Neufeld Johann Neufeld Johann #187340, 1858#24, son Abr. to Yazykovo,child. (Sf05,Sz04) to Mb.
Einlage Neufeld Johann Neufeld Johann  
Schönhorst Neufeld Johann Neufeld Johann #57316, 1858#79, son Aron to Yazykovo
Schönhorst Neufeld Johann Neufeld Johann #228653 (1815 - 75) m. Sara Rempel, 1858#79, to Yazykovo then to US in 1875
Schönwiese Neufeld Johann Neufeld Johann #113752 (ca.1807 - 55), Schönwiese-1858
Schönwiese Neufeld Peter Neufeld Peter #132791 (ca.1824 - ) Schönwiese-1858, or #132842 (ca. 1821 - ) Schönwiese-1858
Kronsweide Neustaedter Abraham Neustaeter Abraham  
Schönhorst Neustaedter Heinrich Neusteter Heinrich #228149 (1820 - 82) m. Maria Neudorf
Einlage Neustaedter Johann Neustaedter Johann #198137?? (ca. 1789- ), 1858#18. Son Cornelius to Yazykovo
Nieder Chortitz Nickel Benjamin Nekel Benjamin #9209 (1813-1903) m. Hel. Klassen, Angan. Driedger, 1858#18,to U.S. in 1876, son Joh. (b.1837) to Yazykovo
Nieder Chortitz Nickel Cornelius Nekel Cornelius possibly #707149 (b. 1816)
Nieder Chortitz Nickel David Nekel David possibly #184208 (b. 1821)
Kronsweide Nickel Franz Niekel Fransz #198276?? (ca.1798 - )
Nieder Chortitz Nickel Jacob Neckel Jacob  
Nieder Chortitz Nickel Johann Neckel Johann  
Kronsthal Nickel Peter Nickel Peter  
Rosengart Niebuhr Abraham Niebour Abraham #12382 ( -ca.1855) m. Sara Neufeld
Blumengart Niebuhr David Niebour David #12385 (1813 - 85) m. Maria Buhler, 1858#18, sons David and Jacob to Yazykovo
Kronsthal Niebuhr Gerhard Niebur Gerhard #12387 (1818 - 56) m. Marg. Braun
Schönhorst Olfert Abraham Olfert Abraham #226757 (1807 - 78) m. Maria Hildebrand, 2nd m. Maria Dyck
Schönhorst Olfert Abraham Olfert Abraham #198710?? (uncle of #226757)
Schönhorst Olfert Jacob Olfert Jacob #226813 (1803 - ) m. Justina Ens
Burwalde Olfert Johann Olfert Johann #227974 (1799-1868) m. maria Thiesen
Burwalde Paetkau Abraham Paetkau Abraham #197407 m. Kath Klassen (he was originally from Schoenhorst?) 1858#6, son Heinrich to Yazykovo
Insel Chortitza Paetkau Abraham Pätkau Abraham  
Burwalde Paetkau David Pethkau David #197410 (1801-1887)??
Einlage Paetkau David Petkau David #1010741, father of David Paetkau (1855-1920) #209669
Burwalde Paetkau Johann Pathkau Johann #228749 (1799-1882) m. Elis. Dyck
Burwalde Paetkau Julius Pätkau Julius #465777 (1820-1904) m. Marg. Hildebrand, Burwalde gravestone: 1819-1891???
Blumengart Paetkau Peter Petkau Peter #192849 (ca. 1805 - ) m. Agatha Zacharias, dau. (Hf02) to Mb.
Einlage Paetkau Peter Petkau Peter #187336 (1791 - ) m. Susanna Doerksen, daughters (Sw07, Ro06) to Mb.
