Immigration to Russia from the Orlofferfelde Mennonite Congregation of West Prussia: 1804-1880

Some West Prussian Mennonite church registers provide information on congregational members who immigrated to Russia. The records of the Frisian Mennonite church of Orlofferfelde contain lists of membership transfers for much of the period 1772 to 1872. Transfers for the period 1772 to 1804 have already been transcribed and can be found at What follows are the transfers which specifically refer to immigration out of the country. All but 2 of these involve immigration to Russia.

Digital images of the records started in 1800 by Aeltester Johann Donner can be found here:

A few comments:
1) An Attest is the document provided by the Aeltester of the Gemeinde indicating that the transferring member was in good standing within the Gemeinde.
2) My comments are [in square brackets].
3) A question mark indicates that I was unable to read a word of part of a word. Usually a question mark is given for every unreadable letter. A question mark within parentheses, (?), means that the word or number is in question.

The immigration list by Surname.

The immigration list by immigration Year.

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