Mennonite Immigrants on Quebec Passenger Lists:

Compiled by John Dyck and William Harms

Minor revisions by Richard D. Thiessen


Historians have dealt extensively with the migration of Russian Mennonites to Canada which occurred in the two major waves of the 1870s and 1920s. The lesser, yet quite significant, immigration which continued between those periods has only begun to be addressed in recent years. This list will enable genealogists and other researchers to identify at least some of those Mennonites who arrived in Canada during the first half of that period.

Compiling this document involved several problems not encountered in the 1870s passenger lists. Mennonites arriving in the 1870s came in large contingents from relatively few communities in Russia and were destined for one of two clearly defined settlements in Manitoba. They could be identified with reasonable accuracy by comparing hard-to-decipher names with more legible church records or census data. In the 1890s, on the other hand, Mennonites came to a significant degree as individuals or as extended families. They came from a greater variety of communities in Russia and were on their way to a wider range of destinations in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and elsewhere. They arrived at a time when relocating to other points in Canada or the United States was becoming increasingly common. There was also a wider variety of Mennonite churches to join in the 1880s and 1890s.

In this more individualized migration, people made their own travel arrangements. Some came to Canada via Hamburg on German ships. Others came via Liverpool on Canadian or British ships. Many went to ports, such as Halifax, St. John, Boston, New York or Philadelphia, yet ended up in the Canadian prairies. However, this list considers only those disembarking at Quebec.

This list was created from older microfilmed copies of the passenger lists, which frequently showed evidence of much wear or poor quality. At times the microfilm was too light to read with any degree of accuracy. In several instances a ship's entire passenger list was too light to be deciphered at all. In a number of cases there is a distinct possibility of pages missing or being microfilmed out of sequence. These problem were further compounded by occasional poor penmanship and the misspelling of German names by English speaking agents. Under those circumstances the poor researcher was sometimes pushed to the limit of endurance and prone to an occasional error.

There was considerable difficulty in determining which names belonged to persons from Mennonite backgrounds and which belonged to persons from other German communities. In this we have sought to be more, rather than less, inclusive.

Consequently, researchers looking for a family who they believe came to Canada during this period ought not to come to a conclusion on the basis of their names not being on this list. This writer knows of numerous families who immigrated in the 1880s and 1890s but whose names did not show up during this research.

It is the committee's hope that this document, however flawed it may be, will still be useful in doing family, local and other specialized studies of this immigration period which is very significant in Canadian Mennonite history.

Jake Peters, Winnipeg.

*This file was originally published as Section F of a book entitled 1880 Village Census of the Mennonite West Reserve, Manitoba, Canada, edited by John Dyck and William Harms.


Occupation/RelationshipPort Codes
Ag - agricultural labour
Ch - child
Dom - domestic
In - infant
Farm - farmer
Lab - labour
Mech - mechanic
Mer - merchant
Mo - mother
Serv - servant
Spin - spinster
A - Antwerp
H - Hamburg
ha - Hamburg/Antwerp
L - Liverpool
M - Montreal
Q - Quebec
R - Rouen

List of Ships
(with dates of departure and arrival)

5Mississippi C-453121 Apr-6 May
23Montreal C-453119 May-30 May
34Brooklyn C-45319 Jun-19 Jun
65Sardinian C-453128 Jul-7 Aug
12Ontario C-453127 Apr-19 May
14Brooklyn C453112 May-22 May
32Mississippi C-45318 Jun-21 Jun
55Sardinian C-453220 Jul-29 Jul
83Toronto C-45339 Aug-19 Aug
17Vancouver C-45338 May-18 May
23Toronto C-453315 May 27 May
26Oregon C-453322 May-1 Jun
63Ontario C-453317 Jul-28 Jul
127Ontario C-453431 Oct-11 Nov
26Brooklyn C-45344 Jun-16 Jun
58Montreal C-45346 Aug-15 Aug
84Buenos Arean C-453418 Sep-29 Sep
97Toronto C-453422 Oct-3 Nov
2Vancouver C-453422 Apr-2 May
3Circassian C-453423 Apr-3 May
16Sarmatian C-453514 May-25 May
18Toronto C-453521 May-3 Jun
25Circassian C-453528 May-7 Jun
29Manitoban C-45355 Jun-15 Jun
37Oregon C-453517 Jun-27 Jun
50Parisian C-453515 Jul-23 Jul
55Peruvian C-453523 Jul-1 Aug
65Polynesian C-453512 Aug-21 Aug
82Vancouver C-45359 Sep-20 Sep
104Polynesian C-453521 Oct-30 Oct
1Oregon C-453521 Apr-2 May
5Norvegian C-453521 Apr-5 May
8Carthaginian C-453528 Apr-11 May
9Toronto C-453529 Apr-13 May
14Montreal C-45357 May-18 May
19Sardinian C-453519 May-31 May
39Sardinian C-453523 Jun-2 Jul
66Parisian C-453611 Aug-20 Aug
71Vancouver C-45361 Aug-3 Sep
76Sardinian C-45361 Sep-10 Sep
77Sarnian C-45362 Sep-10 Sep
81Polynesian C-45369 Sep-18 Sep
88Sarmatian C-453622 Sep-2 Oct
93Circassian C-453630 Sep-9 Oct
105Parisian C-453620 Oct-29 Oct
1Vancouver C-453619 Apr-29 Apr
3Norvegian C-453619 Apr-2 May
3Nova Scotia C-453617 Apr-3 May
7Assyrian C-453626 Apr-11 May
14Oregon C-453610 May-21 May
34Polynesian C-453621 Jun-1 Jul
42Sarmatian C-45365 Jul-14 Jul
65Parisian C-453616 Aug-24 Aug
68Circassian C-453624 Aug-3 Sep
81Sardinian C-453613 Sep-23 Sep
83Toronto C-453614 Sep-25 Sep
1Circassian C-453618 Apr-29 Apr
6Parisian C-453725 Apr-4 May
13Carthaginia C-45379May-20 May
15Sardinian C-453716 May-27 May
16Sarnia C-453717 May-28 May
19Circassian C-453723 May-2 Jun
20Oregon C-453723 May-3 Jun
22Parisian C-453730 May-10 Jun
29Montreal C-45378 Jun-19 Jun
30Vancouver C-453713 Jun-23 Jun
43Caspian C-453711 Jul-21 Jul
50Sardinian C-453725 Jul-4 Aug
51Sarnia C-453726 Jul-5 Aug
56Caspian C-45378 Aug-16 Aug
61Carthaginia C-453722 Aug-2 Sep
69Toronto C-453713 Sep-24 Sep
75Parisian C-453726 Sep-7 Oct
79Circassian C-453710 Oct-19 Oct
 Sardinia31 Jul-Aug
 Oregon13 Sep-
 Parisian23 Oct-Nov
 Circassian11 Jun-Jun
 Dominion12 Jun-Jun
 Mongolian2 Jul-Jul
 Sardinian3 Sep-Sep
 Vancouver10 Sep-Sep
 Circassian1 Oct-Oct
 Sardinian8 Oct-Oct
 Mongolian16 Oct-Oct
 Mongolian19 May-May
 Dominion10 Jun-21 Jun
 Mongolian23 Jun-Jul
 Sardinian30 Jun-Jul
 Toronto15 Jul-Jul
 Mongolian28 Jul-Jul
 Sardinian4 Aug-Aug
 Numidian11 Aug-Aug
 Lake HuronApr-Apr
 Pickhuben18 Apr-Apr
 Slavonia8 Jul-
 California18 Jul-
 Olivia14 Oct-Oct
 Lake22 Apr-May
 Polaria10 Jun-Jun
 Parisian8 Jun-Jun
 Numidian22 Jun-Jul
 Creoon4 May-May
 Steinhofs1 May-May
 Ottoman28 May-Jun
 Christiania1 Aug-Aug
 Parisian20 Aug-Aug