Insel Chortitza Paetkau Peter Petkau Peter  
Burwalde Paetkau Witwe (widow) Pethkau Witwe (widow) #149918 widow of #149917 Jacob (1789-1843)
Nieder Chortitz Pankratz Andres Pankratz Andres #51515 (b. 7 Sep 1795 - ) m. Barbara Knels(Cornelson)
Chortitz Pauls Abraham Pauls Abraham #196189 (1812-86) m. Maria Penner
Chortitz Pauls Cornelius Pauls Cornelius 1858#79, son Wilhelm (#173559) to Yazykovo, #110652 (1775 - 1852) m. Susanna Penner
Neuenburg Pauls Cornelius Pauels Kornelius  
Kronsweide Pauls Franz Pauls Franz  
Rosenthal Pauls Heinrich Pauls Heinrich #9397 (1806 - 82) m. Maria Kauenhowen, 1858#40, from Kronsweide, sons Bern. & Franz to Yazykovo
Schoeneberg Pauls Isaac Pauels Isaac  
Neuosterwick Pauls Jacob Pauls Jacob ?1858#15?
Neuenburg Penner Abraham Penner Abraham  
Schönhorst Penner Abraham Penner Abraham #229032 (b. ca 1820, d. bef. 1890) to Nepluyevka Colony
Neuosterwick Penner Bernhard Penner Bernhard #164382 (1788 - )
Nieder Chortitz Penner Cornelius Penner Cornelius  
Burwalde Penner Cornelius Penner Kornelius  
Insel Chortitza Penner David Penner David #102501 (b. 2 Feb 1779)
Insel Chortitza Penner David Penner David #198346 (b. ca 1812)
Nieder Chortitz Penner David Penner David  
Blumengart Penner Gerhard Penner Gehart #196228 m. Anna Doerksen, 1858#5, son Bernhard to Yazykovo; transferred farm to son Gerh. 1852 (Odessa Inv. 3 #16071)
Blumengart Penner Gerhard Penner Gerhard Kleinhäusler, #196233 m. Agan. Dyck, 1858#5, son of above inherited farm in 1852
Kronsthal Penner Heinrich Penner Heinrich #197449 (b. ca 1778) m. Marg. Kroeker, son Heinrich to Bergthal Colony, son Bern.(Nb04) to Mb.
Neuosterwick Penner Heinrich Penner Heinrich #495581; Son Hein. b. in Osterwick in 1845; died <1852 and property transferred to Martin Wiebe (Odessa Inv. 3 #16071)
Nieder Chortitz Penner Heinrich Penner Heinrich  
Nieder Chortitz Penner Heinrich Penner Heinrich #285609 (1814-????) m. Elis. Vogt to Mb. (Bs05)
Rosenthal Penner Heinrich Penner Heinrich #187158 (1776 - 1854) m. Anna Hoeppner
Blumengart Penner Jacob Penner Jacob Kleinhäusler
Rosengart Penner Jacob Penner Jacob  
Rosengart Penner Jacob Penner Jacob  
Rosenthal Penner Jacob Penner Jacob #789191 (b. ca 1815) m. Anna Elias
Rosenthal Penner Jacob Penner Jacob  
Burwalde Penner Johann Penner Johan  
Schönhorst Penner Johann Penner Johan  
Blumengart Penner Johann Penner Johann Kleinhäusler
Nieder Chortitz Penner Johann Penner John #184242 (1820 - 1881) m. Kath Mueller to Mb. (Bs15)
Rosengart Penner Martin Penner Martin #189073 m. Kath. Neustaeter, children (Ch24, Ch28, Bs14) to Mb.
