Chortitza Mennonite Settlement Land Transfers for 1853

Odessa Regional State Archives Fond 6, Inventory 3 File 16205

Transcribed from the Gothic Script by Glenn H. Penner

The following table contains information on the transfer of property within the Chortitza colony during the year 1853.

The first column contains the property number.

The second column has information on the person giving up the property. This contains the family number from the last (1850) Russian census (Revision). Note that the property number and the family number were NOT the same. This is a mistake that many Mennonite genealogists make. These two numbers should not be confused.

The third column gives the reason for the previous owner giving up the property – Verstorben (death) or Altersschwäche (old age).

The last column gives information about the new owner. In all but one case the new owner was the youngest (or only) son of the previous owner. The exception was the transfer from the previous owner to his son-in-law (Schwiegersohn).

Chortitza Mennonite Settlement Land Transfers for 1853

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