AgeSexMar.Occ.DestinationShipPortArrival DateGRANDMA No.
Wall, A 34537MNLab MontrealLQ30 May 1881 
Berg, Han p.437MNLab BrooklynLQ19 Jun 1881 
Bergman, I.A. 540716MNLab SardinianLQ7 Aug 1881 
Berg, S 94416MN  OntarioLQ19 May 1882 
Isaak, L 34025MY  BrooklynLQ22 May 1882 
Isaak, L 34020FY  BrooklynLQ22 May 1882 
Bok, Johan 49322MNLab BrooklynLQ22 May 1882 
Isaak, B 27418MNLab BrooklynLQ22 May 1882 
Tiesen, Claus 3018M Lab MissippiL 21 Jun 1882 
Hildebrandt, W 28MYLab SardinianLQ29 Jul 1882 
Hildebrandt, Johan 28FMWife SardinianLQ29 Jul 1882 
Hildebrandt, Johnis 8M   SardinianLQ29 Jul 1882 
Hildebrandt, Louse 3F   SardinianLQ29 Jul 1882 
Harder, Heinrich p.430MNLab TorontoLQ19 Aug 1883 
Harms,P 77224MNLab VancouverLQ18 May 1884 
Siemens, H77018MNLab VancouverLQ18 May 1884 
Braun, A.P. 89225MNLab TorontoLQ27 May 1884 
Berg, J.A. 88426MNLab TorontoLQ27 May 1884 
Dreger, A. 97219MNLab OregonLQ1 Jun 1884 
Schmidt, Fr 123830MNLab OntarioLQ28 Jul 1884 
Berg, T.O. 162340MNLab OntarioLQ11 Nov 1884 
Berg, Elias 16239M Ch OntarioLQ11 Nov 1884 
Schutz, Carl 216745MNLab BrooklynL 16 Jun 1885 
Schultz, Paul  26MNLab Beunos AyrGQ29 Sep 1885 
Wolf, Arnie 27MNLab Beunos AyrGQ29 Sep 1885 
Smidt, Anna 251026FNServ TorontoLQ3 Nov 1885 
Smidt, Arthur 251119MNLab TorontoLQ3 Nov 1885 
Schultz, Franz 2853 MNLab VancouverLQ2 May 1886 
Schmidt, Louis 71336FNAgRegina SKCircassianLQ3 May 1886 
Reichart, Joseph 70430MNLabWinnipeg MBSarmatianLQ 25 May 1886 
Hildebrand, Franz 70532MMLabWinnipeg MBSarmatianLQ 25 May 1886 
Hildebrand, Maria 70532FMWifeWinnipeg MBSarmatianLQ 25 May 1886 
Unger, C 312828MNLabLockport MBOregonLQ 27 Jun 1886 
Schmidt, Herman98627MNLabMinnesParisianLQ23 Jul 1886 
Schultz, Julius139923MNLabWinnipeg MBPeruvianLQ 1 Aug 1886 
Hildebrand, Fredrich24130MMLabWinnipeg MBPolynesianLQ30 Oct 1886 
Hildebrand, Auguste24125FMWifeWinnipeg MBPolynesianLQ30 Oct 1886 
Peters, I.F.4390 MNLabLake MinnesotaOregonLQ2 May 1887 
Peters, Peter 25MNA.LChicagoNorvegianLQ 5 May 1887 
Dirksen, Abraham161532MMFarmGretna MBPolynesianL  18 Sep 1887 
Dirksen, Cath161532FMWifeGretna MBPolynesianL 18 Sep 1887 
Dirksen, Susaanna161510FNChildGretna MBPolynesianL  18 Sep 1887 
Dirksen, Cath16158FNChildGretna MBPolynesianL 18 Sep 1887 
Dirksen, Abraham16156FNChildGretna MBPolynesianL 18 Sep 1887 
Dirksen, Peter16151MNInGretna MBPolynesianL 18 Sep 1887 
Albrecht, A.440720MNLabM_ParisianLQ29 Oct 1887 
Jensen, B6662 MNLabGretna MBOregonLQ21 May 1888 
Klassen, Peter268860MYFarmGretna MBPolynesianLQ1 Jul 1888 
Sawatzky, Johan268940MYFarmGretna MBPolynesianLQ1 Jul 1888181101
Sawatzky, Helene268938FYWifeGretna MBPolynesianLQ1 Jul 1888189453
Sawatzky, Helene26898FNChildGretna MBPolynesianLQ1 Jul 1888189454
Sawatzky, Johan26896MNChildGretna MBPolynesianLQ1 Jul 1888189455
Sawatzky, Cornelius26894MNChildGretna MBPolynesianL Q1 Jul 1888 
Ledkeman, Johan269039MYFarmGretna MBPolynesianLQ1 Jul 1888187310
Ledkeman, Margrethe269032FYWifeGretna MBPolynesianL Q1 Jul 1888187313
Ledkeman, Johan269011MNChildGretna MBPolynesianLQ1 Jul 1888192430
Ledkeman, Marie26907FNChildGretna MBPolynesianLQ1 Jul 1888188798
Ledkeman, Isaac26904MNChildGretna MBPolynesianLQ1 Jul 1888144783
Ledkeman, Jacob26903MNChildGretna MBPolynesianLQ1 Jul 1888192432
Ledkeman, Franz26901MNInGretna MBPolynesianLQ 1 Jul 1888192433
Friesen, Berhard312939MYFarmNiverville MBParisianL Q24 Aug 1888 
Friesen, Caterina312938FYWifeNiverville MBParisianLQ 24 Aug 1888 
Friesen, Susanna312915FNDomNiverville MBParisianLQ 24 Aug 1888 
Friesen, Catherina312911FNChildNiverville MBParisianL Q24 Aug 1888 
Friesen, Helena312910FNChildNiverville MBParisianLQ 24 Aug 1888 
Friesen, Abraham31298MNChildNiverville MBParisianL Q24 Aug 1888 
Friesen, Berhard31294MNChildNiverville MBParisianLQ 24 Aug 1888 
Friesen, Peter31292MNChildNiverville MBParisianLQ24 Aug 1888 
Friesen, Johan31291MNInNiverville MBParisianLQ 24 Aug 1888 
Treike, Johan734341M LabFlorenceTorontoLQ 25 Sep 1888 
Treike, Maria734338F ServFlorenceTorontoLQ 25 Sep 1888 
Treike, Carl73439MNChildFlorenceTorontoLQ 25 Sep 1888 
Treike, Christen73437  ChildFlorenceTorontoLQ 25 Sep 1888 
Treike, Charoline73433FNChildFlorenceTorontoLQ 25 Sep 1888 
Funk, Joh105626MNLabMinniapolisMontrealL 19 Jun 1889 
Jansen, M1429 FNServEmersonVancouverLQ23 Jun 1889 
Jansen, A14304MNChildEmersonVancouverLQ23 Jun 1889 
Jansen, E14301FNInEmersonVancouverLQ23 Jun 1889 
Unger, Hendrick516829MYFarmQuebecCaspianLQ 16 Aug 188913524
Unger, Helena516830FYWifeQuebecCaspianLQ16 Aug 188913519
Unger, Helena51682FNChildQuebecCaspianLQ16 Aug 188913525
Unger, Clas51681MNInQuebecCaspianLQ 16 Aug 188913526
Funk, August149727MNLabWinnipeg MBCarthagininLQ 2 Sep 1889 
Berg, Peter532625MNLab ParisianLQ7 Oct 1889 
Schmidt, Jacob165637MYLabWinnipeg MBCircassianLQ19 Oct 1889 
Schmidt, Elizabeth165636FYWifeWinnipeg MBCircassianLQ 19 Oct 1889 
Huchert, Juliane165617FNDomWinnipeg MBCircassianLQ19 Oct 1889 
? , A.A.214835MYLabGretna MBPolynesianLQ6 May 1890 
? , Ani214840FYWifeGretna MBPolynesianLQ 6 May 1890 
? , Jacob21484MNChildGretna MBPolynesianLQ6 May 1890 
? , Anna2148InFNInGretna MBPolynesianLQ6 May 1890 
Kroecker, Jacob1578335MYLabGretna MBSardiniaLQ 9 Aug 18902989
Kroecker, Anna578425FYWifeGretna MBSardiniaLQ 9 Aug 189029984
Kroecker, Diedrich578511MNChGretna MBSardiniaLQ9 Aug 1890288429
Kroecker, Anna57863FNChGretna MBSardiniaLQ9 Aug 189030340
Kroecker, Helena5787 FNInGretna MBSardiniaLQ9 Aug 189030776
Jensen, Anton169821M LabGretna MBDominionLQ 26 Aug 1890 
Jensen, Lewny16988MNChGretna MBDominionLQ26 Aug 1890 
Klassen, J4070 MYLabGretna MBOregonLQ23 Sep 1890 
Klassen, Agatha4071 FYWifeGretna MBOregonLQ23 Sep 1890 
Klassen, Gerhard407217MNLabGretna MBOregonLQ23 Sep 1890 