Rosengart Penner Martin Penner Martin #21421 (b. 1784)
Burwalde Penner Peter Penner Peter  
Chortitz Penner Peter Penner Peter #529262 (b. 1808, d. 1858) m. Katharina Derksen
Chortitz Penner Peter Penner Peter  
Rosengart Penner Peter Penner Peter #189079 (1802 -1869); listed at Rosengart #17 in 1858 Census, son Jac. to Yazykovo; son Peter to Nieder Chortitz in 1852
Schoeneberg Peters Abraham Peters Abraham  
Blumengart Peters Aron Peters Aron  
Blumengart Peters Aron Peters Aron Kleinhäusler
Neuenburg Peters Aron Peters Aron  
Neuosterwick Peters Aron Peters Aron  
Neuosterwick Peters Aron Peters Aron  
Kronsweide Peters Cornelius Peters Cornelius #177852 (1816 - 1887) m. Anna Krause/Kath. Stoesz toBergthal Colony then to Mb. in 1875
Neuhorst Peters Cornelius Peters Cornelius #491616 m. Helena (dau. Gertrude b. in Neuhorst in 1840)
Nieder Chortitz Peters David Peters David  
Schönhorst Peters Franz Peters Frans #228616 (1792 - 1868) m.Kath. Friesen,son (Bo11) to Mb., or #228619 (1816-92) m.Marg. Redekop,(Bo05,Bo08,Bo14)
Rosengart Peters Franz Peters Franz 1858#14, son Peter to Yazykovo
Kronsweide Peters Heinrich Peters Heinrich  
Neuendorf Peters Herman Peters Harman Anwohner
Neuhorst Peters Herman Peters Harman  
Nieder Chortitz Peters Jacob Peters Jacob  
Rosengart Peters Jacob Peters Jacob  
Neuosterwick Peters Jacob Peters Jakob  
Neuosterwick Peters Jacob Peters Jakob  
Insel Chortitza Peters Johann Peters Johan 1858#16, son Paul to Yazykovo
Neuosterwick Peters Johann Peters Johan  
Neuosterwick Peters Johann Peters Johan  
Schoeneberg Peters Johann Peters Johann  
Schönhorst Peters Johann Peters Johann  
Neuendorf Peters Klas Peters Klaas Anwohner, #198934? (1797-1866) m. Susanna Klassen, widow (Eb04) and children (Eb01 & Eb05) to Mb.
Neuosterwick Peters Klas Peters Klas #190168 m. Kath. Braun, son (Ro20) to Mb.
Schoeneberg Peters Michael Peters Michael #339147 m. Maria Bueckert
Kronsweide Peters Peter Peters Peter son of Peter Peters, 1858#26, son Peter to Yazykovo
Neuendorf Peters Peter Peters Peter Anwohner
Neuhorst Peters Peter Peters Peter  
Neuhorst Peters Wilhelm Peters Wilhelm  
Nieder Chortitz Peters Wilhelm Peters Wilhelm  
Rosenthal Pries Gerhard Pries Gerhard #110536 (1791-1849) m. Anna Epp, 2m. Kath. Neufeld, son (Gt23) to Mb.
Rosenthal Pries Gerhard Pries Gerhard #371054 (1821-69) son of above, m. Justina Martens, 1858#36, sons Johann and Wilhelm to Yazykovo
Rosenthal Pries Jacob Priez Jacob #110537 (b. ca 1803)
Chortitz Pries Peter Pries Peter  
Neuhorst Quiring Heinrich Qÿring Heinrich #191745 m. Kath. Wiebe, dau. (Ch21) to Mb.
Neuhorst Quiring Klas Qüring Klaas #190989 m. Justina Doerksen, son (Gf16) to Mb.
Neuendorf Redekop David Redekop David Anwohner
Neuosterwick Redekop David Redekop David  
Rosenthal Redekop David Redekop David #266153 (1789-1852) m. Kath. Wieler, 1858#5(prob. son David,1825-1909), son Gerh. to Yazykovo
Schoeneberg Redekop David Redekop David  
Nieder Chortitz Redekop David Redekop Davit 1858#57, son David to Yazykovo,
Schoeneberg Redekop Jacob Redekop Jacob #406248 (b. 1801)
Neuosterwick Redekop Johann Redekop Johan  
Nieder Chortitz Redekop Peter Redek. Peter #197314
Neuendorf Redekop Wilhelm Redekop Wilhelm #196778 (ca. 1808 - ), 1858#11, son David to Yazykovo
Neuhorst Redekop Wilhelm Redekop Wilhelm  
Chortitz Regier Jacob Reger Jacob #24144 (1792 - ?)
Neuendorf Regier Johann Roeger Johan  
Schoeneberg Reimer Abraham Reimer Abraham #189071 m. Justina Rempel, sons (Sd14 & Sz13) to Mb.
