Mennonite Burials in the Evangelische Kirche Zeyer Kirchenbuch:

1774 - 1786

Compiled by Glenn H. Penner (

Microfilm #208455 from the Mormon collection contains Deaths, Marriages and (infant) baptisms for the period 1774 to 1786 and additional baptisms for the period 1785 to 1797. In addition there is a small section of 2 pages of Mennonite burials. These are translated below. In rural North American terms a Hackenbudner is someone who operates a general store.

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1774 May 8 Johann CLAASSEN Hackenbudner of Zeyer daughter Maria 1 year.
1776 Mar.29 Johann ENSS child of Fischercamp
  Apr. 13 Johann ENSS second child of Fischercamp
  Apr. 13 Johann ENSS third child of Fischercamp
    These 3 children were triplets
1777 Sept. 19 Johann ENSSen wife Anna of Fischercamp
  Dec. 16 Johann ENSSen daughter Anna 1/4 year.
1778 Mar. 13 Philipp DYCKen Hackenbudner of Zeyer daughter Maria 7 years.
  Mar. 27 Heinrich GUENTHERS of (??) Child 6/4 year.
  Apr. 9 Phillip DYCKen Hackenbudner of Zeyer son Cornelius.
  July 10 Johann ENZen daughter Elisabeth 1 year.
1779 Feb. 16 Claas FRIESEN of Einlage son Johann 5/4 year.
  Feb. 24 Gerhard MARTENS son Gerhard 2 years of Einlage.
  Mar. 28 Gerhard MARTENS son Jacob 4 years 16 weeks of Einlage
  Sept. 28 Jacob WIEBE son Jacob 14 years of Ellerwald.
  Nov. 16 Jonas J??? of Fischers Camp wife Maria born QUIRINGs.
  Dec. 19 Johann CLAASSEN of Zeyers Camp 44 years.
1780 June 1 Margaretha daughter of the deceased hackenbudner Johan DYK of Robach. She died at Philip DYK's Zeyer Hackenbud, 20 years and (5 weeks?).
  Nov. 23 Jacob WIEBEn of Ellerwald daughter Catharina 6 years.
1781 Mar. 6 Jacob WIEBE of the 5th trift Ellerwald son 4 weeks.
  Apr. 2 Jacob WIEBE a second child.
  Sept.14 Jacob WIEBE of the 5th trift Ellerwald daughter 4 years
  Oct. 23 Johann ENTZen of Fischerscamp son Johann 1 year 30 weeks.
1782 Mar. 10 Peter KROEKER of Zeyersche Camp son Cornelius 6 years.
  Mar. 18 Phillip DYK hackenbudner of Zeyer son Cornelius 9 weeks.
  Nov. 1 Johann ENTZen Fischerscamp wife Margaretha born PENNER 27 years.
1783 Mar. 8 Abraham BERKMANN of (Hubische ???) 41 years.
  May 13 FRIESEN (first name not given) Einlage son 2 days.
  Dec. 16 Jacob WIEBEn of the 5th trift Ellerwald son Jacob 24 days.
1784 July 4 Heinrich PENNER of Fischerscamp son Johann 5 years.
1785 Apr. 6 Jacob DYKen 5th trift Ellerwald son Johann 21 weeks.
1786 Mar. 31 Agnetha CLAASSin born ESAU wife of the late Peter CLAASSEN of Beyershorst at her son-in-law Dirk LOEWEN of Zeyer and buried on Apr. 5 in Zeyer. 60 years.
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