Klassen, Johna407315MNLabGretna MBOregonLQ23 Sep 1890 
Klassen, Diedrich4074 8MNChGretna MBOregonLQ23 Sep 1890 
Klassen, Eliza?407511FNChGretna MBOregonLQ23 Sep 1890 
Klassen, Maria407611FNChGretna MBOregonLQ23 Sep 1890 
Kroeker, Peter2 40MYLab TorontoLQ14 Oct 1890 
Kroeker, Gustin 32FYWife TorontoLQ14 Oct 1890 
Kroeker, Peter 11MNCh TorontoLQ14 Oct 1890 
Kroeker, Jacob 9MNCh TorontoLQ14 Oct 1890 
Kroeker, Abraham 6MNCh TorontoLQ14 Oct 1890 
Kroeker, Helen 4FNCh TorontoLQ14 Oct 1890 
Kroeker, Bernard 3MNCh TorontoLQ14 Oct 1890 
Kroeker, Johan InMNIn TorontoLQ14 Oct 1890 
Klassen, Peter2323 MYLabGretna MBParisianLQ1 Nov 1890 
Klassen, Margaretha2324 FYWifeGretna MBParisianLQ1 Nov 1890 
Klassen, Peter2325 M Ch?Gretna MBParisianLQ 1 Nov 1890 
Klassen, Catherine2326 F Ch?Gretna MBParisianLQ1 Nov 1890 
Ens, Aaron767948MYLabGretna MBCircassianLQ21 Jun 1891189060
Ens, Susana767946FYWifeGretna MBCircassianLQ21 Jun 1891189061
Ens, Aaron767922MNLabGretna MBCircassianLQ21 Jun 1891189030
Ens, Helena767922FNSpinGretna MBCircassianLQ21 Jun 1891 
Ens, Abraham767910MNChGretna MBCircassianLQ21 Jun 1891189064
Ens, Peter7679 7MNChGretna MBCircassianLQ21 Jun 1891189065
Ens, Jacob7679 4MNChGretna MBCircassianLQ21 Jun 1891189066
Unger, Abraham768041MYLab CircassianLQ21 Jun 1891206766
Unger, Marie768030FYWife CircassianLQ 21 Jun 1891188195
Unger, Abraham768018MNLab CircassianLQ21 Jun 1891206769
Unger, Johan768010MNCh CircassianLQ2 1 Jun 1891196506
Unger, Marie7680 FNIn CircassianLQ21 Jun 1891188196
Olfert, Marie768147FWWife CircassianLQ21 Jun 1891182677
Olfert, Anna768118FNSpin CircassianLQ 21 Jun 1891192574
Olfert, Abraham768119MNLab CircassianLQ21 Jun 1891193493
Olfert, Isaac768115MNLab CircassianLQ21 Jun 1891193494
Olfert, Jacob768114MNLab CircassianLQ 21 Jun 1891 
Olfert, Franz768111MNCh CircassianLQ21 Jun 1891193496
Olfert, Daniel768110MNCh CircassianLQ 21 Jun 1891192137
Olfert, Johan7681 4MNCh CircassianLQ21 Jun 1891193497
Olfert, Peter7681 3MNCh CircassianLQ21 Jun 1891193498
Olfert, Marie7681 FNIn CircassianLQ21 Jun 1891 
Harder, Jacob768841MYLab CircassianLQ 21 Jun 1891 
Harder, Helena7688 FYWife CircassianLQ21 Jun 1891 
Harder, Clas768819MNLab CircassianLQ21 Jun 1891 
Harder, Cornelius768811MNCh CircassianLQ21 Jun 1891 
Harder, Agatha768814FNSpin CircassianLQ21 Jun 1891 
Harder, Helena7688 4FNCh CircassianLQ21 Jun 1891 
Harder, Jacob7688 3MNCh CircassianLQ21 Jun 1891 
Harder, Maria7688 FNIn CircassianLQ21 Jun 1891 
Dyck, Gerhard 40MYLabGretna MBDominionLQ24 Jun 1891188741
Dyck, Aganetha 39FYWifeGretna MBDominionLQ24 Jun 1891188744
Dyck, Aganetha 15FNSpinGretna MBDominionLQ 24 Jun 1891188745
Dyck, Jacob 13MN Gretna MBDominionLQ24 Jun 1891188746
Dyck, Helena 11FNChGretna MBDominionLQ24 Jun 1891188747
Dyck, Marie  8FNChGretna MBDominionLQ24 Jun 1891188748
Dyck, Gerhard  4MNChGretna MBDominionLQ24 Jun 1891188749
Derksen, Johan 34MYLabGretna MBMongolianLQ12 Jul 1891 
Derksen, Anna 33FYWifeGretna MBMongolianLQ12 Jul 1891 
Derksen, Gerhardt 11MNChGretna MBMongolianLQ 12 Jul 1891 
Derksen, Helene  8FNChGretna MBMongolianLQ12 Jul 1891 
Derksen, Anna  4FNChGretna MBMongolianLQ12 Jul 1891 
Derksen, Johan  MNInGretna MBMongolianLQ12 Jul 1891 
Neufeld, Peter 33MYLabGretna MBMongolianLQ12 Jul 1891192181
Neufeld, Maria 28FYWifeGretna MBMongolianLQ12 Jul 1891192182
Neufeld, Gerhard 33MYLabPlum Coulee MBMongolianLQ12 Jul 1891134072
Neufeld, Anna 30FYWifePlum Coulee MB MongolianLQ12 Jul 1891134075
Neufeld, Gerhardt  7MNChPlum Coulee MB MongolianLQ12 Jul 1891 
Neufeld, Anna  4FNChPlum Coulee MB MongolianLQ12 Jul 1891 
Neufeld, Maria  2FNChPlum Coulee MB MongolianLQ12 Jul 1891 
Neufeld, Nicholas  MNInPlum Coulee MB MongolianLQ12 Jul 1891 
Wiebe, Gerhard3   47MWLabRosenfeld MBMongolianLQ12 Jul 1891196760
Wiebe, Katherine  7FNChRosenfeld MBMongolianLQ12 Jul 1891201315
Wiebe, Anna  6FNChRosenfeld MBMongolianLQ12 Jul 1891201316
Teichrib, Jacob4 38MYLabRosenfeld MBMongolianLQ12 Jul 1891201334
Teichrib, Elizabeth 36FYWifeRosenfeld MBMongolianLQ12 Jul 1891196766
Teichrib, Jacob 15MNLabRosenfeld MBMongolianLQ12 Jul 1891201335
Teichrib, Abram  6MNChRosenfeld MBMongolianLQ12 Jul 1891201340
Teichrib, Maria  4FNChRosenfeld MBMongolianLQ12 Jul 1891201341
Teichrib, Helena  2FNChRosenfeld MBMongolianLQ12 Jul 1891201342
Hamm, Andreas855763MWLabGretna MBSardinianLQ12 Sep 1891187034
Hamm, Elizabeth855737FNSpinGretna MBSardinianLQ 13 Sep 1891186621
Hamm, Anna855724FNSpinGretna MBSardinianLQ13 Sep 1891197713
Czrikle, Andreas857063MNLabGretna MBSardinianLQ13 Sep 1891 
Driedger, Jacob363425MYLabGretna MBVancouverLQ19 Sep 1891 
Driedger, Maria363423FYWifeGretna MBVancouverLQ19 Sep 1891 
Driedger, Jacob3634 MNInGretna MBVancouverLQ19 Sep 1891 
Wiebe, Maria363560FWMoGretna MBVancouverLQ19 Sep 1891 
Dyck, Jacob443841MYLabGretna MBVancouverLQ19 Sep 1891229494
Dyck, Anna443844FYWifeGretna MBVancouverLQ19 Sep 1891229489
Dyck, Katherine443811FNChGretna MBVancouverLQ 19 Sep 1891229496
Klassen, Hy(nrich)443822MYLabGretna MBVancouverLQ 19 Sep 1891229510
Klassen, Anna443818FYWifeGretna MBVancouverLQ19 Sep1891229495
Klassen, A(ganetha?)363227(47?)M?  Gretna MBVancouverLQ19 Sep 1891187857?
Klassen, Jacob363211MNChGretna MBVancouverLQ19 Sep 1891193475
Klassen, Johan3632 8MNChGretna MBVancouverLQ19 Sep 1891335508
Klassen, Peter363223MYLabGretna MBVancouverLQ19 Sep 1891229551
Klassen, Helene363221FYWifeGretna MBVancouverLQ19 Sep 1891229552
Klassen, Heinrich364550MWiLabGretna MBVancouverL Q19 Sep 1891187856
Braun, Johan363327MYLabGretna MBVancouverLQ19 Sep 1891 
Braun, A363328FYWifeGretna MBVancouverLQ19 Sep 1891 
Braun, Heinrich3633 MNInGretna MBVancouverLQ19 Sep 1891 
Goertzen, Johan877428MNLabPlum Coulee MBCircassianLQ13 Oct 1891 
Pauls, Eva317145FW?WifeGretna MBSardinianLQ19 Oct 1891192349