Einlage Reimer Aron Reimer Aron #344197? m. Helena Wiens
Burwalde Reimer Jacob Reimer Jacob  
Kronsweide Reimer Jacob Reimer Jacob  
Neuenburg Reimer Jacob Reimer Jakob  
Nieder Chortitz Reimer Johann Reimer Johan  
Schönhorst Reimer Johann Reimer Johan  
Schönwiese Reimer Johann Reimer Johan #51532 (ca.1775 - 1853), Schönwiese-1858
Einlage Reimer Peter Reimer Peter  
Neuenburg Reimer Peter Reimer Peter  
Schoeneberg Reimer Peter Reimer Peter #189047 (1795 - 1881) m. Anna Fehr, 1858#1, child. (Wa20, Sz17, Sz05, Wa07) to Mb.
Nieder Chortitz Reimer Peter Reimers Peter  
Schönhorst Rempel Cornelius Rempel Cornelius #196670 (1803-86) m. Agatha Dyck
Schönhorst Rempel David Rempel David #228516 (1818 - 74) m. Elis. Loepp
Kronsthal Rempel Diedrich Rempel Diedrich  
Rosenthal Rempel Diedrich Rempel Diedrich #704848 (b. 14 Apr 1819)
Schönhorst Rempel Diedrich Rempel Diedrich #170611 (1808-1900) m. Helena Peters
Schönhorst Rempel Diedrich Rempel Diedrich #228601 (1793-1881) m. Kath. Epp, 1858#14, son Heinrich to Yazykovo
Einlage Rempel Gerhard Rempel Gerhard  
Einlage Rempel Gerhard Rempel Gerhard  
Neuenburg Rempel Gerhard Rempel Gerhard  
Neuosterwick Rempel Heinrich Rempel Heinrich  
Rosenthal Rempel Isbrand Rempel Isabrand #198163?? (ca. 1800- )
Insel Chortitza Rempel Jacob Rempel Jacob  
Einlage Rempel Johann Rempel Johan  
Nieder Chortitz Rempel Johann Rempel Johan #134098 (1806-85) m. Maria Penner
Nieder Chortitz Rempel Peter Rempel Peter #212779 (1808 - 1855) m. Maria Peters
Rosenthal Rempel Peter Rempel Peter #9268 (1809 - 1897) m. Kath. Isaac to the Judenplan in 1851 then to Mb. in 1875.
Rosenthal Rempel Peter Rempel Peter  
Schönhorst Rempel Peter Rempel Peter  
Neuendorf Rempel Peter Römpel Peter Anwohner
Neuosterwick Rempel Wilhelm Rempel Wilhelm #265490 (1808 - 66) m. Maria Penner, Marg. Penner, 1858#2, sons Peter and Wilhelm to Yazykovo
Rosenthal Rempel Wilhelm Repel (?) Wilhelm  
Rosengart Rohd Jacob Rode Jacob #46488 (1782 - )
Burwalde Sawasky Franz Sawasky Franz #86929 m. Aganetha Guether
Neuosterwick Sawasky Gerhard Sawatzky Gerhard #228145 m. Aganetha Wiens, sons (Hf13, Hf12 & Wa02) to Mb.
Rosenthal Sawasky Gerhard Sawatzkÿ Gerhard #265924 (1808 - 55) m. Agatha Krahn, 1858#38, son Gerhard to Yazykovo
Kronsthal Sawasky Heinrich Sawatzkÿ Heinrich  
Rosenthal Sawasky Jacob Sawatsky Jacob  
Burwalde Sawasky Johann Sawatsky Johann  
Neuosterwick Sawasky Johann Sawatzkÿ Johann #609555 (1817 - 1896) m. Helena Enns
Rosenthal Sawasky Johann Sawatzkÿ Johann  
Schönwiese Schapansky David Schapanski David #113775 (1799- ) m. Katharina, Schönwiese-1858
Kronsweide Schapansky Heinrich Schapanske Heinrich  
Burwalde Schapansky Herman Schipanskÿ Herman #187386 m. Marg. Wall, sons (Sz15 & Gt22) to Mb.
