Register of Deaths and Marriages 1919-22 by Rev. Abram Kroeger, Neu-Chortitza, Baratov Settlement, Russia

Compiled by Glenn Penner

The October 2011 issue (volume XIV, No. 3) of the Newsletter of the Mennonite Historical Society of Alberta includes part 2 of an article by Peter Kroeger about his visit to the former Baratov settlement. He includes entries from the register of marriages and deaths/funerals made by his grandfather Rev. Abram Kroeger (1863-1940) during the period 1919 to 1922 (the year before they left Baratov for Canada), in addition to one entry from 1910 and one from 1916. Since the Abram Kroeger family lived in Neu-Chortitza and the church was also located there it seems likely that the events recorded also took place in Neu-Chortitza.

For more information on the Neu-Chortitza church see:,_Dnipropetrovsk_Oblast,Ukraine).

Register of Deaths and Marriages, 1919-22, by Rev. Abram Kroeger, Neu-Chortitza, Baratov Mennonite Settlement, Russia.

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