Transfers from the Molotschna to Chortitza Colonies in 1835

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Source: State Archive of the Odessa Region, Odessa, Ukraine
Fond 6, Inventory 1, File 4127

Much of the records of the Guardianship Committee for Foreign Settlers in Southern Russia are preserved in the Odessa Region State Archives. The microfilming of most of the records of interest to Mennonite historians and genealogists will be complete by 2005. These microfilms can be found at the Center for Mennonite Brethren Studies, Fresno, California; the Center for Mennonite Studies, Tabor College, Hillsboro, Kansas; the Mennonite Historical Society of British Columbia, Abbotsford, British Columbia; and the Mennonite Heritage Centre, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Fond 6, Inventory 1, file 4127 contains 44 documents, each of which records the transfer of a family from the Molotschna Colony to the Chortitza colony on December 9th of 1835. I suspect that the unprecedented move of such a large number of people was likely due to the anticipated founding of a daughter colony by the Chortitza colony. This was the Bergthal colony, which was established in 1836. The information given in these documents is tabulated below. I have been able to identify all of the household heads in the Grandma database. I have also been able to identify 5 of these in the Bergthal Colony church records.

Family Name First Name Origin Destination Grandma # Comments
Brandt Daniel Fuerstenau Einlage 51742  
Defehr Johan Halbstadt Einlage 61979  
Dyck Jacob Conteniusfelde Einlage 52521  
Enz Johan Fischau Burwalde 44808  
Enz Johan Blumestein Rosenthal 53582  
Fast Heinrich Halbstadt Kronsweide 45036  
Friesen Abraham Sparrau Chortitz 69740  
Friesen Heinrich Prangenau Kronsweide 102522  
Friesen Peter Friedensdorf Nieder Chortitz 51530  
Funk Heinrich Rudnerweide Rosengart 52902  
Funk Peter Rudnerweide Nieder Chortitz 52901 Bergthal Vol. A p.102
Gossen Heinrich Rudnerweide Schoenhorst 52990  
Groening Johan Marienthal Einlage 55131;109113 Bergthal Vol. A p. 38
Heinrichs Peter Friedensdorf Schoenwiese 51585 Bergthal Vol. A p. 37
Hiebert Daniel Prangenau Schoeneberg 102443; 182676 Bergthal Vol. A p. 169
Hilbrand Johan Lichtfeld Neuenburg 62664  
Holzrichter Heinrich Grossweide Nieder Chortitz 61894  
Janzen Gerhard Wernersdorf Schoenhorst 54190  
Klassen Dietrich Fuerstenwerder Kronsgarten 44039  
Klassen Isaak Ladekopp Blumengart 44108  
Klassen Johan Friedensdorf Kronsthal 51524  
Klassen Peter Ladekopp Burwalde 44107  
Kroeker Clas Ladekopp Chortitz 62234  
Letkemann Abraham Schoensee Insel Chortitz 102910  
Letkemann Heinrich Schoensee Insel Chortitz 65781  
Letkemann Jacob Neukirch Nieder Chortitz 10153  
Letkemann Peter Schoensee Kronsthal 102909  
Loewen Jacob Lichtenau Rosenthal 46045  
Neufeldt Heinrich Halbstadt Neuosterwick 62137  
Pankratz Andreas Friedensdorf Nieder Chortitz 51515  
Peters Franz Marienthal Kronsgarten 284262  
Reimer Derk Muensterberg Neuendorf 46362  
Reimer Johan Friedensdorf Schoenwiese 51532  
Reimer Johan Lichtenau Kronsweide 62516  
Rempel Derk Sparrau Nieder Chortitz 53500  
Sawatsky Franz Ladekopp Neuendorf 46505  
Sawatsky Jacob Ladekopp Schoenhorst 46506  
Sawatsky Peter Marienthal Chortitz 55168  
Stehsz Jacob Halbstadt Neuendorf 69125 Bergthal Vol.A p. 90
Vogt Johan Conteniusfelde Schoenwiese 52518  
Voth Franz Sparrau Einlage 53494  
Wiebe Abraham Blumestein Insel Chortitz 60950  
Wiebe Jacob Lindenau Neuosterwick 101095  
Wiebe Martin Sparrau Neuendorf 175848  
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