Burwalde Schapansky Johann Schapanskÿ Johann  
Blumengart Schellenberg Bernhard Schellenberg Bernhard #187386 & #198074 (1801 - 68) m. Marg. Wall, from Neuendorf, children (Ch06, Ch20, Ch11, Ch16) to Mb.
Rosengart Schellenberg Gerhard Schellenberg Gerhard  
Einlage Schellenberg Gerhard Schöllembärg Görhard from Blumenthal, Molotschna (family of 7) in 1848
Schoeneberg Schellenberg Jacob Schelenberg Jacob  
Kronsthal Schellenberg Johann Schellenberg Johan  
Kronsweide Schellenberg Johann Schellenberg Johann  
Insel Chortitza Schellenberg Paul Schellenberg Paul #498561??
Schönwiese Schmidt Martin Schmit Martin #196065 (1775 - ), listed in Schoenwiese in 1858 census
Schoeneberg Schmidt Peter Schmidt Peter  
Kronsthal Schroeder Abraham Schröder Abraham #990791񌧫 (1817-1859)
Burwalde Schroeder Bernhard Schröter Bernhart  
Schönhorst Schroeder Simon Schröter Simon #158049 (1817-76) m. Anna Banmann, to Bergthal in 1851 then to Mb. In 1874
Neuosterwick Schulz Benjamin Schulz Benyamin #573990 (1815 - 1889) m. Helena Pauls, son Benjamin to Mb. In 1901
Rosengart Schulz Jacob Schulz Jacob #803423, son of Jacob Schulz, 1858#31, son Johann to Yazykovo
Chortitz Schwartz Heinrich Schwartz Heinrich #196217??
Burwalde Siemens Cornelius Siemens Cornelius  
Nieder Chortitz Siemens Cornelius Siemens Cornelius #190568 m. Sus. Wiebe
Neuhorst Siemens Franz Siemens Franz  
Neuosterwick Siemens Jacob Siemens Jacob  
Nieder Chortitz Siemens Johann Siemens Johann  
Rosengart Siemens Peter Siemens Peter  
Rosenthal Siemens Peter Siemens Peter 1858#29, son Heinrich to Yazykovo, could be #228346 m. Anna Penner; could also be #58879
Rosenthal Siemens Wilhelm Siemens Wilhelm dau. (Nb13) to Mb.
Neuendorf Suderman Abraham Suderman Abraham #198659 (b. ca 1796)
Neuenburg Suderman Jacob Suderman Jacob #198660 (1800 - 75) m. Kath. Doerksen, Just. Loewen
Schönhorst Teichrob Daniel Teichröb Daniel #227977 m. Anna Wolf
Schönhorst Teichrob Heinrich Teichröb Heinrich #46576 (1777-1850) m. Helena Olfert, from Blumestein, Molotschna.Sons (Bh05 & Bh18) to Mb.
Schönhorst Teichrob Heinrich Teichroeb Heinrich #61064 (1813 - ) son of #46576, could also be #46576 (1777-1850)
Schönhorst Teichrob Jacob Teichrob Jacob #187320?