Pauls, Franz317124MNLabGretna MBSardinianLQ19 Oct 1891192345
Pauls, Anna317119FNSpinGretna MBSardinianLQ19 Oct 1891 
Pauls, Gerhardt3171 9MNChGretna MBSardinianLQ19 Oct 1891 
Pauls, Heinrick3171 4MNChGretna MBSardinianLQ19 Oct 1891 
Dussing, Jacob317234MYLabGretna MBSardinianLQ19 Oct 1891 
Dussing, Marie317232FYWifeGretna MBSardinianLQ19 Oct 1891 
Dussing, Anna3172 4FNChGretna MBSardinianLQ19 Oct 1891 
Dussing, Maria317219FNInGretna MBSardinianLQ19 Oct 1891 
Hinz, August317369MYLabGretna MBSardinianLQ19 Oct 1891218151
Hinz, Wilhilmine317355FYWifeGretna MBSardinianL Q19 Oct 1891218152
Hinz, Anna317324FNSpinGretna MBSardinianLQ19 Oct 1891 
Hinz, Carl317319MNLabGretna MBSardinianLQ 19 Oct 1891 
Hinz, August317319MNLabGretna MBSardinianLQ19 Oct 1891 
Hinz, Minni3173 FN Gretna MBSardinianLQ1 9 Oct 1891 
Hinz, Maria3173 FN Gretna MBSardinianLQ1 9 Oct 1891 
Hinz, Johan3173 MNInGretna MBSardinianLQ19 Oct 1891218153
Hinz, Minne3173 FN Gretna MBSardinianLQ 19 Oct 1891 
Classen, Johan317424MYLabGretna MBSardinianLQ19 Oct 1891 
Classen, Marie317419FYWifeGretna MBSardinianLQ19 Oct 1891 
Lahna (Labun), Peter317519MNLabGretna MBSardinianLQ 19 Oct 1891 
Spei(s)er, Rudolph317623MYLabGretna MBSardinianLQ19 Oct 1891365436
Spei(s)er, Pauline317627FYWifeGretna MBSardinianLQ19 Oct 1891 
Spei(s)er, Marie3176 FNInGretna MBSardinianLQ19 Oct 1891 
Hamm, Andreas317728MNLabGretna MBSardinianLQ19 Oct 1891187035
Siemens, Franz317840MYLabRosenfeld MBSardinianLQ19 Oct 1891 
Siemens, Anna317836FYWifeRosenfeld MBSardinianLQ19 Oct 1891 
Siemens, Peter317817MNLabRosenfeld MBSardinianLQ 19 Oct 1891 
Seimens, Franz317815MNLabRosenfeld MBSardinianLQ19 Oct 1891 
Siemens, Marguenet317813FNChRosenfeld MBSardinianLQ19 Oct 1891 
Siemens, Jacob317811MNChRosenfeld MBSardinianLQ 19 Oct 1891 
Siemens, Anna3178 9FNChRosenfeld MBSardinianLQ19 Oct 1891 
Siemens, Helena3178 7FNChRosenfeld MBSardinianLQ19 Oct 1891 
Siemens, Catharina3178 4FNChRosenfeld MBSardinianLQ19 Oct 1891 
Siemens, Johan3178 3MNChRosenfeld MBSardinianLQ19 Oct 1891 
Siemens, Heinrick3178 MNChRosenfeld MBSardinianLQ19 Oct 1891 
Siemens, Maria3178 FNInRosenfeld MBSardinianLQ19 Oct 1891 
Neufeld, Jacob320023MYLabGretna MBMongolianLQ26 Oct 1891 
Neufeld, Anna320023FYWifeGretna MBMongolianLQ26 Oct 1891 
Neufeld, Sara3200 FNInGretna MBMongolianLQ26 Oct 1891 
Duck, Abr.320124MYLabGretna MBMongolianLQ26 Oct 1891 
Duck, Sara320125FYWifeGretna MBMongolianLQ26 Oct 1891 
Duck, Abraham3201 MNInGretna MBMongolianLQ26 Oct 1891 
Bergen, Peter320241MYLabGretna MBMongolianLQ26 Oct 1891181578
Bergen, Ittke320240FYWifeGretna MBMongolianLQ26 Oct 1891181579
Bergen, Anna320219FNSpinGretna MBMongolianLQ26 Oct 1891176928
Bergen, Peter320215MNLabGretna MBMongolianLQ26 Oct 1891176929
Bergen, Johan320214MNLabGretna MBMongolianLQ26 Oct 1891181303
Bergen, Bernard3202 MNInGretna MBMongolianLQ26 Oct 1891181304
Duck, Jacob882554MWLabGretna MBMongolianLQ26 Oct 1891 
Duck, Catherina882536FYWifeGretna MBMongolianL Q26 Oct 1891 
Duck, Catherina882521FNSpinGretna MBMongolianL Q26 Oct 1891 
Duck, Margartha882520FNSpinGretna MBMongolianL Q26 Oct 1891 
Duck, Jacob882519MNLabGretna MBMongolianLQ26 Oct 1891 
Duck, Margartha8825 4FNChGretna MBMongolianLQ26 Oct 1891 
Duck, Maria8825 3FNChGretna MBMongolianLQ26 Oct 1891 
Heydt, Martin488728MYLabGretna MBMongolianLQ30 May 1892 
Heydt, Helena488722FYWifeGretna MBMongolianLQ30 May 1892 
Stobbe, Heinrich488824MYLabGretna MBMongolianLQ 30 May 1892144751
Stobbe, Maria488819FYWifeGretna MBMongolianLQ30 May 1892144752
Wiebe, Anna488955FW Gretna MBMongolianLQ30 May 1892 
Penner, Peter489030MYLabGretna MBMongolianLQ30 May 1892 
Penner, Susanna489033FYWifeGretna MBMongolianLQ 30 May 1892 
Penner, Maria489011FNChGretna MBMongolianLQ30 May 1892 
Penner, Helena4890 FNInGretna MBMongolianLQ30 May 1892 
Penner, Susanna4890 FNInGretna MBMongolianLQ 30 May 1892 
Reinhal, Albert5489127MYLabGretna MBMongolianLQ30 May 1892 
Reinhal, Maria489123FYWifeGretna MBMongolianLQ30 May 1892 
Reinhal, Albert4891 3MNChGretna MBMongolianLQ30 May 1892 
Reinhal, Johan4891 MNInGretna MBMongolianLQ30 May 1892 
Leidinke, Solomon489240MYLabGretna MBMongolianLQ 30 May 1892 
Leidinke, Maria489240FYWifeGretna MBMongolianLQ30 May 1892 
Leidinke, Solomon489216MNLabGretna MBMongolianLQ 30 May 1892 
Leidinke, Maria489211FNChGretna MBMongolianLQ30 May 1892 
Leidinke, Wilhelm489211MNChGretna MBMongolianLQ30 May 1892 
Leidinke, Johan4892 9MNChGretna MBMongolianLQ30 May 1892 
Leidinke, Elizabeth4892 9FNChGretna MBMongolianLQ30 May 1892 
Leidinke, Jacob4892 8MNChGretna MBMongolianLQ30 May 1892 
Leidinke, Helena4892 7FNChGretna MBMongolianLQ30 May 1892 
Leidinke, Barthold4892 4MNChGretna MBMongolianLQ30 May 1892 
Leidinke, Carolina4892 3FNChGretna MBMongolianLQ30 May 1892 
Leidinke, Anna4892 FNInGretna MBMongolianLQ30 May 1892 
Penner, Peter489339MYLabGretna MBMongolianLQ30 May 1892 
Penner, Agneta489337FNWifeGretna MBMongolianLQ30 May 1892 
Penner, Agneta489314FNChGretna MBMongolianLQ30 May 1892 
Penner, Jacob489315MNLabGretna MBMongolianLQ30 May 1892 
Penner, Peter489311MNChGretna MBMongolianLQ30 May 1892 
Penner, Isaac4893 9MNChGretna MBMongolianLQ30 May 1892 
Penner, Abram4893 4MNChGretna MBMongolianLQ30 May 1892 
Penner, Anna489311FNChGretna MBMongolianLQ 30 May 1892 
Penner, Maria4893 4FNChGretna MBMongolianLQ30 May 1892 
Penner, Susanna4893 FNInGretna MBMongolianLQ30 May 1892 
Reinkel, Aug.6489432MYLabGretna MBMongolianLQ30 May 1892 
Reinkel, Elizabeth489432FNWifeGretna MBMongolianL Q30 May 1892 
Reinkel, Jacob4894 MNInGretna MBMongolianLQ30 May 1892 
Fischer, Carl489545MYLabGretna MBMongolianLQ30 May 1892144762
Fischer, Adelgunde489541FYWifeGretna MBMongolianL Q30 May 1892144763
