Mennonite Births found in the Catholic Church Records
of Culm, West Prussia: 1787-1817

compiled by Glenn H. Penner (

Source: Roman Catholic parish register and transcripts of births, marriages and deaths from Culm, Westpreussen, Germany;
now Chelmno (Chelmno), Bydgoszcz, Poland:
Akta zgonów 1812-1815 Akta pogrzebów 1799-1815 Akta urodzen, zgonów 1817 (Mennonitów)
(LDS Microfilm #1569295), Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.A.

The Catholic church records of Culm, West Prussia contain a separate register of 24 births of Mennonites from the villages of Klein Lunau, Nieder Ausmass, Schönsee and Venedia. Although this register is small, it is important since the Mennonite church records for this area (Schönsee congregation) have been lost.

Location Surname First name Father's name Mothers name Birth date
Klein Lunau Balcer Eva Isaac not given Feb. 26, 1803
Klein Lunau Balcer Helena Isaac not given Feb. 4, 1798
Klein Lunau Balcer Isaac Isaac not given Dec. 7, 1789
Klein Lunau Bartel Andreas Peter Unrau, Maria Sep. 21, 1801
Klein Lunau Evert Andreas Andreas Schroeder, Anna Jan. 27, 1797
Klein Lunau Evert Gerhard Andreas Schroeder, Anna Jan. 19, 1795
Klein Lunau Evert Heinrich Andreas Schroeder, Anna June 7, 1790
Schoensee Goerz Elisabeth Jacob Balcer, Elisabeth Dec. 12, 1798
Nieder Ausmass Goerz Helena Gerhard Schroeder, Margaretha Jan. 5, 1796
Nieder Ausmass Goerz Peter Gerhard Schroeder, Margaretha June 25, 1798
Nieder Ausmass Kopper Franz Franz Unrau, Maria Oct. 14, 1804
Schoensee Nickel Peter Peter Thiart, Eva Sep. 24, 1797
Schoensee Nickel Sara Peter Thiart, Eva Nov. 20, 1796
Klein Lunau Plenert Dietrich Dietrich Kasper, Catharina Mar. 6, 1796
Venedia Schulz Heinrich Franz Obin(?), Sara Jan. 27, 1799
Klein Lunau Schulz Peter Franz Kliewer, Agnes Apr. 4, 1798
Schoensee Tiart Johan Siewert Nikel, Maria May 24, 1796
Schoensee Unrau Peter Isaac ?????, Maria Aug. 4, 1808
Schoensee Wichert David Peter Unrau, Catharina Mar. 12, 1800
Schoensee Wichert Heinrich Peter Goerz, Anna Feb. 6, 1817
Schoensee Wichert Helena Peter Unrau, Catharina Aug. 24, 1794
Schoensee Wichert Johan Peter Unrau, Catharina Nov. 26, 1787
Schoensee Wichert Johan Peter Unrau, Catharina July 12, 1810
Schoensee Wichert Peter Peter Unrau, Catharina Mar. 25, 1797
Created 06 September 2008

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