Einlage Tetzke Peter Teztke Peter #198203 (1793 - ), son of Peter 1764 - ,
Kronsthal Thiessen Abraham Tiessen Abraham  
Rosengart Thiessen Abraham Tiessen Abraham  
Neuendorf Thiessen Aron Thies: Aron #197117 (1804-90)
Burwalde Thiessen Cornelius Thiessen Cornelius  
Chortitz Thiessen Cornelius Tiesen Cornelius  
Nieder Chortitz Thiessen Diedrich Thiesen Derk  
Kronsweide Thiessen Diedrich Thiesen Diedrich #3056 (b. 1816) m. Aganetha Klassen
Burwalde Thiessen Diedrich Tiesen Diedrich  
Einlage Thiessen Franz Tiessen Frans  
Neuendorf Thiessen Franz Thiesen Fransz #197117 (1804 - 90) m. Susanna Siemens
Schönhorst Thiessen Gerhard Thiesen Gerhard #197279?? (1794 - )
Schönhorst Thiessen Heinrich Thiesen Heinrich  
Einlage Thiessen Jacob Thiesen Jacob  
Rosengart Thiessen Jacob Thiesen Jacob from Rueckenau, Molotschna in 1848, #102678? (b. ca 1785), m. Maria _____
Schönhorst Thiessen Jacob Thiesen Jacob #518160 (1811-1856)
Rosengart Thiessen Jacob Thiessen Jacob  
Kronsweide Thiessen Jacob Tiesen Jacob  
Burwalde Thiessen Johann Thiesen Johan  
Kronsweide Thiessen Johann Thiesen Johan  
Nieder Chortitz Thiessen Johann Thiesen Johan  
Neuendorf Thiessen Johann Tiesen(?) Johan  
Burwalde Thiessen Johann Tiesen Johann  
Nieder Chortitz Thiessen Peter Thiesen Peter  
Rosengart Thiessen Wilhelm Thiessen Wilhelm  
Nieder Chortitz Thiessen Wilhelm Tiesen Wilhelm #187355 m. Susanna Krahn, 1858#6, son Peter to Yazykovo, then Mb. (Sw12)
Burwalde Toews Diedrich Töws Diedrich  
Einlage Toews Heinrich Toews Heinrich #468363 m. Margaretha Loewen (son Jacob born in Einlage in 1845)
Rosengart Toews Isaac Töws Isaak  
Chortitz Toews Jacob Töws Jacob #146127 (b 1819), 1858#20, son Peter to Yazykovo
Nieder Chortitz Toews Jacob Töws Jacob 1858#78, son Peter to Yazykovo, #198822 (1780- ) OR #187384 (1811 - 90)
Schönwiese Toews Jacob Töws Jacob #32973 ( -1852) m. Kath., family moved to Kronsweide in 1852,(Schönwiese-1858)
Nieder Chortitz Toews Julius Toewes Julius 1858#59, from Rosenthal in 1848, son Julius to Yazykovo
Schönhorst Unger Abraham Unger Abram probably #52010 (b. ca 1791)
Einlage Unger Heinrich Unger Heinrich #219660 (1786-1855) m. Marg. Klassen 2m. Marg., Sawatsky. Son Peter to Bergthal Colony
Einlage Unger Heinrich Unger Heinrich This could also be #219660
Nieder Chortitz Unger Jacob Unger Jacob #8843 or #529520 (b. ca 1798) m. Kath. Janzen, 1858#62, son Heinrich to Yazykovo
Einlage Unger Johann Unger Johan #108827 m. Helena Hiebert
Kronsweide Unrau Cornelius Unrau Cornelius #351849 (b. ca 1819) m. Maria Peters
Kronsweide Unrau Franz Unrau Frans  
Kronsweide Unrau Jacob Unrau Jacob  
Einlage Unrau Klas Unrau Klas  
Kronsweide Unrau Peter Unrau Peter  
Kronsweide Unrau Peter Unrau Peter  
Kronsweide Unrau Wilhelm Unrau Wilhelm  
Schönwiese Vogt Andres Vogt Andres #267717 (1814 - 1902) m. Maria Penner
Nieder Chortitz Vogt Heinrich Vagt Heinrich #230150 m. Kath. Warkentin, son (Bh16) to Mb.
Nieder Chortitz Vogt Peter Vogt Peter #229485 (1797 - ) m. Kath. Peters, son Peter to Mb.
Chortitz von Kampen Jacob v. Kampen Jacob #196808 (1783 - ), 1858#24,from Einlage?, son Johann to Yazykovo
Schönhorst von Niessen Franz v. Nisen Fransz #226792 (ca. 1815 - ca. 1854) m. Maria Dyck
Neuhorst von Niessen Gerhard v Niessen Gerhart #198143 (b. ca 1789)
Chortitz Voth Franz Foth Frans #199382 (b. 1805, d. 1866) m. Aganetha Schroeder and Maria Heese
Nieder Chortitz Wall Cornelius Wall Cornelius #498322 m. Maria Thiesen, (son Peter born in N. Ch. In 1836)
Neuhorst Wall Franz Wall Franz #229622 (1818 - 49)
Neuendorf Wall Jacob Wall Jacob Anwohner, #229745 (1807 - 60) m. Judith Dyck, children (Nh10, Hc15, Rg02) to Mb.