Fischer, Helena489511FNChGretna MBMongolianLQ30 May 1892145088
Fischer, Anna4895 7FNChGretna MBMongolianLQ30 May 1892145089
Fischer, Katharina4895 5FNChGretna MBMongolianLQ30 May 1892145090
Fischer, Johan4895 3MNChGretna MBMongolianLQ30 May 1892145091
Fischer, Susana4895 FNInGretna MBMongolianLQ30 May 1892145092
Fischer, Peter489518MNLabGretna MBMongolianLQ30 May 1892145085
Fischer, Heinrich489517MNLabGretna MBMongolianLQ 30 May 1892144982
Giesbrect, Aber489731MYLabGretna MBMongolianLQ30 May 1892 
Giesbrecht, Anna489728FYWifeGretna MBMongolianLQ30 May 1892 
Giesbrecht, Anna4897 7FNChGretna MBMongolianLQ30 May 1892 
Giesbrecht, Abraham4897 6MNChGretna MBMongolianLQ30 May 1892 
Giesbrecht, Johan4897 3MNChGretna MBMongolianLQ30 May 1892 
Giesbrecht, Helena4897 FNInGretna MBMongolianLQ30 May 1892 
Penner, Johan423736MYLabGretna MBDominionLQ21 Jun 1892192475
Penner, Maria423737FYWifeGretna MBDominionLQ21 Jun 1892192476
Penner, Maria4237 9FNChGretna MBDominionLQ21 Jun 1892192477
Penner, Johan4237 7MNChGretna MBDominionLQ21 Jun 1892192478
Penner, Bern.42379/12MNInGretna MBDominionLQ21 Jun 1892192479
Isaak, Abram423822MYLabGretna MBDominionLQ21 Jun 1892190733
Isaak, Helene423821FYWifeGretna MBDominionLQ21 Jun 1892190734
Hamm, Abraham423935MYLabGretna MBDominionLQ21 Jun 1892173501
Hamm, Catharina423928FYWifeGretna MBDominionLQ21 Jun 1892173500
Hamm, Agatha4239 8FNChGretna MBDominionLQ21 Jun 1892173520
Hamm, Gerhard4239 6MNChGretna MBDominionLQ21 Jun 1892173521
Hamm, Abraham4239 3MNChGretna MBDominionLQ21 Jun 1892173522
Hamm, Heinrich4239 2MNChGretna MBDominionLQ21 Jun 1892173523
Hamm, Christian42399/12MNInGretna MBDominionL Q21 Jun 1892173524
Letkerne, J.7424034MYLabGretna MBDominionLQ21 Jun 1892 
Letkerne, Maria424025FYWifeGretna MBDominionLQ21 Jun 1892 
Letkerne, Maria4240 4FNChGretna MBDominionLQ21 Jun 1892 
Letkerne, Anna4240 2FNChGretna MBDominionLQ21 Jun 1892 
Letkerne, Catherine42407/12FNInGretna MBDominionLQ 21 Jun 1892 
Hanna, G.8424167MY?LabGretna MBDominionLQ 21 Jun 1892 
Hanna, Anna424143FY?WifeGretna MBDominionLQ21 Jun 1892 
Hanna, Anna424118FNSpinGretna MBDominionLQ21 Jun 1892 
Hanna, Andreas424118MNLabGretna MBDominionLQ21 Jun 1892 
Hanna, Heinrich424116MNLabGretna MBDominionLQ21 Jun 1892 
Hanna, Abraham424112MNChGretna MBDominionLQ21 Jun 1892 
Hanna, Agatha4241 6FNChGretna MBDominionLQ21 Jun 1892 
Hanna, Aganetha4241 3FNChGretna MBDominionLQ21 Jun 1892 
Hanna, Catherina42418/12FNInGretna MBDominionLQ 21 Jun 1892 
Hardon, Jacob508228MYLab DominionLQ2 1 Jun 1892 
Hardon, Anna508224FYWife DominionLQ 21 Jun 1892 
Hardon, Elizabeth5082 2FNCh DominionLQ21 Jun 1892 
Hardon, Jacob50826/12MNIn DominionLQ 21 Jun 1892 
Brown, Johann508349MYLab DominionLQ21 Jun 1892206974
Brown, Marg.508349FYWife DominionLQ 21 Jun 1892192502
Brown, Kath.508325FNSpin DominionLQ2 1 Jun 1892 
Brown, Agan.508321FNSpin DominionLQ 21 Jun 1892192503
Brown, Susana508320FNSpin DominionLQ21 Jun 1892229333
Brown, Aron508316MNLab DominionLQ2 1 Jun 1892192504
Brown, David508311MNCh DominionLQ2 1 Jun 1892192505
Brown, Jacob5083 8MNCh DominionLQ21 Jun 1892192506
Klassen, Jacob508444MYLab DominionLQ21 Jun 1892229602
Klassen, Sarah508444FYWife DominionLQ 21 Jun 1892229603
Klassen, Agan.508422FNSpin DominionLQ 21 Jun 1892229479
Klassen, Eliz.508418FNSpin DominionLQ2 1 Jun 1892229605
Klassen, Jacob508415MNLab DominionLQ2 1 Jun 1892229606
Regier, Martin 1121230MYLabGretna MBMongolianLQ4 Jul 1892SUV-239
Regier, Susana 1121228FYWifeGretna MBMongolianLQ4 Jul 1892SUV-239
Regier, Martin11212 7MNChGretna MBMongolianLQ4 Jul 1892SUV-239
Regier, Susana11212 4FNChGretna MBMongolianLQ4 Jul 1892SUV-239
Regier, Isaak11212 MNInGretna MBMongolianLQ4 Jul 1892SUV-239
Neufeld, Marga.44942FW? Gretna MBSardinianLQ10 Jul 1892 
Janzen, Abraham 50MYLabGretna MBTorontoLQ25 Jul 1892229718
Janzen, Maria 35FYWifeGretna MBTorontoLQ 25 Jul 1892229719
Janzen, Maria  9FNChGretna MBTorontoLQ25 Jul 1892229720
Janzen, Jacob 7MNChGretna MBTorontoLQ25 Jul 1892229721
Janzen, Dietrich  4MNChGretna MBTorontoLQ25 Jul 1892229722
Janzen, Heinrich  3MNChGretna MBTorontoLQ25 Jul 1892229373
Janzen, Agatha  FNInGretna MBTorontoLQ25 Jul 1892229723
Friesen, Cornelius 27MYLabGretna MBTorontoLQ25 Jul 1892192777
Friesen, Susanna 24FYWifeGretna MBTorontoLQ25 Jul 1892192778
Friesen, Cornelius  4MNChGretna MBTorontoLQ25 Jul 1892192779
Friesen, Susannah  3FNChGretna MBTorontoLQ25 Jul 1892192780
Friesen, Agatha   FNInGretna MBTorontoLQ25 Jul 1892192781
Funk, Henry1164454MYLabGretna MBMongolianLQ7 Aug 1892198754
Funk, Marga. 1164446FYWifeGretna MBMongolianLQ7 Aug 1892198755
Funk, Isaac 1164418MNLabGretna MBMongolianLQ7 Aug 1892 
Funk, Peter* 1164414MNLabGretna MBMongolianLQ7 Aug 1892176586
Funk, Isbrand* 1164414MNLabGretna MBMongolianLQ7 Aug 1892176602
Funk, Eva 1164415FNSpinGretna MBMongolianLQ7 Aug 1892 
Funk, Margh.* 1164410FNChGretna MBMongolianLQ7 Aug 1892176603
Funk, Johann11644 4MNChGretna MBMongolianLQ7 Aug 1892198756
Friesen, Heinrich 1170539MYLabPlum Coulee MBSardinianLQ7 Aug 1892 
Friesen, Mrs. 1170538FYWifePlum Coulee MBSardinianLQ13 Aug 1892 
Friesen, Catherine117054FNChPlum Coulee MB SardinianLQ13 Aug 1892 
Friesen, Anna117053FNChPlum Coulee MB SardinianLQ13 Aug 1892 
Friesen, Abram?117051MNChPlum Coulee MB SardinianLQ13 Aug 1892 
Friesen, Maria11705 FNInPlum Coulee MB SardinianLQ13 Aug 1892 
Schroeder, Wilhelm1176027MYLabPlum Coulee MB NumidianLQ20 Aug 1892 
Schroeder, Mathilde 1176024FYWifePlum Coulee MB NumidianLQ20 Aug 1892 
Schroeder, Fred. 11760 MNInPlum Coulee MBNumidianLQ20 Aug 1892 
Epp, Jacob91967040MYLabGretna MBLake HuronLM27 Apr 1893 
Epp, Helena1967036FYWifeGretna MBLake HuronLM27 Apr 1893 
Epp, Jacob1967018MNMechGretna MBLake HuronLM27 Apr 1893 
Epp, David1967011MNChGretna MBLake HuronLM27 Apr 1893 
