Chortitza Mennonite Settlement Land Transfers for 1852

As found in the records of the Guardianship Committee for Foreign Settlers in Southern Russia

Odessa Region State Archives Fond 6, Inventory 3, File 16071
Translated by Mennonite Heritage Centre volunteer Jake Friesen, Winnipeg, Manitoba (2007)
Edited by Glenn Penner

The table below is a transcription of a document entitled "Verzeichnis Über die Anzahl derjenigen Familien, welche in Laufe des 1852 Jahres in Kolonien des Chortitzer Gebiets alle Wirtschaften übernommen haben." This table is a word-by-word transcription of the original German. I have added short English translations of each column heading. I have put any family names appearing in this document in bold. My comments are in square brackets.

Chortitza Mennonite Settlement Land Transfers for 1852

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