Neuhorst Wall Johann Wall Johan #188438 (1818 - 62) m. Susanna Krahn, widow (Rg09) and child. (Rg07, Rg13, Rg18, Rg08) to Mb.
Neuendorf Wall Johann Wall Johann  
Neuhorst Wall Johann Wall Johann #187230? (ca. 1795 - ) m. Helena Redekop
Neuhorst Wall Klas Wall Klas #229620 (1796 - 1858) m. Susanna Berg, children (Nh13, Rg15, Rg01, Hc10)
Rosengart Warkentin Daniel Warkentin Danyel #188687 m. Anna Friesen, OR #186624 m. Kath. Eitzen. Widow to Bergthal?
Rosengart Warkentin Jacob Warkentin Jacob father of Daniel and Philipp Warkentin
Kronsthal Warkentin Johann Warkentin Johann  
Burwalde Warkentin Peter Warkentin Peter #198775?? (1797 - )
Rosengart Warkentin Philip Warkentin Pilip could be #46801 (1780 - ) or his son, #62789 (1814 - )
Rosengart Warner Jacob Warner Jacob #188050 m. Gert. Penner, dau. (Sw21) to Mb.
Neuosterwick Wiebe Abraham Wiebe Abr.  
Chortitz Wiebe Abraham Wieb Abraham  
Neuendorf Wiebe Bernhard Wiebe Bernd Anwohner
Neuhorst Wiebe Bernhard Wieb Bernhardt #198539 (1796 - 1852) m. Helena Wiebe. Children, (Nh14,Hc04,Nh09,Kt13,Rg01,Rg02,Rg06,Rg15) to Mb.
Burwalde Wiebe Cornelius Wiebe Kornelius  
Kronsweide Wiebe Daniel Wiebe Daniel #358223
Insel Chortitza Wiebe Daniel Wiebe Danÿl #793505 (b. ca 1813), son of Jacob Wiebe (b. ca 1785)
Kronsweide Wiebe Diedrich Wieb Diedrich  
Neuhorst Wiebe Heinrich Wieb Heinrich  
Neuendorf Wiebe Heinrich Wiebe Heinrich #198664 (1800 - ) (or #173185 b. 1775), 1858#16, son Klaas to Yazykovo
Neuhorst Wiebe Jacob Wieb Jacob  
Chortitz Wiebe Jacob Wiebe Jacob  
Chortitz Wiebe Jacob Wiebe Jacob  
Insel Chortitza Wiebe Jacob Wiebe Jacob #793506 (b. ca 1785) or his son #793465 (b. ca 1809)
Chortitz Wiebe Johann Wieb Johan  
Insel Chortitza Wiebe Johann Wiebe Johan #793503 (b. ca 1818)
Neuendorf Wiebe Klas Wibe Klas  
Insel Chortitza Wiebe Klas Wiebe Klas #793504 (b. ca 1815). He was married to Helena Schellenberg in Insel Chortitz at Jacob Wiebe's (father?) in 1837.
Neuenburg Wiebe Peter Wibe Peter  
Blumengart Wiebe Peter Wieb Peter  
Einlage Wiebe Peter Wieb Peter #198206 (b. 1784) (?), 1858#68, son Peter (b.1832) to Yazykovo (?)
Einlage Wiebe Peter Wieb Peter #198206 (b. 1784) (?), 1858#68, son Peter (b.1832) to Yazykovo (?)
Neuhorst Wiebe Peter Wieb Peter  
Neuosterwick Wiebe Peter Wieb Peter  
Neuendorf Wiebe Peter Wiebe Peter #109272 (1798-1865) ?
Neuendorf Wiebe Peter Wiebe Peter #109272 (1798-1865) ?
Neuhorst Wiebe Peter Wiebe Peter ?1858#22, son Jacob to Yazykovo?