Epp, Peter1967011MNChGretna MBLake HuronLM27 Apr 1893 
Epp, Heinrich196709MNChGretna MBLake HuronLM27 Apr 1893 
Epp, Helena196707FNChGretna MBLake HuronLM27 Apr 1893 
Epp, Katherine196704FNChGretna MBLake HuronLM27 Apr 1893 
Epp, Judith196703FNChGretna MBLake HuronLM27 Apr 1893 
Epp, Maria196701FNChGretna MBLake HuronLM27 Apr 1893 
Wieler, Heinrich101967128MYLabGretna MBLake HuronLM27 Apr 1893126979
Wieler, Eliza.1967026FYWifeGretna MBLake HuronLM27 Apr 1893126975
Wieler, Judith196701FNChGretna MBLake HuronLM27 Apr 1893 
Wieler, Eliza.196701FNChGretna MBLake HuronLM27 Apr 1893 
Epp, Judith111967258FwidSpinGretna MBLake HuronLM27 Apr 1893126974
Epp, Johan1967218MNMechGretna MBLake HuronLM27 Apr 1893126978
Epp, Gerhard1967228MYMechGretna MBLake HuronLM27 Apr 18935157
Epp, Katherina1967224FYWifeGretna MBLake HuronLM27 Apr 18935158
Epp, Jacob196722MNChGretna MBLake HuronLM27 Apr 1893318710
Epp, Katherina196721FNChGretna MBLake HuronLM27 Apr 18935160
Peter, Anna1967358FW?SpinGretna MBLake HuronLM27 Apr 1893 
Hamm, Johan1967533MYLabGretna MBLake HuronLM27 Apr 1893382358
Hamm, Anna1967533FYWifeGretna MBLake HuronLM27 Apr 1893 
Neufeld, Jacob36156MYFarmWinnipeg MBPickhubenhaM1 May 1893 
Neufeld, Catherine36254FYWifeWinnipeg MBPickhubenha M1 May 1893 
Neufeld, Sara36320FNSpinWinnipeg MBPickhubenha M1 May 1893 
Neufeld, David36417MNLabWinnipeg MBPickhubenhaM1 May 1893 
Neufeld, Wilhelm36514MNLabWinnipeg MBPickhubenhaM 1 May 1893 
Neufeld, Jacob36626MYFarmWinnipeg MBPickhubenhaM1 May 1893 
Neufeld, Catherine36723FYWifeWinnipeg MBPickhubenha M1 May 1893 
Neufeld, Catherine368 3FNChWinnipeg MBPickhubenhaM1 May 1893 
Conrad, Abraham36943MYFarmWinnipeg MBPickhubenha M1 May 1893 
Conrad, Catherine37031FYWifeWinnipeg MBPickhubenha M1 May 1893 
Conrad, Peter37116MNLabWinnipeg MBPickhubenhaM1 May 1893 
Lenzman, Hermann1237232MYFarmWinnipeg MBPickhubenhaM1 May 1893 
Lenzman, Cath.37334FYWifeWinnipeg MBPickhubenhaM1 May 1893 
Lenzman, Cath.374 9FNChWinnipeg MBPickhubenhaM1 May 1893 
Lenzman, Anna37511FNChWinnipeg MBPickhubenhaM 1 May 1893 
Lenzman, Elizabeth376 1FNChWinnipeg MBPickhubenhaM1 May 1893 
Voigt, Oscar34239MNLabMontrealPickhubenhaM1 May 1893 
Hoeppner, Anna7111/12FNInMontrealSlavoniaha 24 Jul 1893 
Schroder, Gustav169827MYLabMontrealCaliforniahaM31 Jul 1893 
Schroder, Pauline169825FYWifeMontrealCaliforniahaM31 Jul 1893 
Schroder, Carl16989/12MNInMontrealCaliforniahaM31 Jul 1893 
Ens, Abram28332MYLabMontrealCaliforniahaM31 Jul 1893187465
Ens, Anna28324FYWifeMontrealCaliforniahaM31 Jul 1893176601
Ens, Abraham283 1MNChMontrealCaliforniahaM31 Jul 1893187475
Ens, Maria283 6FNChMontrealCaliforniahaM31 Jul 1893187468
Regier, Peter13469042MYLabGretna MBLakeLM26 Jun 1893168234
Regier, Anna469036FYWifeGretna MBLakeLM26 Jun 1893168235
Regier, Anna469019FNSpinGretna MBLakeLM26 Jun 1893168236
Regier, Maria469018FNSpinGretna MBLakeLM26 Jun 1893168237
Regier, Elise469017FNSpinGretna MBLakeLM26 Jun 1893168238
Regier, Johann469011MNChGretna MBLakeLM26 Jun 1893168241
Regier, Cornelius469011MNChGretna MBLakeLM 26 Jun 1893168242
Regier, Arthur4690 8MNChGretna MBLakeLM26 Jun 1893168243
Regier, Meta4690 4FNChGretna MBLakeLM26 Jun 189331380
Hubert, Johan469124MNLabGretna MBLakeLM26 Jun 1893 
Zimmerman, Johan469127MNLabGretna MBLakeLM26 Jun 1893 
Toews, Heinrich469127MNLabGretna MBLakeLM 26 Jun 1893 
Ratzlaff, Jacob17450MYLabMontrealPolariaHM29 Jun 1893100203
Ratzlaff, Anna17550FYWifeMontrealPolariaHM29 Jun 1893100205
Ratzlaff, Adam17614MNLabMontrealPolariaHM29 Jun 1893100210
Ratzlaff, Helena177 9FNChMontrealPolariaHM29 Jun 1893283257
Ratzlaff, Johann178 3MNChMontrealPolariaHM29 Jun 1893100212
Ratzlaff, Andreas17960MYLabMontrealPolariaHM 29 Jun 189367628?
Ratzlaff, Maria17360FYWifeMontrealPolariaHM29 Jun 189367630?
Ratzlaff, Heinrich18027MYLabMontrealPolariaHM 29 Jun 1893100206
Ratzlaff, Cather.18129FYWifeMontrealPolariaHM29 Jun 1893267863
Ratzlaff, Tobias182 3MNChMontrealPolariaHM29 Jun 1893350004
Ratzlaff, Caroline183 2FNChMontrealPolariaHM29 Jun 1893350005
Ratzlaff, Bernard16120MYFarmMontrealPolariaHM29 Jun 1893100209
Ratzlaff, Maria16218FYWifeMontrealPolariaHM29 Jun 1893283312
Voigt, Anna1436761FWSpinRosenfeld MBPolariaHM 29 Jun 1893 
Voigt?, male36818MNLabRosenfeld MBPolariaHM29 Jun 1893 
Lowe, Peter15 1003140MYLabWinnipeg MBParisianL 17 Jun 1893 
Lowe, Helene1003143FYWifeWinnipeg MBParisianL 17 Jun 1893 
Lowe, Peter 1003120MNLabWinnipeg MBParisianL 17 Jun 1893 
Lowe, Maria1003116FNSpinWinnipeg MBParisianL 17 Jun 1893 
Lowe, Jacob10031 8MNChWinnipeg MBParisianL 17 Jun 1893 
Lowe, Heinrich10031 4MNChWinnipeg MBParisianL 17 Jun 1893 
Lowe, Katherina10031 2FNChWinnipeg MBParisianL 17 Jun 1893 
Lowe, Agatha10031 1FNInWinnipeg MBParisianL 17 Jun 1893 
Dyck, Abraham 1043640MYLabGretna MBNumidianLQ2 Jul 1893 
Dyck, Maria1043640FYWifeGretna MBNumidianLQ2 Jul 1893 
Dyck, Jacob 1043613MNChGretna MBNumidianLQ2 Jul 1893 
Dyck, Abraham 1043619MNLabGretna MBNumidianLQ2 Jul 1893 
Beshvotter, Jacob1043751MYLabGretna MBNumidianLQ2 Jul 1893381010
Beshvotter, Anna 1043741FYWifeGretna MBNumidianLQ2 Jul 1893381011
Beshvotter, Johan 1043719MNLabGretna MBNumidianLQ2 Jul 1893381012
Beshvotter, Helena 1043716FNSpinGretna MBNumidianLQ2 Jul 1893381013
Beshvotter, Anna 1043716FNSpinGretna MBNumidianLQ2 Jul 1893313250
Beshvotter, Maria 1043711FNChGretna MBNumidianLQ2 Jul 1893381015
Beshvotter, Albanthe (Katharina?)10437 4FNChGretna MB.NumidianLQ2 Jul 1893381020?
Beshvotter, Frieles?10437 3MNChGretna MBNumidianLQ2 Jul 1893 
Beshvotter, Juliana 10437 FNInGretna MBNumidianLQ2 Jul 1893 
Jansen, Jacob16 1043868MW?LabGretna MBNumidianLQ 2 Jul 1893 
Jansen, Katherina 1043826FN?Spin?Gretna MBNumidianLQ 2 Jul 1893 
Jansen, Maryanette 1043813FNChGretna MBNumidianLQ2 Jul 1893 
