Mennonites from the Chortitza Colony who Requested Transfer to
Kronsgarten in the Chortitza Colony

From document dated 18 March 1836

State Archive of the Odessa Region, Odessa, Ukraine
Fond 6, Inventory 1, File 4127

Translated and Compiled by

Page No. Microfilm Frame Number Family No. Names Age as given in the 8th Revision List
(1835 Census)
Number of People in Family Village in which they were listed in the 8th Revision List
(1835 Census)
Village in the Chortitza Colony to which they were transferring Grandma Number
131 184 1 Heinrich Goertz 33 6 Kronsweide Kronsgarten 199177
his wife Maria 32  
daughters: Sara 11  
Helena 5  
stepfather Aron Peters 49 199179
his wife Sara 48  
131 184 2 Dirk Enns 32 3 Einlage Kronsgarten  
his wife Helena 35  
daughter Sara 2  
Total 9  
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