Elbing-Ellerwald Baptisms: 1778-1795 & 1810-1819

Translated by Glenn H. Penner (gpenner@uoguelph.ca)

Early church registers for the Elbing-Ellerwald Mennonite congregation do not exist. The fate of the early church records is unknown. What we know is that these records were already gone before the Second World War. The earliest existing formal church register is the Family Book (familienverzeichnis) started in 1825. Fortunately baptisms and marriages were recorded in the journals of some of the Ältester. The baptisms and marriages recorded by Gerhard Wiebe during the years 1778-95 have been published and are listed below. The baptisms for 1810-1840 can be found in the journal of Ältester Jacob Kröcker (Ältester from 1808 to 1846). These journals can be found in microfilms #279 and #280 in the collection of the Mennonite Heritage Centre in Winnipeg, MB and in LDS films #555786 and #555787.

The following abbreviations are used: s = son, ss = surviving son, d = daughters, sd = surviving daughter.

Penner, Glenn. "1778-1795 Baptisms in Elbing-Ellerwald, West Prussia." Mennonite Family History (July 1988): 99.

Goertz, Adalbert. "Trauungen 1779-1795 in der Mennoniten Gemeinde Elbing-Ellerwald." Altpruessische Geschlechterkunde 12 (1979): 85.

Elbing-Ellerwald Baptisms: 1778-1795 sorted by date
Elbing-Ellerwald Baptisms: 1778-1795 sorted alphabetically
Elbing-Ellerwald Baptisms: 1810-1819 sorted by date
Elbing-Ellerwald Baptisms: 1810-1819 sorted alphabetically

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