Jansen, Albanette 1043810FNChGretna MBNumidianLQ2 Jul 1893 
Jansen, Pyebes?10438 8MNChGretna MBNumidianLQ2 Jul 1893 
Jansen, Jutlason?10438 6MNChGretna MBNumidianLQ2 Jul 1893 
Kroeker, Peter 1043932MYLabGretna MBNumidianLQ2 Jul 1893 
Kroeker, Kath. 1043929FYWifeGretna MBNumidianLQ2 Jul 1893 
Kroeker, Lena10439 2FNChGretna MBNumidianLQ2 Jul 1893 
Kroeker, Gerhard 10439 MNInGretna MBNumidianLQ2 Jul 1893 
Tows, Abraham17 1040536MYLabWinnipeg MBNumidianLQ2 Jul 1893 
Tows, Marjas 1040539FYWifeWinnipeg MBNumidianLQ2 Jul 1893 
Tows, Abraham 1040515MNLabWinnipeg MBNumidianLQ2 Jul 1893 
Tows, Peter 1040514MNLabWinnipeg MBNumidianLQ2 Jul 1893 
Tows, Maria 1040511FNChWinnipeg MBNumidianLQ2 Jul 1893 
Tows, David10405 9MNChWinnipeg MBNumidianLQ2 Jul 1893 
Tows, Johan10405 7MNChWinnipeg MBNumidianLQ2 Jul 1893 
Tows, Jacob10405 4MNChWinnipeg MBNumidianLQ2 Jul 1893 
Tows, male 10405 MNInWinnipeg MBNumidianLQ2 Jul 1893 
Bueckert, Peter18 1040650MYLabGretna MBNumidianLQ2 Jul 1893273967
Bueckert, Anna 1040647FYWifeGretna MBNumidianLQ2 Jul 1893273968
Bueckert, Peter 1040621MNLabGretna MBNumidianLQ2 Jul 1893189222
Bueckert, Isaac 1040619MNLabGretna MBNumidianLQ2 Jul 1893189121
Bueckert, Anna 1040613FNChGretna MBNumidianLQ2 Jul 1893189203
Bueckert, Gertrude 1040611FNChGretna MBNumidianLQ2 Jul 1893189125
Bueckert, Franz10406 9MNChGretna MBNumidianLQ2 Jul 1893273961
Bueckert, Katherina10406 4FNChGretna MBNumidianLQ2 Jul 1893189224
Dyck, Helene 1040726FY?Wife?Morden MBNumidianLQ2 Jul 1893 
Dyck, Peter10407 4MNChMorden MBNumidianLQ2 Jul 1893 
Dyck, Jacob 10407 MNInMorden MBNumidianLQ2 Jul 1893 
Tows, Dietrich 1040825MYLabMorden MBNumidianLQ2 Jul 1893187459
Tows, Elizabeth 1040823FYWifeMorden MBNumidianLQ2 Jul 1893189221
Tows, Anna10408 3FNChMorden MBNumidianLQ2 Jul 1893190662
Tows, Elizabeth10408  FNInMorden MBNumidianLQ2 Jul 1893190663
Friesen, Isaac 1040923MYLabMorden MBNumidianLQ2 Jul 1893 
Friesen, Kath. 1040923FYWifeMorden MBNumidianLQ2 Jul 1893 
Epp, Peter 1041144MYLabMorden MBNumidianLQ2 Jul 1893169497
Epp, Anna 1041143FYWifeMorden MBNumidianLQ2 Jul 1893169498
Epp, Helena 1041121FNSpinMorden MBNumidianLQ2 Jul 1893212843
Epp, Johann 1041120MNLabMorden MBNumidianLQ2 Jul 1893169499
Epp, Heinrich 1041119MNLabMorden MBNumidianLQ2 Jul 1893169500
Epp, Maria 1041116FNSpinMorden MBNumidianLQ2 Jul 1893169501
Epp, Peter 1041116MNLabMorden MBNumidianLQ2 Jul 1893168228
Epp, Anna 1041111FNChMorden MBNumidianLQ2 Jul 1893169502
Epp, Katherine10411 8FNChMorden MBNumidianLQ2 Jul 1893148681
Epp, Eva10411 4FNChMorden MBNumidianLQ2 Jul 1893169503
Epp, Gerhard10411 3MNChMorden MBNumidianLQ2 Jul 1893169504
Epp, David 10411 MNInMorden MBNumidianLQ2 Jul 1893169505
Martens, Johann 1041225MYLabGretna MBNumidianLQ2 Jul 1893 
Martens, Anna 1041228FYWifeGretna MBNumidianLQ2 Jul 1893 
Freier, Jacob 10413 M LabWinnipeg MBNumidianLQ2 Jul 1893 
Freier, Wilhelm 10413 M  Winnipeg MBNumidianLQ2 Jul 1893 
Freier, Ludwig 10413 M  Winnipeg MBNumidianLQ2 Jul 1893 
Schuthelm, Jacob 1041519MNLabWinnipeg MBNumidianLQ2 Jul 1893 
Rosenfeld, Johan19 1041628MYLabGretna MBNumidianLQ2 Jul 1893 
Rosenfeld, Elsie 1041630FYWifeGretna MBNumidianLQ2 Jul 1893 
Rosenfeld, Elise10416 7FNChGretna MBNumidianLQ2 Jul 1893 
Rosenfeld, Heinrich10416 2MNChGretna MBNumidianLQ2 Jul 1893 
Rosenfeld, Helene 10416 FNInGretna MBNumidianLQ2 Jul 1893 
Buhler, David245626MYLabHenderson NESlavoniaA  Nov 1893 
Buhler, Elizabeth245625FYWifeHenderson NESlavoniaA Nov 1893 
Buhler, David2456 3MNChHenderson NESlavoniaA Nov 1893 
Buhler, Peter24566/12MYInHenderson NESlavoniaA Nov 1893 
Beishert, Helene245640F Spin?Henderson NESlavoniaA  Nov 1893 
Wall, Johann245720MYLabKiplon KSSlavoniaA82829? Nov 1893 
Wall, Helene245719FYWifeKiplon KSSlavoniaA82952 Nov 1893 
Buhler, Peter245921MYLabWinnipeg MBSlavoniaA Nov 1893 
Schallenbrg, E.761831FYWifeWinnipeg MBCreoonLQ 15 May 1894 
Schallenbrg, W.761810MNChWinnipeg MBCreoonLQ 15 May 1894 
Schallenbrg, K.7618 9FNChWinnipeg MB CreoonLQ15 May 1894 
Schallenbrg, B7618 9MNChWinnipeg MBCreoonLQ15 May 1894 
Schallenbrg, A.7618 7FNChWinnipeg MBCreoonLQ15 May 1894 
Schallenbrg, C.76182 FNChWinnipeg MBCreoonLQ15 May 1894 
Harder, Catherine2352 F Wife?BattleSteinhofsHM16 May 1894 
Harder, Margaretha2416FNSpinBattleSteinhofsHM16 May 1894 
Harder, Anna2514FNChBattleSteinhofsHM16 May 1894 
Harder, Wolghad26 MN BattleSteinhofsHM 16 May 1894 
Harder, Hans27 M  BattleSteinhofsHM16 May 1894 
Harder, Peter28 M  BattleSteinhofsHM16 May 1894 
Harder, Fritz29 M  BattleSteinhofsHM16 May 1894 
Schmidt, Martin  M FarmWinnipeg MBNumidianLQ 26 May 1895 
Berg, Abram 29M MerWinnipeg MBOttomanLQ 6 Jun 1896 
Driedger, Emilie 29FYWifeGretna MBOttomanLQ6 Jun 1896 
Driedger, Adam  7MNChGretna MBOttomanLQ6 Jun 1896 
Driedger, Ludwig 6MNChGretna MBOttomanLQ6 Jun 1896 
Driedger, Adolina 1 NChGretna MBOttomanLQ6 Jun 1896 
Enns, Gerhard 25MN?LabGretna MBChristianiaHM18 Aug 1896 
Epp, Peter 25MN?LabGretna MBChristianiaHM18 Aug 1896 
K(B,R)letke, Anna  FYWifeGretna MBChristianiaHM 18 Aug 1896 
K(B,R)letke, Christian 16MNLabGretna MBChristianiaHM18 Aug 1896 
K(B,R)letke, Helena 11FNChGretna MBChristianiaHM18 Aug 1896 
K(B,R)letke, Adolf 10MNChGretna MBChristianiaHM18 Aug 1896 
K(B,R)letke, Johann  8MNChGretna MBChristianiaHM18 Aug 1896 
K(B,R)letke, Rudolf  4MNChGretna MBChristianiaHM18 Aug 1896 
K(B,R)letke, Jacob  3MNChGretna MBChristianiaHM18 Aug 1896 
Lewen , Peter 39MYLabWinnipeg MBParisianLQA ug 1896 
Lewen , Agnetia 30FYWifeWinnipeg MBParisianLQAug 1896 
Lewen , Helena  1FNChWinnipeg MBParisianLQAug 1896 
Peters, Peter20 70M  ChicagoLabradorLQ25 Oct 1896 
Peters, Renate 59F  ChicagoLabradorLQ25 Oct 1896 
Langman, Wilhelm21 23M LabGretna MBVancouverLQ 27 Apr 1896 