Neuhorst Wiebe Peter Wiebe Peter  
Rosengart Wiebe Peter Wiebe Peter ?1858#22, son Jacob to Yazykovo?
Neuendorf Wiebe Philip Wiebe Philip #452125??
Kronsweide Wieler Jacob Wieler Jacob  
Chortitz Wieler Johann Wieler Johan (b. ca 1811)
Chortitz Wieler Johann Wieler Johann  
Nieder Chortitz Wieler Peter Wieler Peter #187168 (1778 - ) m. Kath. Bergen, (this entry could be interchanged with his son below)
Nieder Chortitz Wieler Peter Wieler Peter #187357 (1814 - ) m. Aganetha Hiebert, 1858#24, child. (Sw12, Bh11, Sw16) to Mb.,son Pet. to Yazykovo
Kronsthal Wiens David Wiens David #55832 (1806- ) m. Marg. Lieke, dau. Kath. To the US.
Rosenthal Wiens Franz Wiens Frans #370804 (b 1810)
Rosenthal Wiens Franz Wins Frans #370804 (1810 - 53) immigrated from Rosenort, Prussia
Einlage Wiens Heinrich Wiens Heinrich  
Einlage Wiens Jacob Wiens Jacob #306419 (1818 - 1855) m. Helena Vogt
Kronsthal Wiens Jacob Wiens Jacob #162540 (1816 - 1888) m. Kath. Klassen, 1858#44, to Mb. (Hf05) in 1876, son Peter to Yazykovo
Kronsthal Wiens Jacob Wiensz Jacob #228589 (1807 - 1889) m.Maria Dueck, 2m. Kath.Klassen, moved to Manitoba (Re05) in 1875.
Neuenburg Wiens Jacob Wiensz Jacob  
Insel Chortitza Wiens Johann Wiens Johan  
Insel Chortitza Wiens Peter Wiens Peter #189045 (1800 - 88) m. Kath.Penner, 1858#22, child. (Sz05, Wa20, Sz17) to Mb.
Rosenthal Wiens Peter Wiens Peter  
Einlage Wilms Jacob Wilms Jacob #207733 (1781 - ) or #198213 (1785 - ) or Jacob Jacob (b.1821) to Yazykovo
Chortitz Wilms Johann Wilms Johann  
Nieder Chortitz Wilms Klas Willems Klas #198250?? (1774- ) or his son?
Chortitz Wilms Peter Willems Peter  
Einlage Winter Johann Winter Johan #511517 (1807 - 79) m. Maria Dyck
Schönhorst Wolf David Wolf David #227674 (1817 - 78) m. Kath Peters
Schönhorst Wolf Johann Wolf Johan #190400 (1809 - 70) m. Elis. Friesen. Children (Os05,Kf04,Ch15,Ro18,Kt05,Rt01,Hc11,Rt02) to Mb.
Schönhorst Wolf Johann Wolff Johann #227282 (1778 - 1848) m. Anna Peters,Helena Niebuhr
Schönhorst Wolf Peter Wolf Peter #176996?? (1822 - 96) m. Sara Neufeld, son (Bh23) to Mb.
Blumengart Zacharias Franz Zacharias Frans Kleinhäusler, #181725 (1820 - 71) m. Anna Wiens, 2m. Maria Wiens, sons (Sw38 & Sw23) to Mb.
Neuosterwick Zacharias Franz Zacharias Franz #229979 (1818 - ) m. Helena Rempel
Blumengart Zacharias Jacob Zacharias Jacob #229960 (1798 - 1881) m. Anna Ginter. to Mb. children (Rs03, Sw09, Sw10, Sw13) to Mb.
Neuosterwick Zacharias Peter Zacharias Peter #229980 (1822 - ) m. Marg. Rempel. to Mb (Rs07) son Peter (Rs08) also to Mb.
Neuosterwick Zacharias Wilhelm Zacharias Wilhelm #229976 (1795 - 1855) m. Marg. Isaac
Neuendorf   Abraham G… Abraham Anwohner
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