Endnotes to Passenger Lists:

1. This Kroeker family is listed as being Russian.
2. In vessel to Montreal, to get tickets there to Chicago from friends there.
3. The original list reads Johann Wiebe. However, the family has been identified as being widower Gerhard Wiebe who later lived at Rosenheim.
4. The spelling of this name in the original is Trichriner. However, the family has been identified as being Teichribs, some of whose descendants later spelled the name Teichrib or Teichreb.
5. This name is difficult to read and may be Rempel.
6. This name is difficult to read and may be Reinke.
7. Should this perhaps be Letkeman?
8. Should this perhaps be Hamm?
9. The Epps came from Gnadenthal, Cherson Province.
10. The Wielers came from Gnadenthal, Baratow, Russia.
11. This appears to be the widow Jacob Epp and her two sons, Johann, still single, and Gerhard with his wife and two children. Jacob Epp had been the minister and later Aeltester of the church at Schlachtin Baratow in Russia.
12. The Lenzman family came from Molotschna.
13. Could this be the Rosenorter Aeltester Regier?
14. This name could also be Vogt.
15. This Lowe family is listed as being Mennonite, which suggests that perhaps the name should read Loewen.
16. Jacob and Katherine Janzen were from Nieder Chortitz and Gruenfeld in Russia and joined the Rosthern church in Saskatchewan.
17. Was this the frequent correspondent in the Mennonitische Rundschau?
18. The passenger list seems to read Buchert but the family is recorded as Bueckert in Reinlaender Gemeinde Buch Family 123-2.
19. The name reads Rosenlied in the original but is confirmed as the Rosenfeld family who were members of the Saskatchewan Bergthaler Church.
20. Emigrated from Danzig, Prussia.
21. Country of birth is given as Germany.

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